Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 25

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 1: The Principles of True Peace
Speech 6: The Fundamental Principle of True Peace, Pg 92-95

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The family is where we experience the four realms of heart

True love in a parent-child relationship is vertical; in a husband-wife relationship, it is horizontal, and in a brother-sister relationship, it is on a front-to-back axis. God wanted such a spherical ideal of true love. Unity is accomplished at one central point, where there is a convergence of the upper and lower hemispheres on the vertical axis, the right and left hemispheres on the horizontal axis, and the front and back hemispheres on the third axis. This point becomes the focus of centripetal force.

Four realms of heart—the love of the child, brother and sister, husband and wife, and parents—are perfected when man and wife, each centered on God, are married and enter their first relationship of love. This is the central place where perfected love bears fruit. Marriage thus represents the synthesis of the virtues of heaven, earth, and humankind and the perfection of all things vertical and horizontal, left and right, and front and back.

Accordingly, Adam and Eve as husband and wife, as God’s most beloved substantial object partners, were meant to be the second ancestors, after God. From that position, they would stand as the second creators and would inherit everything that God feels. They would feel the joy of God in the positions of children, brother and sister, husband and wife, and parents.

Their joy as the second creators would be in the experience of bearing children by which they could experience the position of God, the first Creator. From this perspective, God was the first Creator; Adam and Eve were to be the second creators, and the children of Adam and Eve were to be the third creators. The first, second, and third creators, God, Adam and Eve, and their children, would have established a formal pattern; a pattern that would have enshrined the fundamental principle that all humanity would follow.

From the perspective of Adam and Eve, there would be connections between upper and lower (the parent-child relationship), left and right (the husband-wife relationship), and front and back (the brother-sister relationship). It would have led them to the perfection of their family. It would have been the united foundation of God, Adam and Eve, and their children. As people approached God, they would accomplish the unity of mind and body and the unity of man and woman, and they would form a stable foundation where peace, freedom, happiness, and hope would converge, forming the fundamental basis of peace.

God intended that Adam and Eve, as second creators in the visible and substantial world, would participate in His act of creation by having children, who would be the third creators. Through this process, the family becomes the place in which the four realms of heart can be experienced generation after generation. The family is the base through which each form of true love can be brought to perfection. In this way, the family achieves the unity of God and human beings through love, and it serves as the starting point toward the perfection that enables us to establish true ownership in heaven and earth. The family is the origin from which we come to have children, brothers and sisters, husband or wife, and parents. Only in such families can we find men and women who have accomplished mind-body unity, and only in such families can we find husbands and wives who have achieved the ideal unity between man and woman. Such families are the starting point for ideal parents. Here, too, we can see the creation of a model, centering upon true love, for the perfection of children, brothers and sisters, husband and wife and parents.

It was God’s ideal of creation that this model would expand, not only to the level of the nation and the world but to the entire cosmos. Thus it is possible to create a nation that is patterned on the family and a world and cosmos that is also patterned on the family.

The cosmos seeks families that perfect the four realms of heart 

Accordingly, the model for children, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, and parents, who represent the four realms of heart, can be found in the family, in the nation, in the world, and in the cosmos. Since a nation contains many families and is larger than a family, families ought to exist for the sake of the nation. Since the world contains many countries, countries need to exist for the sake of other countries in the world. In a similar fashion, the world exists for the sake of the larger cosmos. Finally, the cosmos exists for the sake of God, who is the greatest and most central existence.

Thus, when the standard of the perfected four realms of heart within the family is projected onto higher and higher levels, the ideal of unity becomes a reality. On that basis, we can enter a cosmos of peace, happiness, and freedom. This is why we have a vital need for family harmony centering on the unity of mind and body and man and woman.

God, too, has been growing, you see. He created Adam and Eve as the substantiation of the ideal within His invisible heart, of son and daughter, brother and sister, husband and wife and father and mother. With Adam and Eve, God becomes a growing child, a brother and a sister, a husband and a wife, and finally a parent. As God establishes children, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives and parents, God experiences His second self many times over. God unites them in true love, which brings boundless joy to Him.

Human beings are designed to give joy to God and to give joy to one another. We are all in the position of someone else’s child, sibling, spouse, or parent. All human beings are members of families centering on the four realms of heart, which makes the family the foundation to experience the ideal realms of heart. We all have a longing to form families, and the reason is that only those people who deeply experience and embody the four great realms of heart can become ideal human beings, capable of making oneness in heart with anyone in the kingdom of heaven on earth or in the spiritual realm.

This explains the consummate human desire to achieve mind-body unity and husband-wife unity. Unless we achieve this all-important mind-body unity, we are unqualified in all other aspects and cannot develop unity in a true family. We will fall away from our families, from our nation, from the world, from the universe, and from God Himself. Only through our utmost effort to accomplish mind-body unity and family unity can we achieve perfection.

We have to know that we ourselves are God’s representatives. We are in the position of a second God. All people need to work together to establish the family into a realm of goodness and joy.

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