Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 334

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 1: The Etiquette of Attendance
Section 2: Living in Attendance to God, 06-15


(6)  When you are hungry, you say, "I'm hungry! I want something to eat!" But for whom do you want to eat? Do you want to eat for God or for yourself? You must eat for God. By doing this, you make your body a perfect, holy temple of God. You should think, "God inside me is hungry and is telling me to eat." When you eat with this mindset, your meal becomes sacred. It is the same when you breathe when you go to the restroom, or when you do anything else. When you listen, you are not listening alone. Likewise, when you see or touch something, do not think that you are doing it alone. When you relate to people, even when you relate to Satan's world, you need to think that it is God who is relating to them through you. When you talk, you should think that God is speaking through you. When you are totally one with God, you can live. Even though your living, thinking, and loving are centered on yourself, it will still be lawful. Even though you live, think, and love centered on yourself, your living, thinking, and loving will be centered on God. That is the principle.

(7)  As a person who is attending God, how much does your happiness bring joy to God? When you are hungry, you are grateful to eat, and when you attend God, you should have even greater gratitude. You should always attend God—when you eat, when you wear something nice, even when you are sad or face difficulties. By living this way, you will leave behind good stories that God will keep in His heart.

(8)  God wants to caress the things of creation through the hands of the person whose heart is one with His. God wants to embrace All his children through the Son and daughter whose hearts are one with His. God eagerly waits for His sovereignty to be established by the bride, who is one in heart with Him. God is eager to see the day when this world will be governed by sons and daughters who are one in heart with Him. Have you ever thought about all this? The more you think about it, the more awe-inspiring it becomes. When you think about how God's desire is not only connected to you but also to the world and even the cosmos, you cannot deny that you belong to God the Father. Therefore, you should think that your mind belongs to the Father, your heart belongs to the Father, your consciousness, your intuition, and all your senses belong to the father. You should establish the viewpoint that everything you feel and perceive belongs to the Father. You should do everything in your power to realize God's desire. Our path may lead to death, but no matter how fearful it is, we must overcome it with a strong heart and conviction. We will have the power to laugh at death and go beyond it.

(9)  There are laws for attending God. When you violate them, God is very displeased. Parents can be affected by one word from the child they love. With just one word, a child can drive a nail into his or her parents' heart or remove a nail from their heart. Likewise, because God loves humankind that much if His children offend Him with even the slightest mistake, He can become hurt or angry. That is why I constantly strive to make God happy.

(10)  When we look at six thousand years of history from a vertical perspective, we see that in the Old Testament Age, God gathered His people, and in the New Testament Age, God gathered His children. In this way, history has been flowing in reverse. In the world today, there are people trying to build the kingdom of heaven centering on the concept of the people of God. There are also people who are trying to build the kingdom of heaven based upon the idea of heavenly children, the idea of heavenly siblings, and the idea of heavenly couples. You should know how to observe the laws of the kingdom of heaven in your daily life. To build the kingdom of heaven, you must observe the laws of the kingdom of heaven as required by Heaven. Based on the laws of the kingdom of heaven, you must also live the lifestyle of the kingdom of heaven. And based on the lifestyle of the kingdom of heaven, you become one through the love of the kingdom of heaven. The Word is the standard for the laws of the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, you need to live based on the Word. This is the path you should walk.

(11)  You may be able to experience God’s grace through prayer or the work of the Holy Spirit because of the cooperation of spirits in the spirit world. Originally, human beings were created to mature spiritually as life spirits and then divine spirits. We are meant to have the Spirit within us. If we cultivate our spirituality centering on the power of the Spirit of God within us, we will gain the ability as divine spirits to perceive things spiritually, even when we are not helped or guided by spirits from the spirit world. Once you reach that spiritual level, whenever God feels sorrow, you too will experience indescribable sorrow welling up within. For instance, if you feel indescribable sadness when bidding good-bye to somebody, it means that person is entering a path of sacrificial offering or another path for which God feels great compassion. It will be one or the other. If you can actually feel that and stand in the position where you have this kind of intuition and communication in your sphere of life, it means you are a person who experiences the Spirit.

(12)  When the True Parents live together with human beings on earth bound together by relationships based on the heavenly principles of natural law, on that day, the work of God to establish morals and ethics based on the original human nature will spread throughout heaven and earth. Why are so many unhappy young men and women fleeing from their families? It is because love based on Heaven's law was lost. Hence, to save all families, the Parents of Heaven and Earth must emerge who can enable God to dwell within their own family. Jesus cannot become the Savior if he lives alone when he returns to earth. How can he save fallen humankind? He can do it only from the position of a parent. God is the father of true love. Therefore, Jesus must come to the earth as the father, and with the qualifications of a parent, He must personally save humankind. He comes with the heart of a parent, to save his children, whom he can hear groaning in the world of death and calling out to be saved.

(13)  As object partners of the subject partner, we must not complain. To complain is rash and self-destructive. Therefore, there is no place for complaint in our life of faith. In our life of faith, there must be only gratitude. God is our eternal subject partner. Therefore, as long as we are destined to live our lives along with Him, we should not deviate from His law and His way of life.

(14)  Heavenly principles of natural law are established when we human beings observe the proper order. Among subject partner—object partner relationships, God stands in the position of the absolute subject partner. Anyone who ignores that subject partner cannot become His object partner. If you want to become an absolute object partner before the absolute subject partner, you must become absolutely one with Him. If you do so, everything you see, hear, and feel, even the love you feel toward your family members after returning home from work, must be for God because you stand as an object partner before Him as the subject partner. This is what it means to become one. If you do this, your family will never perish.

(15)  What is it that will last until the end? It is the way of life that God and human beings share, a viewpoint that they share regarding how to live. That viewpoint on life itself should also be the same; there should be a view of life and a worldview shared by God and humankind. Our relationship with God should not be based on only a vague understanding. This forges an eternal bond, an inseparable relationship. It should never have happened, but God and human beings separated and now must reach a level of relationship higher than what it was before the fall. This requires that we advance our quality of life to where we are one with God every day, all the way to the world level. 

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