Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 153

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 4: The True Family Movement
Speech 3: True Family and True Universe Centered on True Love, pg 538-540

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Nothing comes into being for its own sake

What is the basis for individualism? No one can claim anything as “mine alone.” When a child is conceived through the love of its parents, grows from a fertilized egg in the mother’s womb, and is born, 99.999 percent of its body comes from the mother’s bone, blood and flesh, and the remaining 0.001 percent comes from the father’s sperm. There is no concept of “myself alone” in nature. No one has such a concept at the time of birth.

Those who regard themselves as the best in their field cannot claim to have achieved that status by themselves. This applies to us from birth. We receive our bones, blood and flesh in our mother’s womb. We have to recognize that the important parts of our bodies are extensions of our parents’ bodies. Without exception, all the essential instructions and mechanisms for the development of our bodies were included in the egg and sperm. Therefore, there is no basis for self-centered individualism.

When we say that something is above, it automatically implies the existence of something below. Can one individual stand alone, with only the concept of above? There is no way for someone to live as an isolated individual. Mentioning the right side presupposes the existence of the left side. Likewise, mentioning a front presupposes that there is a back. Similarly, when we talk about a man, we presuppose the existence of a woman. This is a cosmic fact, not just a claim by a random individual.

Why did God create man? Some men may say that they can live perfectly well alone, and they don’t care why they were created. However, each man was born for the sake of a woman. Without a woman, there is absolutely no need for a man. Actually, man can create nothing by himself. Nothing was created solely by man or solely by woman.

Consider our five senses. Did God create my eyes to look at my eyes? He created my eyes, nose, ears, mouth and hands for the sake of my object partners. The force that mobilizes and focuses all five senses is true love. God created our eyes, nose, ears, mouth and hands for true love, that is, as instruments for relationships of true love. God created nothing just for myself. On the contrary, a person who claims that what belongs to others is “mine” is called a thief. If someone takes what belongs to others for personal use, isn’t that person a thief? Therefore, any man who uses his body, including his five senses, for himself alone is a thief, because they exist for the sake of a woman.

What is the difference between a man and a woman? Their bodies are different, including their reproductive organs. Then for whom is a man’s reproductive organ absolutely necessary? A man’s reproductive organ exists for the sake of a woman. The human reproductive organs are shaped as concave and convex. Why are they shaped that way? Both could be pointed or both could be flat. Why are they shaped differently? Each is for the sake of the other. A woman absolutely needs what is part of a man’s body, and a man absolutely needs what is part of a woman’s body. Until now, we did not consider the fact that a woman’s reproductive organ absolutely belongs to a man, and a man’s reproductive organ belongs to a woman. By owning each other’s reproductive organs, man and woman come to know true love.

Only through the experience of two becoming one can we know the highest level of love. No one at all can deny this fact. Everyone has to recognize it. The ideal couple emerges from the place where husband and wife become completely one. Absolute love exists in that very place. That place of love, which is absolutely unchanging, is the dwelling place of God. Absolute sex places God at the center, and free sex places Satan at the center. Historically, world literature and the media have often encouraged free sex. However, from now on, you literary figures and journalists need to lead the way to stop free sex. This so-called “free sex” has to completely disappear.

Rev. Moon has received the royal seal from God

Now that you have heard Rev. Moon’s speech, you can change your current direction by 180 degrees, become a new person, and establish a new nation and a new world. You are definitely changing. It is absolutely necessary to change this evil world. We have to transform this world.

Those who are on Satan’s side in this evil world do not like people on God’s side. Therefore, everyone on Satan’s side in the world has opposed me.

They opposed me, even on the national and world levels. However, because I belong to God, God has protected me. Satan does not like me, but God does. No matter how many times the world pushed me down or ignored me, I did not care. I never went down. Rather, I came up to the highest position. Therefore, nobody can oppose me now.

How could I establish this worldwide foundation despite all manner of persecution? How could I come to teach eminent world scholars and leaders? It is possible only because God gave me a special kind of power. God has protected me and directed me, and even now He continuously protects and teaches me, so I am always moving toward the way of success.

Throughout history, there have been numerous religious leaders who could communicate with the spirit world. You ought to know that only one person, Rev. Moon, has fully understood and united the spirit world in order to commence the work of restoration in this world. After uniting the spirit world, I received the heavenly seal of recognition from God. Without that a person cannot accomplish unity on earth. You have to know that God has trained and raised me in the spirit world, and has continued to lead me here on earth.

Since I came to the United States more than twenty years ago, I have received enormous persecution. Yet I have known that God’s plan for Christianity has endured through bloodstained sacrifices for two thousand years, ultimately settling in the United States. Therefore, I could not give up on that country. Please consider this: If America had accepted Rev. Moon years ago, how would that country be doing today? The same holds true for Korea.

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