Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 154

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 4: The True Family Movement
Speech 3: True Family and True Universe Centered on True Love, pg 540-542

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Efforts to establish “One World under God”

Then, where does true love begin? This is true love: After you have sacrificed your own life and are resurrected, you invest yourself repeatedly, over and over again. Since we have inherited a fallen lineage, we have to persevere and overcome difficulties even at the cost of our lives. Therefore, the Bible records Jesus as saying, “Those who try to make their life secure will lose it, but those who lose their life will keep it.” (Luke 17:33) Jesus followed this way when he came to this world. He led the world by example through altruism, not by selfish individualism. In the same manner, although my wife and I have created wealth during our lifetime, none of it, not even one penny, is ours. We invested everything for the world, and then forgot what we had done for others. We sacrificed and invested again and again.

Which do you prefer, “One Nation under God” or “One World under God?” Among Americans, some people do not like the concept of one world under God. Some white people, for example, do not like black people. Since white Anglo-Saxon Protestants occupy dominant positions in the United States, they ought to lead Americans to adopt the viewpoint that their country exists for the sake of the entire world. If America lives only for its own sake, it will ultimately perish.

The times are now changing. We are coming to the era of one world under God. God is working to establish this kind of world and will always help those who are working for this providence. One problem, however, is that many people who want to lead the world do not yet want to participate in God’s providence. In working toward one world of peace, my wife and I have poured ourselves into numerous projects. To build the foundation for the future world, for example, we need to establish an ideal, worldwide academic institution, such as a United Nations University, transcending the barriers of race, religion and language. Also, to exchange knowledge on a global scale, we need a university system for distance learning.

In addition, we need to develop a united medical science. We not only have to cure the diseases of the body caused by the Fall, we also need to end the conflict between East and West by bringing their cultures into harmony. By uniting Eastern and Western medicine, we can cure currently incurable diseases, such as AIDS. In the Korean countryside, among people who never had formal medical education, there are many gifted healers who can cure serious diseases that are incurable by modern medicine. The spirit world has guided these healers with regard to special treatments and cures for disease. Without recognizing certain realities of the spirit world, our problems will continue to grow. Already related projects are being implemented at the University of Bridgeport and Sun Moon University.

Moreover, I have founded The Washington Times and other newspapers whose coverage includes the entire Western hemisphere. I am expanding this media foundation to one hundred eighty-five countries, to enable all people of the world to learn from one another and cooperate as one.

Since I came to America, I never owed any debt to the American people. Rather, Americans ought to feel indebted to me. I have shared the blessings I received from Heaven with America. I have not received any blessing from America; instead I have given all my blessings to her. My wife and I share the blessings we have received from Heaven with the world. South Americans and Koreans have welcomed me, and the blessings I have brought to their homelands. Now the people of the United States also want to receive the same blessing.

Regardless of the opposition a person faces, the one who gives the most love becomes the owner. Those individuals who love more, invest more, give more, and forget what they have given, will become central figures. This is a cosmic law.

In the future, please follow the heavenly way by offering filial piety to your parents in your family, becoming loyal citizens of your nation, saints in the world, and holy sons and daughters before God. Whoever can stand without shame before the family, nation, world, and heaven and earth will be protected at the center of the cosmos, and can then build a family that receives God’s highest love. These people shall transform this world into the kingdom of heaven on earth. They will be registered in the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world and will enter an era of kingship both spiritually and physically, with God in the central position. Such people are those who participate in the international holy Blessing ceremony, which is to establish a world of victory, freedom, happiness and unity. I invite each of you to participate in this year’s 3.6 million-couple Blessing ceremony, thereby becoming couples who are welcomed by heaven and earth and have found the way of eternal life.

Hoping that we all come to have close ties to God and True Parents, that we can establish the true family and true global culture in a leading role centered on God’s true love, and that we can build a peaceful and united world for the twenty-first century, I will conclude my speech at this point. I pray that God’s blessing will be with you in your work, and with your family.

Thank you.

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