Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 370

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days

Chapter 5: The Holy Day and Anniversaries
Section 2: Anniversaries, 65-75

Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Original Palace Holy Ground (July 8, 2001)

(65) This place, where we are holding the groundbreaking ceremony today, is the Original Palace Holy Ground (本殿聖地). What does “Original Palace” (本殿) mean? It is the palace that God desires; the royal palace in which God can dwell is the original home. That is what is meant by “Original Palace,” which is this Holy Ground. All the obstacles have been overcome. The Chinese character for seong (聖), meaning “holy,” consists of the three Chinese characters: yi (耳) meaning “ear,” gu (口) meaning “mouth” and wang (王) meaning “king.” You have to have the mouth and ears of a king to be a saint. You have to listen well and speak well. Only God knows this. Only the Messiah, the True Parents, know these things.

Entering Cheon Jeong Gung (June 13, 2006)

(66) Cheon Jeong Gung is a palace that creates that which is righteous and proper. The name combines the Chinese characters Cheon (天), meaning “Heaven,” Jeong (正) meaning “righteous,” and Gung (宮) meaning “house.” What is the significance of Cheon Jeong Gung? It represents the finest palace in heaven. That is how I built it. The character jeong (正) is the combination of the character, ji (止), meaning “stay,” and a stroke (一), meaning a “cover” or “lid.” This means movement. Cheon Jeong Gung means, “Two people should unite and ceaselessly move! Then it becomes your home.” This means that this palace is to be your home.

(67) At the Cheon Jeong Gung there is a new nation, a national flower, a national flag, citizens, and ideals of education. Therefore, we can create oneness within any ideology or religion and, on that basis, liberate governments. I have set these as our goals, and I am moving forward to achieve them.

(68) We can think of Cheon Jeong Gung existing at any time and any place, but it came to be on the soil of Korea naturally. That is what I believe. Has God not been a wanderer? Has God had any place on earth where He could place His feet? He could not at the Vatican in Rome. So I went around, searching and searching. I passed through many circumstances in order to become an owner on God’s behalf.

(69) All humankind has been of the Cain-type lineage and thus is in the position of the older brother. The Messiah will come at the very end of the age and pay indemnity for everything. He will elevate the two worlds that fell. Although Christianity paid the indemnity, we need to raise them up. Then what should we do? If the peoples who share the Mongolian birthmark, races whose blood is intermingled, unite irrespective of their religion and come forth raising a flag, we can overcome the concepts of denomination and nation. I am placing God in His original position, and Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and the Archangel in their original positions. That is why this is called Cheon Jeong Gung. The Chinese character cheon (天) consists of the Chinese characters meaning “two” (二) and “person” (人). Thus, it is a palace that is properly made by two people.

Coronation for the Authority of the Liberation of God, the King of Kings (January 15, 2009)

(70) “King of kings” means the King of all kings. There is one, and only one, King of all kings. The King of kings is the One Being. Hananim in Korean, which is translated as “God” in English, literally means “the One and Only One” plus the honorific, Nim. This expression for God, Hananim, is found only in Korean. In the phrase “Hananim haebang kwon eui” the Chinese character that I am using for kwon is not the kwon(圈) meaning “realm,” but the kwon (權) meaning “right,” or “authority.” Next comes the word daekwanshik, meaning “coronation ceremony.” What do the Chinese characters in daekwan, meaning “coronation” signify? The Chinese character dae (戴) includes the character yi (異), meaning “different.” In other words, a different crown is worn, not a crown of destructive power that leads human beings to hell, but a crown of glory. Long live the authority of liberation! Even Satan is compelled to go along with God’s authority. The creation will no longer need God’s intervention; universal law will govern it. By this taking place, the liberated God’s authority will usher in His peaceful and prosperous reign. It is good, and so His peaceful and prosperous reign will bring with it an era of humankind offering Him unending praise. To have access to the God of goodness, we should fly to God’s secret and hidden world, the world of His happiness, and the spring garden of flowers in His heart. A path is opening to His world of love, and I am saying that we should travel to that place.

(71) Whatever your problem, if you try to solve it by working only with the spirit world or only with the physical world, you will not succeed. Likewise, just because you know God’s Will does not mean God is liberated. You have to unite with True Parents and lay a foundation upon which you can govern nations and the world’s religious realms. Without setting up the measures to solve everything as one combined issue, you cannot make the right judgment and establish the right global movement. That is why I have kept that on hold until now. What is the Coronation of the King of Kings? Before I conducted the Coronation of the One and Only God with the Authority of Liberation, anyone could come along. After it was done, not just anyone could follow. During this time, Cain and Abel nations joined the UN and were fighting each other. Communism and democracy were fighting each other. The Coronation of the One and Only God with the Authority of Liberation and the Sovereignty of the King of Kings could take place because I stood in the breach and brought the two sides to reconcile. Then I announced a new world of peace. This coronation was held in order to defend all three parties.

(72) As of today, the King of kings, the One and Only God, stands in the position of the True Parent. The True Parents are one flesh. Although there have been tens of thousands of kings until now, there is only one Lord of the Second Advent. He came, rose to the position of the King of kings, and united with the One and Only God. How does this affect the substantial authority of the God who was invisible in the garden of Eden, from the perspective of His inner and outer essence? He will manifest as the True Parents with substantial bodies, and those True Parents will become one with the One and Only God in the world.

(73) By securing the one kingship of the King of kings and having it take root, God can stand in the position of the Owner and reign over all creation for the first time. I offered to God everything that I had built up to the present. I have the responsibility to erase all the mistakes that prevented the True Parents from being the True Parents and to enable God finally to move into the position of the King. Finally, there will be twelve tribes, representing the family level, then one hundred twenty national representatives, then twelve hundred global representatives, and then twelve thousand who can liberate God. Based on this foundation, the time will come for all indemnities of the world to level out and for God to emerge and exercise His authority as the Owner. It will be nothing other than the ideal kingdom of God on earth and in heaven! Aju!

(74) We have launched a new Parent UN based on the Abel UN. Now that I have become the King of all kings, what should I do further? By uniting with God and holding the Coronation Ceremony, I secured the core. Based on that, all of heaven and earth can be established in front of Heaven. Henceforth, I am responsible to open the gate to the setting up of an international organization centering on this core. None of you here can tell me what to do, even if you hold the position of a leader. On the foundation of my having achieved a unified realm of the spirit and flesh as the substantial being who represents the kingship of God, the King of kings, what should be done, based on the way and standard that I have advocated thus far? From a position transcending the entire world, we have to build one sovereignty, one homeland, and a land that is like one hometown.

(75) Had Adam and Eve not fallen, they would have become the owners who could have set forth on behalf of God and hoisted the flag of the Blessing. Several thousand years later, the first day when this can happen is at hand. This is not a matter of just one day. It is not even several thousands of years; it is tens of thousands of years. You need to know how much trouble so many had to endure in order to build the foundation for the position of the True Parents, the foundation upon which we could stand. No one has known this before. So, you cannot imagine how much trouble God had to endure in order to usher in the time when He could finally teach people about it. The year 2001 was the start of the third millennium. I have been teaching you about things that will happen in the millennium that has newly arrived, the period up to the year 3000. It will be a brand-new, revolutionary era, not of the manner of the Era before the Coming of Heaven. Rather, it will be a brand-new, revolutionary Era after the Coming of Heaven. It will be an era when God can take responsibility and act. 

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