Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 159

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 4: The True Family Movement
Speech 5: Realization of a Peaceful World through the Ideal of True Families, pg 555-559

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God’s three headaches

The strategy of Satan, who originated sin, is always to destroy the ideal of the true family and to prevent it from taking root and becoming substantialized. This led to God’s three headaches of the past fifty years. The first headache was communism, which denies God’s existence; the second is corruption and immorality; the third is the division and disunity among denominations and world religions.

Think about it. How many innocent people died because of communism? More than one hundred million were killed and millions more were enslaved, starved, abused and wounded, spending their whole life in suffering. In addition to causing death and physical suffering, there is an even greater crime of communism. Communism spreads a false doctrine that denies God and prevents men and women from realizing their ultimate value.

Immorality, the second headache of God, is destroying families and countries and taking lives just as surely as an invading army. Moral corruption is one of the main causes of divorce, fatherless children, crimes and drug addiction. The decline of morality is not limited to any single nation; it is becoming the world’s common problem. The worldwide AIDS epidemic is a direct consequence of sexual promiscuity and moral decay. If AIDS continues to spread, tens of millions of people will die and humankind’s very existence will be threatened.

How about God’s third headache; the division and disunity within Christianity and among the world religions? For God, religious people are the conscience of the world. They need to have traditions and values, and the practical power to overcome evil. Instead they are divided. They antagonize and fight with each other. They have become incompetent and have lost the power to overcome evil and educate the world about the true way of life. These three fundamental headaches are the direct result of the failure fiy years ago of those chosen to receive God’s message.

The importance of humankind’s portion of responsibility 

Distinguished world leaders! From God’s point of view, all of that suffering was totally unnecessary. All the misery, death and destruction could have been avoided. If in the late 1940s the religious world centering on Christianity had followed God’s revelation and become one with the true family ideal, then communism would have naturally declined. Also, through the influential leadership and example of each religion, the degeneration of youth, broken families and AIDS would never have grown into a worldwide plague.

Confronting God’s three headaches, particularly communism, made me unpopular and controversial. I was labeled a fascist and a religious charlatan. I was even jailed in the United States on inflated charges of tax evasion. Nevertheless, for twenty-five years I have been pouring out my soul, heart and energy to make the United States understand its global, providential responsibilities.

Through my work in the Western Hemisphere and around the world, I was able to help the United States overcome communism. Now communism has almost disappeared. However, immorality and social decay are systematically attacking the family. Modern thinking holds that the traditional family is only one kind of family and that even homosexuals can form a family and have children through adoption or artificial insemination. This is being done without any thought to the dire consequences of undermining and destroying a fundamental biological, social and spiritual unit that has been vital to human survival for tens of thousands of years. It is ironic that scientists warn of the threat to endangered species of plants and animals, yet do not study the far more serious consequences of family destruction. Today, God is asking us these questions: Will it be necessary to lose one-third of the world’s population before humanity is saved? Will we deplete all the earth’s natural resources and destroy the environment before we learn to live in harmony with the creation as God originally intended?

God will never give up! He will save this world, no matter what, and He will save it through the ideal and structure of the true family. The question is at what price, not only in terms of human lives, but financially and environmentally as well. Social problems, brought on by corruption and immorality, are leaving a toll of economic collapse and environmental degradation. The leaders of the world need to reflect on these points. God’s desire is to end human suffering and build a world of true, peaceful families. God needs for us to fulfill our portion of responsibility. If humankind receives and acts decisively upon God’s message, the achievement of God’s kingdom will be relatively swift and joyful. If not, God’s and humanity’s suffering will be prolonged, and misery and needless deaths will continue. 

Blessing of marriage by true love

Then how can God’s headache be resolved? How can families become fundamentally healthy? How can divided religions reconcile and cooperate under God? The answer is in the international marriage Blessing ceremony. My wife and I began officiating marriage Blessing ceremonies starting with three couples in 1960. If I had said at that time that many millions of people will receive God’s Blessing, who would have believed it? Yet today, with God’s help and going beyond nation, race and religion, the Blessing ceremony of 39.6 million couples, promising purity and fidelity, is being carried out right in front of you.

Respected leaders! I only want to stress once again that through the marriage Blessing, the world’s families can stabilize and finally fulfill their original role. For the true family to be restored, we have to establish true love character, we have to attend God and we have to seriously pledge to become true couples and true parents. Those harmonious families that are restored to the ideal through the marriage Blessing ceremony can create a peaceful society, nation and world. This marriage Blessing that encompasses all nations, races and religions and goes beyond all boundaries is itself the foundation for world peace. Is this not God’s desire? That this miraculous number of families, almost forty million, can participate in this Blessing of marriage is because of the active support of the world’s religious leaders. It was also made possible because many national leaders agreed that this true family movement can cure the fundamental problems young people face and the breakdown of families, and have actively supported it. I would like, once again, to thank all those who have volunteered in this advocacy.

The marriage Blessing ceremony can awaken people, especially young people, to the value of true love and it can become the motive and catalyst for them to realize the necessity of absolute purity. All the world’s good young men and women who are awakened through this movement need to gather together to stand up for a true love revolution, establishing themselves as eternal couples under God’s Blessing. All these new families can receive support from already married couples who have renewed their vows before God and practice principled ethics, and they can all become moral citizens setting good examples and build an ideal family, society, nation and world—the fruit of true love.

The marriage Blessing ceremony eradicates the connection to false love and brings to life the holy content and value of marriage centered on absoluteness. This ceremony recovers true couples’ love, true parents’ love and true children’s love. Therefore, those who participate in the marriage Blessing ceremony value purity and trust as highly as they do their lives, and promise unchanging couple’s love. On the foundation of that true love, they can establish a true family, raise true children and pledge to sacrifice themselves to build a true nation and peaceful world.

In the world of the future, God, humankind and creation will be in harmony, living in a new culture of heart, a culture of love centered on true family. In the world of the future, true love means living for the sake of others in a world of interdependence, mutual prosperity, universally shared values and cooperation. In the future, the natural desire of young people to live in a world of true brothers and sisters, a one-world family, will be realized by centering on true love, true parents and true family.

Esteemed world leaders, the marriage Blessing is the most precious gift that God is giving to humankind. My wife and I fervently hope that you will participate in this historic ceremony to receive God’s Blessing of marriage. From now on, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification will expand the true family movement. By the year 2001 we will carry out the 360 million couples Blessing in three different events.

Because of immorality and the loss of values, our young people are falling into moral decadence and the family is being utterly destroyed. Is there anything more important than saving humanity from plunging into ruin? My effort to globalize and universalize the true family movement and the marriage Blessing ceremony, which are the fundamental solutions to save humanity, needs the active support of respected leaders like you. Those who understand the fundamental problem and the solution God is offering need to band together within their country and form a true family marriage Blessing support group and create a movement to save your nation. I ask that you put yourselves at the center of this great work to restore humankind to its original ideal. We have to quickly educate all men and women so they can establish true families and enter into the age of God-centered kingship on earth and in heaven, founded on true love, and live in the victorious world of freedom, peace and unity.

May God’s love fill you, your family and your country.

Thank you very much.

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