Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 333

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 1: The Etiquette of Attendance
Section 1. A Life of Attendance, 11
Section 2: Living in Attendance to God, 05

(11)  Why do we seek justification through deeds, justification through faith, and justification through attendance? Without justification, good and evil cannot be distinguished. The evil world cannot be separated from the world of goodness. God is the standard of righteousness and goodness. The way God believes, the way God works, the way He attends—God must always be at the center. Satan cannot accuse righteous people who resemble God.

(12)  God believes, works, and lives in attendance; if we live with the same standard, then we will create an environment where Satan cannot intervene in our life. Although we may be within Satan's realm, if we establish the standard of righteousness that makes an environment where we can be with God, then Satan will withdraw. That does not mean that attendance in the Completed Testament Age is the only thing that will remain after the Old Testament Age, based on deeds, and the New Testament Age, based on faith, have passed. We need all three: the works of the Old Testament Age, the faith of the New Testament Age, and the attendance of the Completed Testament Age. Even in the Completed Testament Age, we need to have faith and do good works. They are inseparable, by the same logic that tells us that growth occurs based on the formation stage, and completion happens based on the growth stage. This is particularly so at this time because justification by attendance means developing our lives in order to usher in the era of the kingdom of heaven.

(13)  In the Old Testament Age, sacrificial offerings were made to lay the path for the Son to come. In the New Testament Age, the Son was sent and sacrificed to lay the path for the Parents to come. The blood of Christians was shed for the Second Advent of the Lord, paving the way for the True Parents to come. The age of the Unification Church is the age of the True Parents. It must pave the path for God to descend to the earth and dwell upon it. Because God has come to the earth, we can obtain salvation through attending God. This is how history is developing. We sacrifice things of a lower level in order to recover the Son. The Son has to live, even if it means sacrificing the creation. All things of creation are in lamentation because they cannot experience the glory of God's love and the realm of His children's love.

(14)  What kind of devotion should true sons and daughters offer? It should not stem from a life of mundane reality. Instead, you should offer devotion of hope, glory, loyalty, and attendance. If this is the kind of legacy you leave behind when you pass over to the next world, the kingdom of heaven will belong to you, and Heavenly Father will be your Father. Until now, you have offered devotion while going the course of indemnity. However, from now on, you should offer devotion to join the realm of attendance so that you can offer attendance to Heaven. Those who are able to do this will join the first resurrection. In order to join the realm of attendance, you must have the heart to comfort God. God is a grieving God, and you can comfort Him by making painful conditions of devotion through which you can participate in God’s sorrowful circumstances. The providence of restoration introduces us to these circumstances by revealing the indemnity conditions that people have made before God.

(15)  From now on, you must lead a life of righteousness through attendance. By leading a life of attendance, we can become a family of filial children, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters. In the Era before the Coming of Heaven, we fought with Satan. That time has now passed, giving way to the Era after the Coming of Heaven, the era of the kingship of peace. This is inevitable. It is necessary for each one of us to follow this path. It is not someone else's path, but yours. If you do not follow this path, you will have trouble in the next world.

Section 2.  Living in Attendance to God

(1)  As you receive more of God's love, you become larger, gradually leading more people and organizations. If you have laid a foundation to receive love from the people of a whole nation, you can make that nation one that can move the world. Because of this principle, you must lead a life of attendance. You need to lead a life of attendance in order to receive God's love. You must serve and attend God first. What must you do if you wish to receive God's love? God comes to us with perfect love, so we, too, must invest something that is perfect. The Korean maxim "Sincerity moves Heaven" expresses this heavenly law. To offer devotion means to do your utmost internally and externally. You must offer everything, combining your words, your attitude, your mind, and thoughts, all your actions, everything in the internal and external realities of your life. In Korea, this offering of devotion is called jeongseong.

(2)  When you get out of bed in the morning, you should offer your first words to Heaven, and you should offer your first step out of the house to Heaven as well, by stepping first with your right foot. By cultivating habits like these, your life becomes a life of attendance. In your attitude every day, you have to adopt a principled standard.

Attitude and law in a life of attendance

(3)  Where are you now? You should be aligned with me day and night, wherever you are and wherever you go. I live with God, totally investing my life for Him, totally aligned with Him, moving in the same direction as He moves, in step with Him. Now, the three—God, True Parents, and you—must become one. We need to act in concert. It is a matter of life and death, so all three of us must come together and unite at one point. That point is the beginning of the realm of resurrection. It is the connecting point where the Father and I become one, and where you and I become one. It is where we three unite with one mind and one heart. Therefore, you must lead your life in accord with the Will. In order to do so, you have to understand what the Will is. Since you do not, I am asking you to pray. If you pray, I will surely appear to you and teach you.

(4)  We cannot claim even a single square inch of land as our own property. God gave us everything we have. Since God gave it, it must be returned to Him. No matter how small, everything came from God, and, therefore, we must return everything to God as things He values. The fruits of history will appear when we do. Since we received them as God's gifts, we should give them back the same way. You should become a person who can do this. Until the world belongs to such people, this earth cannot become the kingdom of God. Why do you think I meet people and listen to them twenty-four hours a day? It is for God. Therefore, you too, must meet people and listen to them on God's behalf. You must feel their difficulties for His sake. Even while we live on earth, we have to connect to life in the heavenly world.

(5)  When you went pioneering alone in the remote countryside, you wished fervently that Unification Church members would visit you. You were anxious whether someone among the church members might have fallen sick. Your heart yearned to see the members closest to you, wishing to see a church pastor or me. You should yearn for God in this same way. If you do not yearn for God every day, you cannot attend Him. Whomever you yearn for, that yearning should always pierce you to the bone. When it gets late, if you say, "It's already midnight, let's go to bed," this will cause God to worry. There is no day or night in the kingdom of heaven. The lateness of the hour is not an issue for those who live in the world of heart.

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