Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 369

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 5: The Holy Day and Anniversaries
Section 2: Anniversaries, 57-64


(57) The Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God has brought change to the nation. Previously, God had been filled with bitter pain because He was unable to stand at the forefront of the Will. He was deeply sorrowful because He had not been able to act according to His desire. For that reason, I am telling you to become the supporting troops who can enable God to do as He wishes. We offered the Enthronement Ceremony to God; now, we expect God to show His power. From now on, the times will change.

The Era after the Coming of Heaven

(58) You cannot discuss the Era before the Coming of Heaven and the Era after the Coming of Heaven, or hell and heaven, without knowing the Day of the Victory of the Number Ten Combining Two Halves (Ssang Hab Shib Seung Il). Things that were in pairs were divided. Mind and body should have been united, but they were divided. Even with your eyes, there is one that you favor and another you dislike. A man loves his wife when he marries her, but if he sees another woman whom he thinks is better, the way he looks at his wife changes. Everyone has become separated. Married couples do not get along. That is why, on May 5, 2004, I proclaimed the Day of the Victory of the Number Ten Combining Two Halves when I combined five and five, as a pair oriented vertically, to make ten. This represents the coming together of the divided heaven and earth. It signifies liberation and complete freedom.

(59) The numbers did not belong to God but to Satan. All existence is based on the pair system. When couples become one, they can plant the seed of love. This is the ideal of the Principle of Creation. This is the reason I proclaimed the Day of the Victory of the Number Ten Combining Two Halves. May 5 marked the victory of ten by bringing together two fives, the top five and the bottom five. Centered on that day, I proclaimed the Era after the Coming of Heaven and the Era before the Coming of Heaven. The Era before the Coming of Heaven had passed; therefore, God could grasp the Era before the Coming of Heaven with His left hand and the Era after the Coming of Heaven with His right hand and rotate them, making a circle. Thereby, He combined the five that He held in His right hand and the five that He held in His left hand into one. This was the victory of two fives becoming ten. For the first time, God could stand in the position of the owner of the three hundred sixty days. God could, for the first time, govern the days and the numbers, the formulas in the universe, the order of motion, the stages that unfold. The pair system underlies the numbers by which we measure. When object and subject partners join in a relationship, they are able to take effect. God, as the seed of love, the fruit of love, and the original essence of love, plants love in all places where things exist in pairs.

(60) In the end, God will create His homeland and a world of peace. The Era before the Coming of Heaven is passing, and we are ushering in the Era after the Coming of Heaven. The Day of the Victory of the Number Ten Combining Two Halves is when we proclaim the fact that the Era before the Coming of Heaven has passed and the Era after the Coming of Heaven has come. Although the Era before the Coming of Heaven has passed, it cannot be abandoned. In order to make the people of that era into royal offspring, God and True Parents grasped them with their left hand and pulled them forward, even as they grasped the newly dawning Era after the Coming of Heaven with their right hand. This 180-degree reversal was like my making the hands of a clock that had been rotating counterclockwise rotate clockwise.

(61) I have brought together all of creation. The Fall turned it all around—measurement of time, days, years, centuries, and eternity. With the victory of the number ten, the victorious number that God indemnified, we can now directly connect all of these with the throne of God’s kingship. As we have left the Era before the Coming of Heaven and begun the Era after the Coming of Heaven, all things can now enter the age of liberation, the age of perfection. Everything is entering into the realm of God’s ownership.

The Coronation and Enthronement Ceremonies for the King of Peace (December 2003 through August 2004)

(62) I conducted the Coronation Ceremony for the King of Peace, but it should be called the Coronation and Enthronement Ceremony. It was not simply a coronation ceremony but a coronation and enthronement ceremony. Earlier, I conducted the coronation but not the enthronement. In Adam’s family, Cain killed Abel, and God’s providence continued through Seth. From Noah, it passed through Abraham and Isaac, Jacob and Moses, all the way to Jesus. In Jesus’ time, the nation should have conducted His enthronement ceremony, but it did not happen. He could receive neither a coronation nor an enthronement ceremony. I am conducting, in my time, coronation and enthronement ceremonies. We held the coronation ceremony for Jesus in Israel. At that time, Jesus did not advance to his coronation ceremony alone. I had my second son, Heung-jin, whom I had placed in the same position as the returning Lord, bless Jesus to be the one to open the gate of love. I gave the Blessing to souls who had died in sorrow and even to enemies. Then I had Heung-jin escort Jesus to Jerusalem, for we conducted his coronation in the nation of Israel. It was not an enthronement but a coronation. I took down the cross, conducted his coronation in Israel, and then conducted his enthronement ceremony in America. These events rendered the biblical dual prophecies such as “the lord of glory” and “the lord of suffering” less significant.

(63) Cain and Abel have to become one. The Lord of the Second Advent reconciled divisions between the spirit world and physical world in Jerusalem. Based on this foundation, he restored through indemnity the realm of the First Israel and brought that realm to the national and the world levels. Jesus could not achieve this when he was on earth. But finally, I completed it and established Jesus’ kingship over the First Israel and his kingship over the Second Israel. Centering on Jesus, representing heaven, and Heung-jin, representing the True Parents on earth, I reconnected the spirit world with the physical world. In that place of unity between the entire spirit world and the physical world, and of unity between the entire nation and the church, and on the foundation of Jesus’ sovereignty in the Second Israel, we offered the coronation ceremony in the presence of the Parents. After that, I conducted the coronation ceremony with members of the United States Senate representing heaven and of the House of Representatives representing earth. This accomplished what Jesus was unable to do: proclaim his coronation at the Roman Senate and establish a unified realm encompassing heaven and earth. The spirit world and physical world proclaimed my coronation, a history-making event. In the realm of their unity, they conducted the coronation and enthronement of the Lord of the Second Advent.

(64) Jesus is the leader of Christianity; he has a throng of 1.3 billion followers. He died branded a traitor to his people in his own nation, but he embraced the people of the world and is now seated in the highest position in the political culture as well as in the religious arena. Nevertheless, Judaism still regards Jesus as inferior to Moses. In addition to this, Judaism and Christianity opposed me in a wide variety of ways. Yet, they were the ones who lost the battle. With the end of that battle, I conducted the Enthronement Ceremony for the King of Peace in the precincts of the United States Congress. Jesus was supposed to go to the Roman Senate and proclaim, “I am the King. The King of kings has come.” Yet, he died before he could accomplish this. However, now, in broad daylight, I gathered members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives and also leaders of the three major religions. Of their own volition, they attended me as the King of Peace.


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