Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 18

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 1: The Principles of True Peace
Speech 4: The New Future of Humankind, Pg 70-73 

The creation of heaven and earth and the cause of the Fall

Until now, we have not considered the significance of the ideal origin of the creation. What does the word “creation” mean? It implies investing everything. In order to actualize an idea, you need to invest your own energy, which corresponds to that idea. Existence begins from the act of investing. When God considered how to design the relationship between the subject partner and the object partner, He had only two choices. One was to make the object partner live for the sake of the subject partner, Himself, and the other was to create His object partner, human beings, and to live for their sake. This was the point at which God had to establish the foundation and ideal origin of creation.

If God, who is the subject partner, one day said that all beings, who are His object partners, must obey Him absolutely and live only for the sake of their subject partner, what would happen? In the case of the relationship between a man and a woman, where the man is the subject partner and the woman the object partner, if the man said to the woman, “Live for the sake of your subject partner,” what would happen? Their way to unity would go off course.

However, if God, the King of wisdom, were to say, “Live for the sake of the object partner,” every couple would be able to unite as one. For this reason, we now need to understand that the ideal origin of the creation of the universe cannot be established by telling others to live for your sake; instead, it is established by telling others to live for the sake of their object partners.

Then what is the Fall? Human beings are meant to exist for God, and God is meant to exist for human beings. God established this principle by which they exist for the sake of each other. However, the Fall occurred when human beings went against this principle and began to center on themselves. In other words, they tried to create a position for themselves in which everything would live for their sake, centered on themselves. That is the point where the Fall originated. In short, the application of the principle of the heavenly way began to fall apart.

The principle of existing for the sake of others

In spite of that, if human beings had taken after God, if God had been able to educate them, and if they had lived for the sake of God, the realization of the ideal world would have been possible. Unfortunately, human beings did not do so and instead, centered on themselves, emphasized their identity as separate from God; then the Fall took place. The Bible clearly describes this.

Therefore, if we were to draw a formal conclusion now, it would be the principle that all ideal created beings exist for the sake of others. The model is true parents; parents who are born for their children, who live for their children, and who would die for their children. Such parents are parents of true love and true ideals. They are the parents of true happiness and the subject of true peace for their children. What would true filial children be like? They would be born for their parents and not for themselves, live for their parents and not for themselves, and would give their lives for their parents.

Then what is the purpose behind a man coming into being? It is not for himself. He came into being for a woman. When a woman dresses in nice clothes and puts cosmetics on her face, for whom is she doing so? Is there any woman who does that for herself? She does so because of a man. The purpose of the birth of a woman is a man. They exist for one another, so the moment they think that they were born for themselves, problems arise.

Then what is an ideal husband like? Would an ideal husband say that his wife must always live for his sake? No. Where can you find a true husband and a true wife? In the case of the man, only when he knows that he was born for his wife, is living for his wife, and is ready to die for his wife can his wife say, “Oh! He is my ideal husband and the eternal and unchanging subject partner of my love.” Therefore, only a wife with such a husband can claim, “I am a happy wife.” And we truly can say that only such a family can be a family of peace.

On the other hand, we know only too well that if a woman’s husband says that she has to live for his sake, she will be unhappy. Based on this viewpoint, we have to praise God as the King of wisdom for instituting this principle of existing for the sake of others as the origin of the creation of the universe.

Here we have reached one conclusion. At this point, we can establish the formula that only where one exists for the sake of others can true love, true ideals, true happiness, and true peace begin. If God has established such a formula in the creation of the universe, through this formula alone can the love, the ideals, the happiness and, the peace desired by God become possible. Otherwise, obviously, we have to conclude that they cannot come about.

Patriots, great men and women, and saints live for the greatest cause

If you ask what a true patriot is, by applying this formula, the answer would be that only someone who is born for the nation, lives for the nation, does everything for the nation and its people, and who would die for the nation can be a patriot. We know very well that Koreans consider someone like General Yi Sun-sin a patriot. If you were to rank such people, those who live more for the sake of others would be of higher rank. Therefore, even a person in a miserable situation who kept his or her integrity and cared more for the sake of others would be a patriot on a higher level than others. Based on the formula, this conclusion is logical.

In the course of history until now, many great men, great women, and saints have come and gone. If you were to ask who is the greatest and most honorable among them, we could find the answer right away by applying this formula. That person would be someone who was born for humanity and lived and died for humanity while pleading for them to be blessed instead of blaming them. That person would be truly the greatest saint in history.

I know that many among you are not Christians; you believe in other religions. Let us take a moment to find out who Jesus Christ was. He did not come to this earth for himself. He came for humankind and for God. Moreover, he did not live for his own sake; instead, he lived for the sake of God and humanity. If there were one person who fulfilled one hundred percent the standard of living for the sake of others, in good times and in bad, in accordance with God’s heavenly laws, that person would be none other than Jesus Christ. For this reason, God had no choice but to protect Jesus and develop Christianity. Therefore, Christianity became a global religion, both in spirit and in reality.


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