God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 30

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: Ocean Church and America, page 88-92
August 28, 1982, Provincetown

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Ocean Church and America

August 28, 1982, Provincetown

SINCE WE cannot go out to sea today, I called you here. Would you prefer to go out to sea or come here? As you know we have Morning Garden in Gloucester, a very nice place which we prepared some years ago, however, because of a pending court case we cannot use the center there right now. Whenever you start a new religion there is always the path of persecution that must be followed. Not because there is anything bad or wrong with the religion, but when something new grows out of the old tradition, the new movement always has to pay indemnity. This is a historical fact.

The Goal of History

The goal of history is to come to final fruition. When we look at this point, it is only natural that we go through such a process. Just as it is for fruit, which stems from a big tree, so the process to final maturity is not easy. The seasons come and go, some of the branches may be broken off by the wind, but the fruits which unite together and hang onto the branch will complete the process. It is the same with human history. That is why we cannot judge until we look back at the total process, until all has taken place. Persecution is part of the process towards that final growth. Therefore, it is not something we can escape; we have to go through it.

You are young men and women. You all live in America, but your backgrounds are very different. What is the purpose of American youth? We have to make that clear. They would like to have something of value and do something worthwhile with their lives. They would like to have these nice boats and go out to sea; it is something that almost every young man dreams about. What about you? Is that why you are here, to go out every day on a boat?

Let me ask you then, why did you join and stay in the Unification Church? You see the final fruit in the future don't you? That is why you can stay in the Unification Church, even though you have been working many years, going on and on. The history of mankind and the history within the Unification Church have many parallels. History started with a certain goal and people have come and gone, starting something, then complaining about it and leaving, then some joining again and others leaving.

Within the Unification Church too, the same pattern exists. Human history and Unification history go through this struggle. It is the struggle against selfish desire and for the will of God. Within this group, I see three kinds of members. There are those who try to go forward, those who try to maintain and those who try to pull others down. Human history is the same. American history is also the same. Some people envision a better future and try to create it. Others just try to keep what they have in life, and then there are those who want to go back to the good old days.

Who will take responsibility for the future of America? Certainly the group which wants to pull others back is not the group to take this responsibility. Certainly not the group which wants to maintain what it has, that wants to keep the good life they already enjoy. This group might be good for the current national interest, but not for the world, not for the sake of human history. History always has to go beyond just normal human interest. History has always been led by the people who have an ideal and actively pursue that goal.

Look at Provincetown where so many youth come to use drugs and gay people gather together. They might become the people who lead America. Their lifestyle goes against universal law. Why was man or woman born? Man was born for woman and woman was born for man. Man was not born for man and woman was not born for woman. We are born for each other. Even in the insect world there isn't any mix-up in that standard. Even in the animal kingdom there is no such confusion in their natural setting. No other group in creation has this problem. Just mankind. This indicates to us that the final days are here when mankind must decide between future prosperity or its own destruction. We have to ask, why did Adam need Eve and vice versa? We have to understand clearly that they were made for each other in order to bear children. Children represent the future. They would have produced better people than themselves. Just as a tree produces better fruit, the desire of man and woman is to produce better children than themselves. For the sake of a better future, that is why man and woman need each other.

Why do you want to get married? Just to love each other? Actually you want to bear better fruit than yourself. Why do you love your children? Why do you love your wife? Because you can love the generations to come through her. The future is centered on you. You have to prepare the love that you have for your wife and for your children. You have the responsibility to connect the past, present and future. Each one of you has that responsibility. Therefore it is shameful for America that so many young people are destroying their bodies with drugs and also destroying their future by indulging in homosexual relationships. They are not the hope of America. History really needs a group which can lead young people into the future. The world needs that group, America needs such a group. Even God himself needs that kind of group.

Whoever goes and pioneers this new era for America, for mankind and for God is the kind of group that all of history has been waiting for. It will be the age of true man and true woman, of true men and women. I am always looking at the work of the Unification Church. I am always thinking of every detail, always thinking of you, of the future. Daytime and nighttime I am thinking of what kind of people you need to become. You should look at yourself and examine yourself. How much have you changed since you joined the church? Do you think selfishly about yourself all the time or do you now think more for the public purpose? You used to be only concerned for "me, me, me." But now you are thinking, "what can I do for the sake of God, for mankind, for others?" You used to try to find value in life with a self-centered scope, but since you joined the church you now look for value in a much greater sense. Your future has broadened. Where you stand today is not limited to yourself; rather, it is limitless. You used to have a limited future, but now your future is without any limits.

Before you used to think at least about your own nation, but now you think about the entire world and even beyond. This kind of interest will only benefit America in the long range. So at some point, America will welcome such people as you. In the past, all your sweat and tears and hard work were only for yourself, but now all that same effort is for the sake of mankind. This is really the beginning of a new era, a new history for yourself and for your nation. It is really the new beginning for the world. You young people can start an entirely new world.

I want you to realize that this is our motivation; this is the direction of our work. If you look at what we are doing this summer, everything looks as if it is for no gain. We are going out to fish for tuna, but we are losing so much money in the process. You don't like to go out everyday like that do you? It's really hard to get up so early and stay out so long. Why are we doing this kind of work and why do we make so much effort? I am not thinking of what we do just today; I am thinking of the future goal. Why do we spend so much money just to catch tuna? It doesn't even seem to pay for itself and it takes thousands of dollars to train you. We do this for the same reason that we do all our projects. For example, why do we want to construct a highway in Asia? Why build such a super highway? Usually companies that build highways try to make money from their effort, but we are raising money to build that highway and we will give it to the world, for the sake of mankind.

It is the generations to come that will look at what we have done and those people will truly look up to you. It is for those people that we are living today. Therefore, our work has to have a vision of the future. We have to create a tradition that thousands of others can respect and follow for generations to come. So, today our purpose has to be for that better future. We must become a victor, not a loser for the sake of those to come. All of my life has been like this. While I was working in the early years, everyone came against me; everyone misunderstood me. But now, as some look back and see what I have done, they admit that I was right. The same is true for you. Sixty years from now, people will look back at your life. People looked at my projects with such a small eye at first, but as I continued, their eyes got bigger and bigger. My work didn't stop in Korea; it went out to America, South America and Africa and beyond. I am somewhat of a mystery to others. However, within myself, I have a crystal clear plan; the goal is very exact.

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