Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 372

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 1: God's Homeland and Cheon II Guk
Section 1: God's Kingdom and God's Homeland, 13
Section 2: The Background and Proclamation of Cheon II Guk, 02


(13)  What kind of person goes to God’s kingdom? A person in the original position before the Fall, a person living by the original principles, goes there. An original person is not someone who tries to receive love from others. Nor does this person try to receive God’s love. He or she is someone who already lives intoxicated in God’s love. The heart of parents loving their children is beautiful. Everyone bows their head in front of the love of parents who suppress their hunger as they feed their children, giving food to them after thawing it with their body heat. The universe will certainly support the sons and daughters of these parents. The entire world will bow down to such love. People think that children succeed because they are smart, but that is not so. It is because they have embedded in them their parents’ love and merit of living for the sake of others. Because no one can ignore these things, the descendants of such parents succeed.

God’s hope is the liberation of His homeland

(14)  Where is God’s homeland? It is the place where True Parents and the True Family reside. Where is the True Parents’ original hometown? It is the place where God and His sons and daughters reside. Where is the True Parents’ homeland? It is where God and All his children, the subject and object partners whom True Parents love, are dwelling, the place where you can find the love of subject and object partners. If this were so, then where would you find the homeland of the children? It would be a place where they can love their parents with God as the subject partner and where the children can receive love as the object partners. Such a place is the original homeland of the four-position foundation as taught by the Unification Church. That is the ideal homeland. Why is it the ideal homeland? It is because, in it, we find the love of the True God, the love of True Parents, and the love of True Children. The world that develops from there on that basis will be an ideal world. Such a principle is to be found in the four-position foundation.

(15)  The homeland is the nation of the mother and the father. It is the nation of our ancestors. It is the nation of the first human ancestors. It is a nation handed down from, and loved by, the first human ancestors. Since that love of the first human ancestors is unchanging, then that nation should be unchanging as well. When you consider the historical course of those who claimed their nation as their homeland, you can recognize that there has not been a single nation that could maintain itself as the parents’ beloved homeland. That homeland has been lost, over and over again.

(16)  The people who live for the sake of Heaven today are Heaven’s secret emissaries sent into Satan’s world. Everyone is different, so an emissary may be big or small, stout or thin, tall or short, but his or her lifestyle cannot deviate from that of an envoy. This is because life and death are always hanging in the balance. They are posted in a situation where even the smallest mistake can determine the issue of eternal life. Therefore, the secret emissary’s spirit of working for the homeland, the homeland that can support and protect eternal life, has to be hundreds of times stronger than their environment; otherwise, they cannot live as a secret emissary. A secret emissary has to ignore their present situation by thinking of how the people of the world will rejoice when all resentment has been erased. They have to look to the glory of the homeland and, while they create a new history, think that the world will know and applaud their efforts on the day that witnesses the birth of the homeland. Without such a mindset, they cannot carry out a secret emissary’s mission. In other words, to overcome all resentment and execute their mission, they have to live in hope for the dawning of a homeland that is ten thousand times greater than their present reality.

(17)  For the liberation of God’s homeland, we have to take down the barrier between North and South Korea at the 38th parallel. Then this homeland has to rise as Asia’s new fruit, a fruit that we can proudly display to the whole world. Our mission is to overcome the devastation wrought through the history of the Korean people and form a new culture. Therefore, even though we have been weakened, we have to clasp each other’s hands, move forward, and make a pledge while raising our hands toward Heaven. Please know that this is the moment to form a new culture and prepare for tomorrow with an alert mind. We have to guide the environment with love for the country and the world.

(18)  Where is the original hometown and homeland? Of course, we usually think of a homeland as a single nation, but humanity’s homeland desired by God is, in fact, the entire earth. Many generations of our ancestors walked the path of sacrifice. What was the hope they proclaimed to Heaven as they walked that path? They shouted, “May the time of the long-awaited homeland come soon!” We should establish one nation of God in order to repudiate Heaven’s archenemy Satan, eradicate evil from the world and build the peaceful kingdom of heaven on earth based only on goodness. This is the desire of God, the desire of Jesus, and the desire of the ancestors who made great contributions during the course of the providence.

(19)  The time has come for all countries in the world to dedicate all available resources and focus completely on the establishment of the peaceful, ideal kingdom that God desires. Humankind has reached a dead end. It is no longer possible to live without accepting my teachings on the peace ideology of true love, true life, and true lineage. Your good ancestors will be fully mobilized, and when the heavenly authority of the Era after the Coming of Heaven surges, even the most powerful countries and peoples will yield to the fortune of heaven and earth.

(20)  A world without the Fall is one where God directly rules all nations with the highest royal authority. That world is a place where God and True Parents can attain perfection together with the perfection of True Parents’ kingdom; hence, it is the ground of our original hometown in our glorious restored homeland, where we find only peace and happiness. Remembering what they had lost, lamenting, and looking at their history of painful sorrow through the ages of darkness, all created beings have been hoping for the time of True Parents’ perfection, when everything that was lost is restored. Can you imagine God’s pain while waiting patiently for this through such a miserable history?

Section 2. The Background and Proclamation of Cheon II Guk

(1)  Prior to this time, people in the spirit world could not know God as our Father or Parent because they were of a different lineage. God, who is in the spirit world, is the Cosmic Parent. The True Parents, who are on the earth, are the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. The Cosmic Parent and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth are one. Hence, royal authority is given to the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind in their substantial persons. No one can settle on earth without the Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind. Because the Cosmic Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind stand in the same position, each one of us now has to become a perfected person representing Adam and stand in the position to inherit the unified, victorious supremacy of heaven and earth that has nothing to do with the Fall. Then, as the Family Pledge states, we can be called owners of Cheon II Guk.

The providential background of the birth of Cheon II Guk

(2)  As a prerequisite for the founding of Cheon II Guk, we had to usher in an era where conflicts between mind and body, conflicts within the family, tribe, people, nation and world, conflicts between heaven and earth and God and Satan, and all other conflicts, are resolved. By doing so, we moved beyond the standard of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace and established the Peace UN. By finally establishing the ideal nation and world here on earth with God, who is the King of peace, Owner of peace and Teacher of peace, at the center, and by receiving the Blessing of rebirth, the Blessing of resurrection, and the Blessing of eternal life, we have realized the foundation to enter God’s kingdom. Thus, we finally proclaim Cheon II Guk.

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