Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 163

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 4: The True Family Movement
Speech 7: True Family and World Peace, pg 573-576

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True Family and World Peace 

June 11, 1998
Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York, USA
Opening Banquet for the Convocation on the Family and World Peace

Honorable scholars, respected faith leaders and world leaders in various fields, I warmly welcome you to this special convocation entitled, “True Family and World Peace.”

We now stand in a historic period of great transition. We have to resolve the grave moral confusion, world conflicts, environmental problems and crimes that have stained the twentieth century, so that we may welcome the twenty-first century with hope. Humankind longs for a world of peace, free of war and suffering. Yet it is difficult to be hopeful when the future is threatened by a “money solves all” mentality that is useless in the face of the decline of our youth, family breakdown, drug abuse and the spread of AIDS. Today any positive influence that national or religious authorities have on youth has been greatly diminished. Economic development, political proposals, and advances in science, communications and information technology are all unable to bring about human happiness or a peaceful world.

Ideal of creation based on true love

Throughout the long course of history, humanity has never achieved complete happiness. In fact, individuals and families have experienced endless sadness. Despite this, human beings never gave up their inexorable longing for joy. This is because God originally created humankind to live in happiness in true families. Although human beings have lived a life of sin and suffering due to the Fall, they have relentlessly sought the originally intended life of joy.

Then what is the essence of true happiness? What is God’s plan for human beings to become truly happy? God is the embodiment of true love. Moved by the ideal of true love, God created all things investing Himself unconditionally in them. Nonetheless, no individual can fulfill true love alone. Even God needs a reciprocal relationship of giving and receiving between a subject partner and an object partner in order to establish and experience love. Ultimately this takes place in a true family.

True love lost due to the Fall

A true family starts with the ideal of the true love of a true person, which is God’s fundamental purpose in creating. How can a mere human being stand as the partner of the absolute God? This is not a matter of working hard or attaining a prominent position. It is possible only through a relationship of true love. When a subject partner and an object partner establish an ideal relationship of true love, they immediately possess the rights to equal position, equal participation in each other’s affairs, and equal inheritance of true love.

God’s true love moved Him to create human beings as His object partners. This being the case, the most precious thing for all people is the fulfillment of a true family centered on the original true love by which God created human beings. Thus true love is the basis for human happiness. Within true love there is infinite joy, eternal freedom and eternal harmony. God is each person’s subject partner of true love, true life and true ideals.

Therefore, human beings became the object partners of true love, true life and true ideals. God is the Parent, the Creator, and human beings are conceived as His children and are designed to become one body with Him in true love. God originally created true human beings to live in joy. Our minds and bodies were meant to be united with God’s love and intoxicated by it. God created human beings so that He could experience infinite joy by participating in true families’ lives of happiness. Through the experience of true love, God wanted to live together with us and achieve harmonious oneness with us. However, the first ancestors of humanity fell.

All of us constantly live with a sense of intense conflict within ourselves. It is a conflict between the inclination of the self-centered mind that strives to fulfill evil desires, and the inclination of what I call the “original mind” that strives to fulfill good desires. We say “my body” and “my mind” as though we were a unitary being, yet we also feel within ourselves the clash between the divided body and mind. The mind and body struggle and often contradict each other. This is due to the Fall of the first human ancestors. 

This division and conflict in each individual has expanded to all levels of existence, sowing division and grief in families and societies, and ultimately in nations, the world and the cosmos.

The Fall violated heavenly law through Satan’s selfish and false love. Consequently, it brought about ignorance of God and true love. Through this human beings lost not only God, but also any sense of their own original value. Dominated by Satan’s false love, we lost the ability to establish true families centered on true love. Without this fundamental lifeline to happiness we have been unable to become true people, unable to attain the oneness of mind and body necessary to complete the original ideal. 

Basis of unity between mind and body

Everything in creation comes into existence and operates in accordance with a prescribed set of laws, and the highest of these is the law of love. A person does not reach perfection through knowledge, power or money, but rather through true love. In other words, each of us is meant to perfect our heart through experiences of true love, so that we might grow up spiritually to epitomize the heart of our Heavenly Parent, who is the God of true love.

Individual perfection means achieving harmonious oneness in mind and body. Such unity can be accomplished when we learn to love one another with the true love of our Heavenly Parent. In other words, our mind and body can become completely one and we can mature into a personality of true love only when our relationships, throughout our lives, are based upon God’s true love. A true family, the completion of God’s true love, can come about only on the foundation of mind-body unity.

Only true love can build an eternal, ideal relationship between mind and body. When God’s true love resides within the united base of a person’s mind and body, the door of true love opens wide, allowing the person to resonate with the true love of God and the universe. Such a true person automatically becomes the heir of infinite freedom and bliss. This person can see, hear and feel true love in everything. At such moments of seeing, hearing and feeling, the true person will become intoxicated in true love and will live in the highest state of aesthetic emotion. The person of true love fulfills the overall purpose of creation while naturally harmonizing with and taking delight in the environment. Such a person experiences beauty in everyday life.

Someone who achieves this will become God’s complete object partner, resembling Him and inheriting His true love. Such a person will feel what God feels and appreciate what God appreciates.

For human beings, true love is the most holy and precious ideal. One individual alone cannot create true love. Neither can it be created when any partner is self-centered. True love desires to give, give again, and forget what was given, so that yet more can be given and shared. This pattern produces unity. It enables true love to embrace everything. True love is never one solitary being’s possession. After true love is given, it still belongs to its original owner, and also to all people and to the universe.

God’s dream is to realize true love together with humanity. He desires to feel the joy of true love eternally in the world of heart together with all people, who are His children and the highest and the most precious beings of all creation.

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