Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 26

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 1: The Principles of True Peace
Speech 6: The Fundamental Principle of True Peace, Pg 95-97

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The kingdom of heaven begins with a couple united in true love 

Please realize that the position of husband and wife is the union between a son of God and a daughter of God, the union of a brother and sister within God’s family, and the union of a father and mother. From the perspective of the four realms of heart, the position of husband and wife is the absolute goal of human life, through which we can actually achieve the perfection of our individual selves.

The husband, therefore, stands in the position that enables the wife to receive an ideal son of God, to receive an older brother of heaven, to receive a husband of heaven, and to receive a father of heaven. This is also true of the wife in relation to her husband. Such husbands and wives bear children in a manner analogous to God’s act of creation, and they feel joy through experiencing their own growth in a substantial manner through their children.

God’s love is absolute. Accordingly, it is a principle of heaven that the relationship of husband and wife cannot be broken. Fallen human society has lost sight of this principle, and we have to be restored so that we may return to the original homeland. When such a restoration is accomplished, the Federation for World Peace will have fulfilled its purpose. At that point, the family-level heaven will become a nation-level heaven; the nation-level heaven will become a world-level heaven, and the world-level heaven will become the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world. This will be the point at which we will finally have achieved a world of peace.

The point at which a husband and wife marry and love each other with true love is the heavenly palace, which is the origin of the love, life, and lineage of God and humankind. It is the starting point for the ideal of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in the spirit world. When children who are the fruit of such true love achieve perfect unity as husbands and wives, they form families living in attendance to God. This constitutes the base upon which peace and all ideals are established. Men and women, each the corresponding better half of the other, then become one body and, as God’s object partner, perfect the ideal of love.

On the foundation of true love, God perfects humankind as an existence of unlimited value. When that is done, God, too, will see the perfection of true love, the fulfillment of the family ideal, the fulfillment of His own ideal for the creation, and the cradle of eternal, ideal love. From the perspective of Adam and Eve’s family, God is the first ancestor; Adam and Eve are the second ancestors, and their children are the third ancestors. Adam and Eve were meant to form a royal family with God at the center. God is in the position of grandparents; Adam and Eve are in the position of parents, and Adam and Eve’s offspring are in the position of children. In this manner, the original pattern of three generations within the family is established.

According to this original pattern, the grandparents are in the position of king and queen of the spirit world, representing God in the kingdom of heaven in heaven. They are to be honored and respected as if they were God. The parents are in the central position of king and queen of the family, representing the kingdom of heaven in the present world. They are to be honored and respected just as we would the king and queen of the present world. Children are in the position of princes and princesses within the family. They are to be loved as the ones standing to inherit the future kingdom of heaven on earth and in the spirit world.

In this way, the members of Adam and Eve’s family were to form a royal family with God at the center and live peacefully on earth until they moved into the heavenly, eternal world. Only in that heavenly world can human desire, freedom, aspiration, peace, and happiness attain complete fulfillment. This is the purpose that humankind needs to fulfill.

The way to achieve world peace

As respected representatives from countries around the world, through tireless efforts, each of you has devoted an important period in your life for the sake of your nation and the world. As a result of your sacrifices, humankind today enjoys conditions much better than what existed in the past. Still, the ideal world of freedom and peace, which is the fervent desire of all people, has not yet been achieved. Even at this hour, countless individuals in many places around the world are dying from hunger and pain as a result of conflicts and struggles among peoples, races, and religions.

I have responded as a religious leader to God’s calling. I have lived my life for the purpose of saving humankind from war and sin and of establishing a world of peace. Out of this calling, I have acquired a conviction and daily philosophy regarding peace, which I call Head-wing thought. In my address today, I have expressed a few elements of that conviction.

The perspective of Godism and Head-wing thought is that world peace will not be achieved by means of political ideologies oriented toward power, nor by any initiative that relies on physical force. Peace will only be accomplished when all men and women share in God’s love and truth and put these into practice. This starts with the individual and expands to the family, society, nation, and world to form one global family.

From this perspective, the founding purpose of the Federation for World Peace is to promote education and practices related to true peace as a means to realize peace in various societies, nations, and the world. May all of us here perfect the family-level heaven and go on to play major roles in the accomplishment of world peace.

I pray that God’s blessing be upon each and every one of you.

Thank you very much.

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