Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 282

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 7: The World of the Culture of Heart
Speech 5: Become a Standard-Bearer for Justice, pg 1033-1037

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Become a Standard-Bearer for Justice

August 27, 1995
Hyochang Stadium, Seoul, Korea
Second World Culture and Sports Festival Hanmadang Games


Distinguished guests from home and abroad, young people and students from all parts of the world who have come to Korea, the homeland of the heart, to attend this competition:

Welcome to all of you. I praise your young and pure ardor. This competition is part of the World Culture and Sports Festival, and it is a sports event that is different in character from other sporting events. The World Culture and Sports Festival originates from the heart to showcase human beings as we were originally meant to be: the youth of the world coming together to compete with one another in strength, and the elders coming together to pool their wisdom in harmony.

The ideal world of the original creation is realized by perfecting the four great realms of heart: the heart of true children, true siblings, true couples and true parents. Originally, all these realms would have developed by centering on God’s true love, true life and true lineage. However, because human beings lost faith in the Will of God and formed an illicit lineal relationship with the archangel, they inherited the seed of evil. Through this illicit love relationship, humanity came to have the roots of evil life and evil lineage from the first parents and their children.

The Fall, and all that came from it, occurred when Adam and Eve were in their teens. Adolescence is the most important period in a person’s life. Just as our first ancestors did, the youth of today are plunging into the pit of the Fall due to their confusion about values. Many young people embrace free sex and individualism and deny morality, ethics and family values. Given these conditions, this time could be considered an age of hell on earth.

In order to realize the kingdom of heaven on earth, we need to turn society around by 180 degrees, from its present confusion of values to God’s standard of absolute true love. In other words, since the devil’s influence destroyed the family of humanity, in order to save humankind, God has taken the reverse route and relentlessly advanced a model of a true family centered on True Parents.

God is yearning for a world of love and peace like that of the original creation. The devil continues to influence people to create a history of hatred, conflict and sin, a history based on people thinking only about their own desires. Moreover, in order to wreck people’s relationship with Heaven, Satan has strengthened the trend of the Cain culture worldwide by utilizing his greatest weapons. Among them are alcohol, tobacco and drugs. The Last Days are a time when the Fall from the garden of Eden is re-enacted on a worldwide scale. That is why the True Parents, who are coming as the returning Messiah, have the important responsibility of eradicating the cause of these problems and bringing coherent righteousness to our global culture. After examining the results of sin stemming from the Fall, I came to realize that the most serious problem is the breakdown of morality in human society. We need to clearly recognize how the Fall led directly to our history of conflict.

In the present age, when the providence extends to the second generation, we need to rid ourselves of immoral culture, in which displays of lewdness and violence are commonplace. We need to firmly establish a new culture of heart and a tradition of true love centered on God. To bring this about, I have devoted my entire life to establishing the true love of God, centered on absolute values. I brought together the leaders of the world and formed various organizations, thus spreading the influence of absolute values worldwide.

The true love of God is the standard of absolute love, which invests, invests again, gives infinitely and even forgets having given in the first place. By connecting with the absolute standard of God’s true love vertically and spreading it horizontally, we can find our way to the ideal world for which all humanity yearns.

To build a realm of true love, God has built up a worldwide foundation centering on True Parents, who are the substantial embodiments of true love and true family. Various organizations arose from this background. In the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences and the Professors World Peace Academy, the world’s intellectual leaders research the subject of absolute values. The World Media Association promotes freedom for and the ethical responsibility of the media, while the Interreligious Federation for World Peace searches for ways to bring about dialogue and alliance among religions. The Federation for World Peace aims to bring together political leaders to realize world peace, and the Women’s Federation for World Peace encourages women to take a central role for the realization of the ideal society. The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification is organized for the realization and expansion of the ideal of true love worldwide, and the Youth Federation for World Peace will lead the new movement of young professionals in the twenty-first century. Now at this Second World Culture and Sports Festival, which marks the beginning of a new forty-year course, humanity has come together in harmony in order to spread the roots of this worldwide foundation in every field.

Ladies and gentlemen, today’s festival is an event that opens horizons to the creation of a new, united culture through which the traditions and values of the various cultural spheres on the six continents of the world can take root. The Divine Principle movement that serves as the basis of all these things is the movement of the culture of heart connected to the original lineage, as well as a new movement to practice true love. This worldwide movement implements the head-wing principles of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. It offers a new future to the people of the former communist bloc, providing hope that is motivating the numerous young people emerging from socialist societies.

In more than seven hundred universities, including Moscow State University in Russia, the teaching of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles has spread widely as a replacement for Marxist-Leninist ideology. The new vision of CARP’s Head-wing Thought is being studied in major universities, including Kim Il Sung University in North Korea. This is a well-known fact.

Young people and students will take humanity into the twenty-first century. All my life I have guided the world’s youth with the teaching of true values—values that can be summed up with such aphorisms as, “live for the sake of others” and “before seeking dominion over the universe, first gain dominion over yourself.”

You need to arm yourselves with the concept that you will become a true parent, true teacher and true owner, and unite your healthy body with a strong spirit, as True Parents have done. From the viewpoint of the Divine Principle, a mature, responsible person’s spirit and physical body act as one, centered on the heart of God.

In order to act righteously, guided by absolute values, you need to maintain good health. No matter how healthy your spirit is, if you don’t have a healthy body you cannot become a complete person. The reverse is also true. Even if you have a healthy body, if you don’t have a sound spirit, you cannot fulfill the role of a righteous person. I hope all of you will recognize this and continue to work hard to achieve ultimate health based on the unity of mind and body.

This is also the central purpose of this sports festival. Young people from across the oceans and continents have to devote themselves to create a new world of heart in which they are one, transcending the walls of nationality, race and religion.

Become people who attract the world’s attention. I ask you not to spare any effort or to yield before any difficulty, so you can achieve the long-cherished desire of all generations. That desire is to experience the heart of God through the pure passion and investment of youth. You need to march forward to the end to perfect the ideal of a true family, with a burning passion, keen reasoning and untiring energy, which are the assets of youth.

Today’s competition is a significant foundation for the establishment of a movement of youth culture in the age of the second-generation providence. You will become the leading figures of the coming twenty-first century, so please take this opportunity to ease the sorrows and lamentations in the heart of God, which He has suffered in the course of the providence of restoration.

God summoned me when I was young to work as His representative, and He commanded me to lead the mainstream of the providence of salvation, whose purpose is to alleviate the sorrows of His heart. This has been the providential responsibility of True Parents before history, and you are responsible to inherit it. You young people and students, who live in the same era as True Parents, must follow this direction. I ask you all to become the driving force for the realization of the ideal world through your strength and resolve.

My beloved young adults and students from across the world, you need to become the standard-bearers of justice who can cast out the darkness and dissipate evil with your bright light of true love. You must be strong and bold as the true sons and daughters of God as you restore the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships. I hope that you, as the true children who have inherited the victorious realm of True Parents, will devote your heart and soul to become people of healthy body and mind, and become the young leaders who can guide the twenty-first century.

I am most grateful to you for coming. May the boundless blessings and protection of God be with you in the days to come.

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