Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 281

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 7: The World of the Culture of Heart
Speech 4: Building a World of Heart-Centered Culture, pg 1028-1032

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Establishing the true heart-centered culture and the Blessing

Ladies and gentlemen, God wants a religion that stands in the parent position to govern this age. God wants a religion whose followers live with the heart of parents. I myself have been teaching “True Parentism,” which means to educate each person to become a true parent who embodies this tradition. I guide people to first become true parents in the family and then to become true parents of their tribe by fulfilling their mission as tribal messiahs. We have to become a religion that embodies and practices the heart of true parents in order to realize God’s Will in this world of conflict, hatred and evil. Those religions that despise other religions and denominations and have contempt for them are a hindrance to the accomplishment of world peace and God’s providence.

A peaceful world of harmony is destined to emerge. However, what is the reality of the world around us? Even though we say that the Cold War is over, there are so many tensions and conflicts that need to be resolved. Our task is to establish the age of the harmonious one-world family by fundamentally solving the conflicts between races and the struggles between religions. This task can be accomplished only with True Parentism.

We who stand on the foundation of forty years of pioneering by the Unification Church, and who have welcomed the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, need to build a new world based on a true heart-centered culture. Each person becomes a substantiation of that ideal when he or she becomes one with God in a true parent-child relationship. That is what creates happiness, in the harmony of love.

Although this realm of heart, built with true love, is small, it is connected to the universe. The vibrations of everything happening within it are transmitted to all of the creation and the spirit world. This is because the entire cosmos, including the spirit world, exists under the same principle of the true love of God.

The vertical true love relationship between God and human beings is the source of ideal true love in human relationships. The perfection of that love is attained in the ideal family that manifests the four great realms of heart. A true heart-centered culture blooms in the realm of an ideal family, in which the heart of peace, happiness, freedom and ideals can be felt and experienced in life. In such a world, religion would not be needed. We would not require the special consciousness of faith, because our whole life would be one of attending God and living together with Him with one heart in the realm of true love. That would be the reality of living in the kingdom of heaven with God’s blessings to “be fruitful, multiply, and have dominion over all things.”

This is the fulfillment of God’s ideal and His purpose of creation. In order to establish a world of true heart-centered culture, we need to develop our personality through education in true love and True Parentism, and we need to expand the movement that creates families of true love that have received God’s Blessing. Under that Blessing, we can become ideal couples and families by continuously training ourselves through a life of faith in which we practice true love by living and investing for the sake of others.

The only way the world and all humanity can expect to have a bright future is by surmounting the habits of extreme self-centeredness, individualism and materialism. This is the only way we can protect people from immorality, the corruption of youth and the breakdown of families.

Only through the family-centered movement of true love, established through international holy weddings, can we solve the conflicts between peoples and races. These weddings achieve the miracle of establishing ideal families of true love according to the Will of Heaven, overcoming the barriers of religion and race. Next year, many more religions will participate in the international holy wedding of 360 thousand couples.

Also, I am educating people about the concept of a “mother of true love” through the activities of the Women’s Federation for World Peace. When all women raise and educate their children with the heart of a true mother, ideal families will be formed. Now the time has come for the women who understand God’s Will to educate fallen men. This movement will spread to all parts of the world.

Projects to support the development of a heart-centered culture 

Religion carries great responsibility for the process of establishing a true heart-centered culture throughout the world. World peace cannot be realized without harmony and cooperation among religions. I have been investing all my energy to accomplish this goal. In the future, too, I will take the lead in breaking down the barriers between religious people and organize a concerted effort to realize God’s Will on earth. I will endeavor to help religions see the good in each other by actively supporting the Interreligious Federation for World Peace, distributing copies of the book World Scripture, and educating people. In the future, religious people will realize God’s Will through practice, cooperating and setting an example.

Many different organizations that I have established will become increasingly active.They include a variety of organizations that have been laying the foundation to solve the substantial and real problems of the world.

The Federation for World Peace, composed of former and current heads of state, will continue its endeavors to mediate in the conflicts of this world and the tensions among nations, as well as to maintain peace. The International Federation for Victory over Communism and the Citizens Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland, equipped with Godism and Head-wing Thought, will continue to actively refute the philosophies and ideologies that promote hostility among the nations of the world. We can foresee that, with the advances in science and technology, especially the ongoing revolution in communications technology, humankind in the future will transcend and reformulate these ideologies.

To mention another issue, people’s boundless pursuit of self-centered desires has given rise to environmental problems such as pollution of the atmosphere. Our ability to correct these conditions will have a direct bearing on the future of all humanity. What future is there for humankind if we fail to educate the leaders of the next generation to resist self-centered thinking and carnal desires?

To solve the problems, we have to establish absolute values, based on True Parentism and the practice of true love. When humanity is safely settled on the foundation of families that are based on unchanging love, vertically and horizontally connected in the four great realms of heart, the modern conveniences of civilization will lead to authentic happiness.

This is the value of the dedicated educational and practical efforts of conscientious academics as expressed in the activities of the Professors World Peace Academy and the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, affiliates of the International Cultural Foundation. I also plan to publish an encyclopedia in an effort to educate the new generation. My work maintaining various educational organizations and supporting academic activities have the same goal. Beginning with Sun Moon University in Korea and the University of Bridgeport in the United States, I have plans to establish a world university federation. It will be an educational foundation for the coming world of true, heart-centered culture

Greeting the information age by supporting the mass media industry, newspapers and broadcasting worldwide, we are, through a well-directed media work, offering social education on a vast scale.

No one knows the heartbreak of God over the situation of starvation in the world. I have been developing industrial technology and transferring it to the developing nations. In this manner, I have continuously worked toward the equal distribution of technology in all countries. Just this year I founded the World Peace Institute of Technology so that it can contribute, along with other existing institutes, to redressing the worldwide imbalance of technology.

For the past twenty years I have invested in marine business ventures for the purpose of safeguarding the food supply through the efficient use of marine resources. We have made substantial achievements through the activities of the International Relief Friendship Foundation, and by providing education in agriculture and light industry in Africa and other regions. We also established two foundations for social welfare in Korea this year.

Let us become inheritors of the Will

Honored guests, ladies and gentlemen, and beloved Unification members, before ending my speech this morning, I would like to once more offer my gratitude to God. Throughout my life my motivation has been purely to live for the sake of God’s Will. God has watched over and guided me at all times, yet the difficulties and suffering He endures are thousands of times greater than my own. I offer all glory to God, for how could the achievements of the past forty years be only my own?

I am deeply grateful to the church members who have worked so hard, and to the many who have lent their support. The will of God that I began to fulfill is actually His original Will for all humankind. I, therefore, ask all of you to become my representatives and representatives of the True Parents. Please become the inheritors of God’s Will and multiply the fruits of righteousness and goodness. Let us invest our efforts to quickly realize the original world, the true heart-centered culture that God yearns to see on earth. Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to all honored guests from Korea and overseas for blessing us with your presence on this occasion.

May your families and your work continue to be blessed by the presence of God.

Thank you.

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