Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 368

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 5: The Holy Day and Anniversaries
Section 2: Anniversaries, 50-56

(50) The meaning of the Day of Victory of Love is that God’s love has vanquished the realm of death. Heung-jin completed the portion of responsibility centering on God and True Parents’ ideal of creation. Thereby he entered the realm wherein the love that is based on that standard is established. This gives him victory over the realm of death. Consequently, from now on, Satan will not be able to appear and attach himself to people who believe in the Unification Church. When he attempts to do so, the spirit world will immediately mobilize to protect them. Being within the realm of the Parents’ love is different from being within the realm of Satan’s love, or archangelic love in general. I have linked the realm of the Parents’ love even to the spirit world.

(51) Satan had been using the power of death to invade the realm of the family and its love. Blocking this by means of love, I, in my era, established the Day of Victory of Love to prevent this. My son Heung-jin was on the verge of death. Knowing that his final hour was coming, it was my moment to act. I conducted the Unification Ceremony for Heung-jin before he passed away to demonstrate that he and his father are one. Through his unity in heart with me, his father, Satan, was rendered unable to carry out his wishes against him as long as I was alive. By offering my son Heung-jin on the altar in this way, I defended against Satan’s attempts to invade the Unification family. There existed a victorious domain in the spirit world from the moment Jesus made himself a sacrifice, and God completed Jesus’ offering in the spirit world. I connected that victorious domain to the offering of True Parents’ beloved son Heung-jin, which was completed on earth. It was tantamount to Jesus’ offering being completed in the physical world. Thus, based on the parent-child relationship, which is the heavenly ideal, I connected the foundation of Jesus’ domain in the spirit world to the substantial physical realm. I built a bridge connecting the heavenly world and the earthly world.

(52) Since the spirit world and the earthly world love my son Heung-jin, they also need to establish the standard to love us, the Parents. They have to raise the standard of their love. Although Heung-jin was physically deceased, I knew that he was not dead, but would establish the realm of the resurrection of love in the physical and spirit worlds: “Although you have left us through death, by your death, you resurrect love.” With that conviction, I grasped both the spirit world and physical world and proclaimed the realm of the resurrection of love. With this, we could bid goodbye to the realm of death. For this reason, you should not be sad at a Seunghwa Ceremony.

(53) While Heung-jin was transitioning from the earth to the spirit world, I held a special ceremony for the spirit world and physical world. That was the Day of Victory of Love. In order to complete the indemnity condition and proclaim the Day of Victory of Love, I was not allowed to think that my son was dead. Instead, standing next to his dead body, I fought for God’s love. I had to think of God’s love first, rather than grieving as other mothers and fathers do when thinking of their deceased child. I had to fix my thoughts on the love that triumphs over the realm of death. And so I said to Mother, “In this hour, you and I have to become the parents of whom Heaven can be proud and the parents of whom all the ancestors in the spirit world and the tens of thousands of saints, sages, and wise people in the angelic world can be proud. We must create such an atmosphere around Heung-jin’s body that the people of the world will bow their heads to us, saying that we are without a doubt the ones who wield the authority of love that can subjugate the realm of death.” I had to do this so that all humankind could testify about me, saying, “You are truly the central person of God’s love.”

The Day of Victory of Love was the first day when death could be replaced with love, even as I said farewell to my son. It was the day we hoisted the banner of love, even as we advanced and mobilized for the sake of the world. In this way, we set a standard that has enabled a new direction of love to be established on the national and global levels. That is why we can use the words “Day of Victory of Love.” I proclaimed the Day of Victory of Love at 4 o’clock in the morning on January 3, 1984.

Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God

(54) Christianity established a global domain surpassing that of the Roman Empire. This took place when the Allied forces defeated the Axis powers in World War II. Because Jesus lost his body, Christianity has represented the spirit world. Nonetheless, when Christianity unified the world, it ushered in the era in which the spirit and flesh could have been united. Thus, the Allied nations and Axis nations could be restored to God’s side. That foundation was laid in 1945. Centering on that, had Catholics and Protestants, representing the Christian cultural sphere, become one and welcomed the Second Advent of the Lord, the world would have been united within three-and-a-half to seven years, that is, by 1952. Then God’s enthronement Ceremony would have been held. Christianity, however, did not accept the Unification Church. Even now, they are strongly opposing us. Judaism opposed Christianity, and hence, it doomed itself to decline. Christianity, by opposing the Unification Church, is following the same path. It is the same for all religions. This has created hell for families, societies, nations, and the world. Hence, the ideal realm of love that God desires cannot yet be found on planet Earth.

(55) The True Parents are the only ones who can give the Blessing and change the lineage. It was the appearance of the false parents that brought on the battle between God and Satan. In order to end that conflict, True Parents stand right at the center and say, “God, is this not the purpose for which You are fighting? I am going to change everything for you!” If God gives me permission to do this, the struggle will come to an end. I am bringing reconciliation between God and Lucifer, as well as between Judaism and the religions surrounding it. When Jesus returns, once he establishes his sovereignty by bringing harmony and unity to the nations based on the family, all these struggles will come to an end. After World War II, if the United States, the Second Israel, had met and received the person who comes as the Lord of heaven and earth, the Lord could have established a foundation to unify the earth and to unify heaven. That unity, the beginning of the kingdom of God in the form of the Third Israel, would have connected the liberation of the kingdom of heaven on earth with that of the kingdom of heaven in heaven, which is the third realm of liberation. It was not realized then, and it is like a dream that, after fifty-six years have passed, we can now, on this day, hold the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God.

(56) Who will conduct the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God? Who ruined that Enthronement Ceremony in the first place? It was Satan and Adam. Adam and Eve were unable to become True Parents. Satan entered, and the standard for True Parents’ lineage could not be established on earth. Due to the Fall, it was Satan’s lineage that remained. We have to negate and reverse this failure. Neither God nor Satan can do it. It would be difficult for Satan to destroy what he has established as his own nation. No one likes another party trying to change something that one has made. God, too, cannot just turn this around. If He could, He would not have lost Adam’s family in the garden of Eden. God was surely unable to do anything about it. It requires a human being. That person is the perfected Adam. His family contains the original love. 

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