Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 160

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 4: The True Family Movement
Speech 6: Blessed Marriage and Eternal Life, pg 560-563

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Blessed Marriage and Eternal Life

January 23, 1998 Olympic Weightlifting Gymnasium, Seoul, Korea
Welcoming ceremony for the victory of the Blessing of 40 Million Couples

Humanity is now facing the challenge of the Last Days. In this era, families the world over are breaking down. Husbands and wives, parents and children are becoming enemies to one another. What is the cause of this tragedy?

The cause is a lack of true love. We are ignorant of the most important issue of eternal life. We are ignorant of the spirit world.

The reason we need to understand eternal life

If we truly understand that we live eternally, we cannot commit a sin against another person, even when temptation presents itself. We cannot live selfishly, even if permitted to do so. On the other hand, if we do not understand the spirit world, we cannot enter the kingdom of God, no matter what our religion. We cannot go to God’s ideal world, the place where one invests in a life of true love.

On the larger scale, without knowing the meaning of eternal life, we cannot create a true social revolution. If it is not connected to eternal life, a social revolution may make things worse. No one desires that. If it impacts the issue of immortality or eternal life, we can overcome any kind of challenge in our environment. This is what is so great about religion. It is connected to the question of eternal life. If the concept of eternal life is well laid out and if we come to believe that it is true, we can lead our sons and daughters and our families.

To this day, religions have neither embraced nor encompassed the secular world. As a result, secularism now has a controlling influence on culture. Secularism has overpowered the influence of religion. This happened because religions have been unable to establish a clear concept of eternal life.

This is the challenge faced by Christianity. Although people have practiced Christianity faithfully for many centuries, many churches today are confused. In the Last Days, they are following the changes taking place in the world. Even Christianity does not have a clear and logical understanding of eternal life.

In short, no one has complete confidence concerning eternal life. In fact, people do not even know with certainty whether or not God exists. When faced with the obstacles and temptations of this world, most people waver. They fall away from their faith, and follow the secular way.

Having a life of faith means that we embrace the concept that this life is lived not for the sake of our time here on earth, but rather as preparation for our eternal life. As we reach our forties and fifties, we come closer to the end of our life and we naturally become serious about the concept of eternal life. The older we become, the more serious we are. Ordinarily, the intensity of love declines as people age. If our perception of eternal life has strong roots, then our love will grow stronger and deeper as we get older.

How often have you been confused by the changes taking place in our world today? If our focus on eternal life is clear and unchanging, we will overcome the insecurities of our changing environment. We will be able to digest all the circumstances of our lives, the joys and sorrows that come our way.

Adam and Eve were created as God’s true love partners. There is no question about this. Accordingly, we ought to live as God’s true love partners.

This is not only a theory. We can allow this dynamic to work in our lives and put it into practice each day. Once we realize the power of true love, we will strive against adversity to walk the road of true love.

In daily life, we will always feel the security that comes from the belief in eternal life. When this conviction overflows from within us, our lives will be secure.

This has important implications for the education of our children. If it is clearly explained to them, young people readily embrace the concept of eternal life. They are uniquely blessed to feel eternal life resonate in their minds and bodies.

Until they reach puberty, boys and girls possess a purity of character having nothing to do with the Fall. They reflect the original character of Adam and Eve, who were pure until they reached that age. Because of this, it is vital that young people know God deeply. 

Through knowledge of God, we can understand our inseparable relationship with Him. In order to know this, young people first need to understand the concept of eternal life. We always need to be aware of this.

Earthly life and eternal life

How long do you think you will live? All of us think we will live until we are seventy or eighty years old. It is hard to imagine that we will die before then. In this regard, we can all be considered greedy.

In truth, even those who seem confident that they will live a long time have no idea when they are going to die. It could be as soon as today or tomorrow. We may even die during a meal or while we are sleeping. You probably have the idea, “I am still young, and so I can live for another forty or fifty years.” Does God guarantee anyone a long life span?

Imagine that you knew you would die within a year. You would have to prepare for your passing in a very short period of time. With this newfound urgency, you might actually be happier. After all, you would be able to prepare for death in less time. The less time you use to prepare for death, the less time you will waste in your life. And if you prepare well, you will build a home for your eternal life.

During your short time on earth, have you loved God? You want to become one with God and you want to love God, yet you cannot. God is telling you, “You need to be a person who loves!” While we are living in this world, we always need to give our best. We need to invest twenty-four hours a day to bring even one more person to God’s love.

How long do you wish to live? What if God told you that you had to die tonight? What legacy would you leave behind? Would you leave behind something of which God would be proud? While we are living in this world, we must always give our best. We need to invest twenty-four hours a day to bring even one more person to God’s love. The highest standard of dedication to God is one that does not want to stop in order to eat or sleep. We should not be consumed by worry over worldly needs.

The shorter we expect our physical life to be, the more value we will find in it. We can ask ourselves, “How much do I love others? How much do I love my family and my clan? What does it mean to love others, to love my family, to love my clan?” This serves as the foundation to love all humanity. It is a wise approach to life. You will not lose if you live this way.

Human destiny is to live an eternal life

The purpose of a life of faith is to seek the world of eternal life and God’s eternal love. Our life of faith is to seek God’s eternal love. The way of a life of faith is to discover and rejoice in God’s joy as our own. By living this way, we become one with God’s eternal love and eternal life.

Accordingly, it is most important for people of faith to invest our energy unceasingly for God. Based on the information we receive through our five senses, our value as human beings is connected to how we live our lives based on true love. This is why we need to think once again about whether the relationships we have with others are based on true love. You must understand that if you cannot take that position, you will be stopping and retreating, and will be doing something you will come to regret.

Human beings live forever, beyond their earthly life. The reason the world’s religions have expanded throughout history, against the backdrop of every culture, is because our human destiny is to live an eternal life.

We are to live in our own era, and in harmony with the entire universe. Once we reach the limit of life on earth, we continue life in an eternal unlimited world. Such a world exists in reality. Even those who do not believe it exists, or who do not fully comprehend it, have postulated eternal life. They did this in order to help and comfort humanity through its suffering and pain. How can we be satisfied if we know that religions teach this kind of destiny? I assure you that it exists. I am not the one who has decided that it exists. This was decided an eternity ago. It is something that could be proclaimed with certainty at the beginning of the universe. This means that the issue of your eternal life, the issue of religion, and the issue of God will all be resolved at the same time. They are all connected.

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