Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 164

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 4: The True Family Movement
Speech 7: True Family and World Peace, pg 576-580

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Perfection of true love

Once true love is perfected in the human world, what possible political, economic, cultural or environmental problems could persist? There is no problem that cannot be resolved in a world of true love. Such a world is one of bliss, peace and freedom, all imbued with the ideal. It is a world where happiness is magnified infinitely and eternally within the domain of the rights to equal position, equal participation and equal inheritance of true love. The problems that humanity faces today can be fundamentally resolved only through the perfection of true love.

Human beings are supposed to mature in stages as we experience the various forms of the true love of God during the period of our growth. Born through true love, we are meant to first experience, as children, the true love of true parents and the true love of true brothers and sisters. Then, as we mature, we are meant to experience the true love of true husband and wife and finally, as parents, the true love of and for our true children. One achieves perfection according to this order of love. Once an individual achieves unity of mind and body, true love emanates from that person.

Next, a man and a woman, both of whom have perfected their mind- body unity, marry and truly love one another as a true husband and true wife. The true love of God resides within the minds and bodies of this true husband and wife. When children are born through the union of such a couple, they become true parents, connected with the true love of God, and their relationship with God gives them the ability to truly love their children. This is how a perfected, ideal family is formed.

Essentially there are four great loves corresponding to four great realms of heart; these are the true love of parents, of brothers and sisters, of husband and wife, and of children. The true family is the basic unit in which the four great loves can be perfected and the four great realms of heart experienced. It is the foundation of true human love and true happiness, and is the place from which true life and true lineage spring forth. It is the training ground and school of true love.

A man and a woman are the substantial object partners of God, representing God’s masculine and feminine qualities. God’s act of creation was to divide inner, harmonized qualities of masculinity and femininity into two bodies in the physical world, and then to reunite them through marriage into one body that resembles God’s original oneness. A true husband and a true wife represent God’s binary poles, and both exist to form one harmonious body as the representatives of heaven and earth. In other words, men and women are not created to live in self-centeredness. Each is created to exist for the sake of his or her partner. We have to clearly realize that true husbands and true wives exist for their respective partners.

I have already stated that true love cannot be realized alone. It can be achieved only through a reciprocal relationship. True love between a husband and wife is not only for the sake of the couple. It also completes God’s ideal of creation and allows God to be the owner of absolute true love. The absolute true love of God dwells wherever there is a person who desires to unite with his or her spouse as the embodiment of God’s true love.

A true couple embraces God’s true love and moves toward the future with one united hope. The conception of children and prosperity of the family take place on this foundation. God’s ultimate hope is that a couple’s true love will move beyond the mundane realm of the daily environment to form a family that is one with the ideal of true love.

The importance of the family

The purpose of restoration, which is to return all of humanity to the state of goodness God originally intended for us, is accomplished through the revival of Adam’s family, for the Fall took place in that family. Before God can restore a church, a people, a nation and the world, He needs to find one central family that can be God’s partner. Throughout history, God sought a true family that could be His ideal object partner. Such a true family would be fundamentally different in its essence from typical human families; it would be an ideal, original, true family united with God. God’s providence calls for a family, not an individual, because the individual is not the purpose of salvation; rather, families are the basic unit of salvation.

How would humankind have been affected if Adam and Eve had centered their lives on true love, and had not fallen? Adam and Eve would have become the ideal, true couple of true love and would have become true parents and true ancestors to their descendants and to all of humanity. The entire human population, having descended from true parents, Adam and Eve, would have become one great family and a peaceful world, rooted in Adam and Eve’s culture of true love, would have emerged. Therefore, the culmination of the history of restoration lies in establishing a true family centered on true parents and true love. The central true family is the hope of humanity and the hope of God. This true family is the origin of true love and true life, and it is the foundation of peace and happiness for humanity. 

The revolution of true love

There is a saying that you reap what you sow. Due to false love based on Satan’s self-centered desires, our human ancestors became people of evil character. They became evil spouses and evil parents, spawning a history of evil and falsehood. Even the parent-child relationship and the basic standard of ethics and morality, which have somehow held human society together, have been gravely weakened. Monstrous acts of decadence and immorality continuously occur and their severity is worsening. It signifies that the seed of these evil phenomena initially by one crucial fallen act in the garden of Eden is bearing evil fruit on the worldwide level at this historic time of harvest.

Original, true love is perfect. It does not change over the ages. The origin of such love is true, unchanging, eternal and absolute. However, the first human ancestors became the origin of false love by falling during the period of their growth, while they were still in a state of imperfection, or spiritual immaturity. A civilization built upon this foundation of selfish, evil and false love is no longer sustainable. If it persists, humanity will face ruin. 

What good are technological developments and material wealth when the foundation of the family is crumbling and we bequeath our deep problems to our descendants? The time has come for historical mistakes and violations to be resolved at their root. What is needed most urgently is a revolution of true love initiated by True Parents. We cannot expect to achieve happiness and a peaceful world without fundamental changes. The problems of today must be resolved by teaching a worldview based on true parents, true family and God’s true love.

Respected leaders, I hope you will research and evaluate seriously the peace movement and worldview of true love that I have planted throughout the world. The true love and pure love movement for the youth and the true family movement of true love, which transcend nationality, culture, race and religion, are not to be seen as sectarian.

A nation of peace is needed before there can be a world of peace. And the precondition for peace in a nation is peace in the family. Power, wealth and knowledge, which worldly people have ordinarily desired, are not the necessary and sufficient conditions for peace and happiness. True happiness is not proportional to how much property one owns and is not dependent on one’s degree of physical comfort. One can attain true peace and true happiness only when such mundane things are accompanied by true love. Genuine peace and infinite happiness can be gained only when we serve others with true love and when we feel that love returned.

Respected leaders, I know you have produced tremendous accomplishments, advancing human welfare and social development in each area of your endeavors through exceptional dedication. And, of course, you will continue to make even greater contributions to society. However, humanity now faces unprecedented grave peril. Remedies from any single specialized area will be insufficient. So I urge you leaders to become the conscience of the age and lead the world by actively creating true families, which are the prerequisite and fundamental basis of a peaceful world, and by guiding others to do the same.

The first stage of the marriage Blessing of 360 million couples, which I will officiate this Saturday, June 13, is one of the fruits of my having taught the ideal of the true family throughout my life. Those participating in the Blessing ceremony have already promised God that they will be people who will form true families by becoming true couples and true parents, centering on God’s true love. I am boldly carrying out a historic revolution of true love for the realization of world peace through the true family movement. Honored leaders, what can be more urgent than to save humanity from its path of family destruction? Again I urge all of you to become active in the true family movement for the sake of world peace.

I sincerely wish for God’s true love to bless you, your families and your nation.

Thank you very much.

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