Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 367

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 5: The Holy Day and Anniversaries
Section 2.  Anniversaries, 38-49


(38)  A Unification Church boom surged among the dormitory students at Ewha Women’s University and Yonsei University, and in a matter of weeks, this turned the schools upside down. The school authorities felt threatened, feeling that if the situation were ignored, Christianity might crumble in a few years. That is why they did whatever it took to get me. They spread all sorts of wicked rumors to trigger investigations of me. The authorities investigated me, but they could not find that I had done anything wrong. Then they set me up with the charge that I had evaded military service. The fact is, by the time I left the prison camp in North Korea, I was past the age of having to go to the army. Yet they charged me with evasion of military service and conducted an investigation. They accused me and investigated me, but since the charge was frivolous they had no choice but to acquit and release me.

(39)  You do not know how much the Liberal Party regime at that time opposed me. They said that I was leading the Ewha Women’s University students and Yonsei University students astray. They said, “We have a problem. The American mission should be leading the schools. Yet once the students listen to Rev. Moon, all of them, from both Ewha Women’s University and Yonsei University, decide to follow him.” They were hysterical, imagining that I would take over all the Christian denominations in the Republic of Korea. They created such an uproar. Consequently, the university authorities expelled the students.

(40)  I am a Korean, and that is why the new starting point of God’s providence appeared in Korea. However, Korean Christianity represents more than just the Christians of Korea. Christianity in Korea represents the providence and the entire world. Hence, the Christian churches in Korea taking a position opposing me, and the nation of Korea opposing me as well, affected the entire world. The issue to them was how they could break down this one person, which was me. Jesus died on the cross amid a complicated whirlwind over the same issue. Parallel to that, there was an incident in which Satan’s side dragged me to prison. That was the July 4th incident.

(41)  If I had been caught up in an issue raised by the nation, it could have been a serious problem. However, it was Ewha Women’s University and Yonsei University that instigated the July 4th incident. Also, although I was incarcerated, I was acquitted and released. Hence I was able to make a new beginning in the realms of both the spirit and the flesh. Nevertheless, the opposition from Christianity and the nation led me to a position of having lost my foundation. What, at that point, was the state of the Unification Church, and of me as a person? We were certainly not in a position of having completely separated good and evil. We were in a position to once again recover what was lost. Since Christianity had laid a foundation in the spiritual realm, I had to create a new foundation that could stand in place of that spiritual foundation. We had to have a foundation like that of Christianity. The Unification Church had to recreate that foundation.

(42)  Before leaving for Danbury prison, I said, “There is a wall on the other side of Danbury, made of God’s love, but do you know how high that wall of love is? Do you know how large it is?” The Unification Church members gathered at that moment were shedding tears, but I was humming with hope as I departed for the prison. I said, “The sunlight that returns to shine tomorrow will be more brilliant than that of today.” A 180-degree change in one’s living environment is something worth studying. I consider all of it research material to embroider with love.

(43)  My release from Danbury became a turning point. It marked the turning of the tide where the Unification Church civilization, which represents eastern civilization, is changing places with western Christian civilization. It marked the point where the second-born son became the first-born son and the first-born son became the second-born son. Without reaching this turning point on our forty-year journey over the mountain, Heaven’s providence would have been shattered. I had to do this, even if it meant going to prison; that was my mission.

(44)  Even in prison I strove to live 95 percent for the sake of others. I woke up early in the morning and began the day by cleaning up the dirty places. Then I started working according to my daily schedule. When I was in prison in Danbury, I had the habit of doing tasks instead of relaxing, even when I went to the cafeteria. Other people would sleep or pursue leisure activities when they were not on duty, but I would stand waiting to be given work. I made it a habit to do that. If anything came up, I was the first to go and help. It was inevitable that this would make me well-known in the cafeteria.

(45)  Not once did I ever pray to Heaven asking for help. In Danbury, people had this image of me: first, a person who works hard in silence; second, a person who reads books; third a person who meditates; and fourth, a person who swims. The pool was nearby, so I would swim whenever I had some spare time. All the inmates knew my daily routine. News spread fast in that place. Everyone who looks at the footprints I left will view a legacy of sacrifice.

(46)  Unless I survived, restored, and perfected my course inside the walls of the prison in Danbury, it could not have been connected to Heaven's Will. There is no path to perfection for anyone who is only half-committed. If I were such a person, there would be only a great scar in my wake, no matter how much the world was unified and my teachings globally accepted. But I am not like that. Even when I choose to go the path of death, I go straight for it. Therein lies my uniqueness. I was imprisoned so many times in my life, but I never complained. My mind is always on something greater, so I am confident wherever I go. As one who has been shouldering the suffering of all humankind, I considered prison life as if it were life in Heaven.

(47)  What did I do when I was in Danbury? Because the fallen parents, Adam and Eve, completely blocked the path to Heaven, I held a ceremony to pave a highway that directly connects hell to the good spirit world. By doing so, I laid a path that enables people in hell to ascend. With that path opened, their ancestors have been able to descend to hell and pay indemnity for them. Through education, they can be elevated step by step.

(48)  In Danbury I broke down the barriers that had closed off the spirit world and physical world due to the false parents and opened the doors whereby people can meet the True Parents. I paved a highway for this to happen. That is why people’s ancestors in the spirit world will come down to the earthly world and, in the manner of parents who love their children, lift people up, one step at a time. The Unification Movement in the spirit world will begin from this kind of love. Only through the way of parental love is it possible to begin a movement for the liberation of hell. Only love has the ability to digest even the realm of death.

(49)  During the 13-month period that I was in Danbury, I reevaluated the speeches I had given during the thirteen-year period I was in the United States. In the future, when scholars dig into my speeches, they will naturally ask questions. If they cannot find the answers, they will come and ask me. That is why I did it so that I can give clear explanations in response to those questions. One leader has to take responsibility for history. Thus, I think God allowed me a good opportunity to indulge in reading and sorting out the answers to such questions. People came to know that Rev. Moon was a man of meditation; he read books and studied night and day without rest. They also heard that I was someone who would never complain, but who instead spoke words of hope, whereas most people would grumble 

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