Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 429

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 13: Peace Messages
Chapter 3: True Parents and the Era of Cheon Il Guk
Section 3: The Providence of the Cheon Il Guk Era, 33-40

(33) It is truly regrettable that you cannot perceive with your eyes this precious Revolutionary Era after the Coming of Heaven. It has never been seen before and will never again be repeated. The reason for this is that you are relying only on your five physical senses. I hope that you will open your five spiritual senses as quickly as possible so that you may clearly perceive how the providence of Heaven is unfolding in this era. You live in the era of heavenly fortune, which you have received without offering anything on your part. Yet please bear in mind that the providential opportunity proceeds according to an absolute timetable and will not be available to you indefinitely.

(34) Now the time has come for you to unite into one as the representatives of the ambassadors for peace, who have preserved the spirit of the Korean people and our pride as the "white-clad people.” There is no time to waste. What does it matter whether your name is Kim or Pak? Is there any reason for Gyeongsang Province and Jeolla Province not to harmoniously unite? The pro-Seoul Korean Resident's Union in Japan (Mindan) and the pro-Pyongyang General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chochongryon) each have their roots in the same Korean peninsula. What of South and North Korea? Aren't we all brothers and sisters, sharing a common lineage? At this time, we should bear in mind that we are the descendants of the "white-clad people" and of Heaven. We have been raised to establish the lofty ideal of advancing the welfare of humanity. We are kinsfolk, a people God has called, selected, and anointed to stand at the forefront, building the peace kingdom in this, the Revolutionary Era after the Coming of Heaven.

The advent of the era of the peaceful, ideal kingdom

(35) You are now living in the most blessed and exalted time in history. We are in the Era after the Coming of Heaven! I proclaim the beginning of the long-awaited new heaven and new earth, for which billions of your ancestors in the spirit world who came and went in history yearned. This is the era of the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world. The four great religious founders and billions of good ancestors have come to earth to guide you on the blessed path of heaven. The age when the fallen and corrupt world wreaks havoc on humanity, allowing evil people to live better than others, is passing away.

(36) We should seek out and establish God's kingdom and His righteousness, for it is everyone's ultimate destination to live in a nation that serves and attends God as its center. What is meant by God's kingdom? It signifies the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world. It is a nation that resembles the form of a model true family with three generations living together in harmony, trusting, respecting, and supporting one another, and becoming one in love. In short, it is the nation for which humanity has longed throughout the ages, the Utopia where God is sovereign.

(37) Then what is meant by "His righteousness"? It signifies the heavenly way and heavenly rule. Each of us on earth is commanded to pass judgment, with the heavenly authority of true love, upon this evil world that suffers under scheming, treacherous regimes. It is our duty to establish the ideal, peaceful world of true love, a liberated and free world based on justice and truth. After all, humanity is destined to become one family. The remarkable advances of modern science are contributing greatly toward making this world one global village. The time has come to establish the beautiful kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world, where whites and blacks, Eastern and Western, live together in harmony as one great family.

(38) This means that we need a movement to realize a society of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values. We need to make humanity one great family by breaking down the walls in our hearts and eliminating the barriers between nations. This movement begins from each family. Therefore, each of us should bear in mind that it is our providential calling to establish a true family. This is the way to advance the establishment of the universal peace kingdom on earth.

(39) Indeed, all this is coming to pass. In the Middle East, one of the world's tinderboxes, Jews, Christians, and Muslims have found the resources in my philosophy of peace to engage in a new dimension of dialogue. In past decades my Unification Thought played a decisive role in ending the Cold War. Now I am successfully leading behind-the-scenes efforts to bring about the reunification of my homeland of Korea. But I am not yet satisfied because I began my life's work at the command of Heaven. I have come as the True Parent of humankind with God's anointing, and I am determined to keep my promise to Him. I am determined to obliterate all national divisions and barriers that have poisoned this earth and to establish the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world, where all people everywhere can join hand in hand.

(40) Rev. Moon, who received the seal of Heaven, has come as the True Parent of humanity and the King of Peace. I will be true to my promise to God. I will bring to fruition the era of the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world on this earth, without fail. Therefore, please bear in mind that all of you gathered here today are central figures in establishing the eternal kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world on this earth, in attendance to the King and Queen of Peace, the True Parents. Under the banner of the Abel-type UN, let us sweep away the absurdities and evils of this world through the power of God's true love. Let us become the proud peace kingdom police and peace kingdom corps of the Universal Peace Federation and protect the blessed families of the world. Let us fulfill our roles as the sentinels watching over this blessed land that is our planet. Please become true princes and princesses who can attend and live together with God, the eternal Peace King, the True Parent of humanity. In order to create the glorious kingdom of peace and prosperity, let us each live up to our family duties as children of filial piety, patriots, saints, and holy sons and daughters.


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