God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 36

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: Ocean Church and America, page 109-111
August 28, 1982, Provincetown

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Your Foundation is with the Fishermen

I know history very clearly. In the near future, those who are fishermen will really deeply appreciate what we have done for them. When Karl Marx started communism he supported the laborers, but he himself never once experienced that kind of work. He didn't do his own front-line work. I am very different from that. I am truly a good friend of the fisherman because I myself have pushed and worked hard in this area. I truly understand their effort and their heart. That is the great difference.

You can't complain to me because I am always doing first whatever I ask of you. When you go back to your regions, learn how to catch the fish of that area. If you are in an area where there is striped bass, you must really research them. I want to help you, but you also have to study and do your own research.

You have to build your own foundation also. While the husband is out catching fish, the women cannot stay at home all the time. The wife has to develop a fish related activity. The husband and wife should both be active and interested in the ocean world. I am making prototype foundations: one in the East, one in the South and one in the West. On that base, we can expand. After building the foundation, we can even begin to make all our own equipment, boats, gear, clothing, everything. I am always studying and researching. I am always thinking of ways to make the fisherman's life better. We can use the fish that people usually throw away and invent a way to pre-cut it as chum. Then, the fishermen can come and ask us for the #3 chum which catches blue fish, and the #4 chum which catches tuna, and so on. Our future is unlimited. You have to use your imagination and create your own foundation. Once you do that, you only have to spend a few hours each day with your own personal business. Then, you can go out and meet the other leaders in the community. You can find other churches and help with their programs. They are looking for something to do with their young people. You can train them on your boats. That is what they are for.

How many boats would you like to have in each center? How many big trawlers would you like to administrate in the future? Your desire may be very large, but if you are going to accomplish these things you have to start now. That is why we made these One Hope boats. You need education and training. How many boats can you be responsible for?

With the One Hope you have to learn and experience how to manage a boat. That will help you understand how to manage a larger boat in the future. How many small boats can you control? You have to go all over the sea coast and explore every opportunity. In Florida, you have many friends already, so you won't have too many problems. Anywhere you go, you can find friends. Most fishermen don't have such friendship and help, but you know how to serve people and make friends wherever you go. How can you even worry about the future? You will always have some place to go and someone to help you.

You have to study how you can make a fishermen's association. You can help the fishermen in your area. Sometimes a captain may need some help. The fishermen don't have any association or organization. They are looking for that. They are looking at us with great big open eyes. They are waiting to see if we have the ability to do that. They need that kind of help. Every environment needs preparation. We can begin an American organization, but then cover the whole world, sharing with fishermen everywhere.

That is why I am wondering how many boats you can be responsible for. Can you take care of 100 boats? Not now. Someday you should be able to guide and manage a fleet of large boats. That is why you have to train on the smaller boats for the future. You are on a small boat now; this is where everything starts for you. You can control the smaller boat now and find out how to catch the smaller fish, such as striped bass, but this is training for you. Some of you will move on to take care of much larger boats and to catch large amounts of fish.

Training on the One Hope Boats

After you graduate from the One Hope boat, you can go on to the next size boat. You can become responsible for a forty foot or fifty foot boat. You can even live on that size of boat as well. You can make the ocean your way of life, every area of your life. You have to be interested and capable in every aspect of fishing. Do you know anything about tackle? Do you know how to handle and take care of fish? Do you know how to repair engines and make boat modifications? If you don't know these things, how will you survive upon and live from the ocean?

The One Hope boats have to go everywhere so that people will see them and come to respect what we are doing. It's a dream, and I am holding onto that dream in my mind. That means that it is in an invisible form, but it will become visible. We will see it in the future. We will see it soon. A man who believes can do anything. A man who acts can achieve anything. "Believing man and Doing man." That is how I am and that is how I envision you to become. Actually, it isn't a dream. It is what I know.

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