Mother of Peace: Episode 67

Mother of Peace: And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears from Their Eyes
A Memoir by Hak Ja Han Moon
Chapter 11: The Restoration Of Canaan In Heaven And On Earth, pg 326-330

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For years, we had planned to host a Continental Summit and Blessing Ceremony in South Africa. Unfortunately, Family Federation South Africa’s foundation was not at a level where a Summit and Blessing could be co-hosted with the South African government. Finally, in 2018 we forged ties with the South African people and government when we co-hosted the celebration of Nelson Mandela’s centenary in Mvezo, as well as the 2018 Cape Town Summit and Blessing. On that foundation, and energized by the ongoing initiatives of Prophet Radebe and other major religious leaders, we were ready to hold a continental-level Summit and Blessing.

Our blessed families and missionaries prepared more than 100,000 couples to attend in person, and we expected millions of African nationals and other people around the world to take part via the internet. Mobilization efforts had been successful, with the response overwhelmingly positive. Most of the participants were from Johannesburg, where the FNB Stadium is located, but there also were those who traveled for days to take part. All told, participants came from 54 countries, with the largest international contingents from Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Furthermore, South Africa’s state-run television and radio and other major media throughout Africa prepared for the live broadcast.

But Prophet Radebe and the hosts were nervous as they watched the skies. It had rained for eight days, and Johannesburg has a problem with flooding. On the day of the Blessing, the rain was continuous. At times it lightened up, but then it became heavy again. The roads in and around FNB Stadium were soaked; some areas were flooded. Most people in the government encouraged us to reschedule because they didn’t believe anybody could come. Some 30 percent of the chartered buses realized that they could not reach their assigned pick-up points, and they simply cancelled.

The day before the Blessing, Prophet Radebe had told me that neither wind nor rain would deter the people from attending the Blessing. On the eve of the Blessing Ceremony, as the news of bus cancellations poured in like the rain, Prophet Radebe and his team went into emergency mode and somehow procured 500 more buses. The Prophet worked so hard, running here and there to fulfill what he knew was the people’s great wish to attend the Blessing. As the day of the continental Blessing Ceremony arrived, the people acted on that great wish. Beginning at 5:00 a.m, couples entered the stadium. Long lines formed with everyone waiting patiently. When they entered, participants headed for the third floor, which provided shelter from rain.

Despite all this, a festive mood filled the venue. People danced and sang in gratitude for the historical Blessing they knew they would be receiving from God’s only begotten Daughter. The atmosphere was like a festival. Their dedication was further on display when, at Prophet Radebe’s request, participants on the third level made their way to the ground level and onto the field. Even with raincoats and umbrellas, most were soaked to the skin. Nevertheless, nothing could dampen their spirits. Once seated, the participants often rose to dance, sing or applaud. The commitment Prophet Radebe and the members of the Revelation Church of God showed was remarkable.

* * *

When I arrived at the stadium, I could see brides and grooms in their tuxedos and wedding dresses, waiting for the Blessing. Seeing me, a thunderous roar and loud shouts of “Mother Moon! Mother Moon!” and applause followed. I felt that the clouds were releasing showers of joy and blessing.

More drama ensued when, as I was about to leave the green room and enter the elevator, the electricity went out. Incredibly, even though the music stopped, the participants continued singing and cheering! Foregoing the elevator, I walked down three stories, determined not to let challenges, large or small, derail the Blessing Festival. When I arrived near the entrance tunnel, Prophet Radebe was waiting with a big, bright smile on his face. I was very pleased to see him and said, “Let’s do our best today!”

He invited me to enter the stadium in an open car. The plan was for me to circle the stadium field, greeting the participants before making my way to the stage. Due to the rain, we adjusted the plan and closed the roof of the car. Even so, as we exited the tunnel onto the field, the crowds broke into a deafening roar. The participants rose, waved and shouted “Mother Moon!” as the vehicle made its way through an honor guard.

But after we had driven a few meters onto the field, a miracle occurred. The heavy rain suddenly stopped. The crowds moved into the unsheltered stands to see me and, and instantly we saw the stadium was packed. I once again felt gratitude for our joyful Heavenly Parent who is always working behind the scenes. We opened the roof of the car and Prophet Radebe and I waved and greeted the rapturous crowd. The cheers and shouts of the audience were incredible. It truly was an amazing sight. Prophet Radebe looked at me and proudly said, “Mother! The whole stadium is filled.”

I went on stage to officiate the Blessing Ceremony. For the first time in human history, we held a continental Blessing Ceremony, with Africa the first continent to receive the honor. One hundred sixty two couples representing 54 countries, consisting of 54 newly-married, 54 already-married, and 54 religious, governmental or tribal leader couples, took the stage. Seated on the stage were more than 100 representatives, including five current heads of state and official government delegates. Among the Blessing participants and VIPs were six former heads of state, 12 parliamentary speakers, 140 parliamentarians, 219 traditional rulers, 127 major religious leaders, and more than 80 media representatives from 30 countries.

Among them was the king of South Africa’s largest tribe, the Zulus. The Zulu tribe is famous for resisting conquest by European forces and for playing a key role in shaping the identity and tradition of modern-day South Africa. Assembling such a galaxy of distinguished couples and witnesses on stage added to the significance of the Blessing Ceremony.

I officiated the Holy Water Ceremony with the heart of blessing a reborn continent, “Heavenly Africa,” a continent of hope and blessings. Prophet Radebe came onstage to receive the holy water bowl and assist me. Rather than emphasize protocol based on his position, Prophet Radebe gladly assisted me. I strongly felt that he was, indeed, a filial son whose only desire was to help his mother.

Following the Holy Water Ceremony was the proclamation of the Blessing and the Blessing Prayer. On this blessed day, I poured out my heart for Africa’s sake: “The hope of countless prophets, kings and traditional rulers on this continent is to usher in the day of lasting peace by attending Heavenly Parent. I earnestly pray that this continent will be blessed by Heaven.”

As I prayed, rain started again. We all felt that these were not tears of sorrow but God’s tears of joy. Prophet Radebe later said, “The rain falling like a waterfall in South Africa during the Blessing symbolized Heaven’s tears of joy. The rain washed away God’s pain over Africa’s misery.” I was also moved by Prophet Radebe’s testimony during his welcoming address:

“Today is a special day of Blessing for the African continent. We all extend our heartfelt welcome to True Mother, the only begotten Daughter of God, who brings together all the races and peoples of the world. Today, I believe a new future is opening for South Africa and Africa. She is indeed our True Mother.”

The continental-level Blessing Ceremony was a great and historic triumph. What a perfect finale for 2019, opening the gates into 2020! When no one else believed in national restoration, we set the stage for the heavenly nation and the heavenly continent. We pioneered this uncharted course and gained a great victory for Heaven at the continental level. It was truly a miraculous day.

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