God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 29

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: The Founding of Ocean Church, page 84-87
October 1, 1980, Morning Garden

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The First Priority

You should go directly to your states from here and become active. For example, Dr. Durst has to go out often to the states. I would like to see him go around to all fifty states at least once a month. That means he would be on the road all the time. However, if Dr. Durst talks to an audience of 100 people, how long would he take to reach the entire population of America? If he did that every day, how long would it take him? It would take ten thousand years.

Instead, if he concentrates on New York and can reach 7,000 people and bring them into the Home Church activity, it is much faster. If he gives banquets and public talks for five years in the same area among those 7,000 people, and does this over and over again for five years, it will bring a much better result. When New York starts to understand and get our message, then so will the entire United States. The whole nation can turn around very quickly if that happens.

In this way, Home Church is a more direct restoration. More people can be restored more quickly, so he is concentrating on this. Instead of inviting people to headquarters, he should go out into the Home Church area and make two or three tours all around there. He shouldn't do so many banquets then, but have meetings instead where he can give lectures. He should do that two or three times each day. One or two hours at one place and then move on to another place and spend a few hours there. Those people are there to stay. They won't go away. It's the same way in which I approached the people when I first came to the United States. It's the fastest way. I know. Through the revival meeting, the banquet meeting, these kinds of meetings, you set a very good atmosphere for people. State leaders should operate like that. And you should operate like that. Then, with his experience, Dr. Durst will know what needs to be done. He will visit your center and work with you. You can call on him for that.

Tomorrow, you will all go to your new assignments or back to your old ones. May God bless you in your work. Let us give three "Manseis" for the victory of Ocean Church.

Colonel Han's Prayer

"Heavenly Father, we are thankful to have shared this time with Father. Time is moving, and on this particular day we find a great transition occurring. Not yet within America, but within ourselves. Heavenly Father, help us to change in the most dramatic way, because we have to catch up and fill in the gap between what you expect and need of us, and where we are at this particular moment. Heavenly Father, help us to overcome all our self-imposed limitations.

We want to inherit the tradition that Father has set up in Korea, Japan and now in America. We know that tradition has been so painfully established. We pledge to quickly change and inherit your tradition, to work selflessly for the sake of mankind and for the sake of you, Heavenly Father. At this moment, we are deciding within ourselves to work with all our might according to the examples you have given to us. We are about to begin Ocean Church. It is a historical development in this country.

Later, in history, all of America will witness to this day. Let us pray deeply about the next years to come. True Parents have already put in so much sweat and tears, and they have invested so much in the seminary so that the students could come to this one day. Many are working in CARP and many have become state leaders, and today many were assigned as Ocean Church leaders. Their success depends on their hard work.

When this becomes successful, we know that America will have hope. If we do not act according to the standard, then this country will still have to go through more turbulence, more indemnity and more misery and the results of that will not be guaranteed. So then Heavenly Father, taking your pattern, let us dedicate all of ourselves to you. Live or die, we will do your will. If we live, we will do your will here on earth and if we die, we will continue to do your will in the spirit world. Heavenly Father, help us to remain on earth as long as we can to complete this historical task. We are so grateful to have the privilege to do your work along with True Parents. We are the happiest people on earth, even though there is hard work waiting for us. Even though there is no luxury in our lives, we are the happiest people in history since we have True Parents. Heavenly Father, we are so thankful for all that they have done already for this world and for America. Protect them and their family because we could never replace them. We want to someday take over their burdens and pledge to carry on until you have educated us properly how to do so.

We pray all these things in the name of True Parents. Amen."

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