Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 239

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training
Chapter 2: Training the Mind and Body
Section 4: Training the Mind, 39
Section 5: Training the Body, 09


(39)  The making of a conditional offering determines the ownership of that which is offered. Because I know all about this, I came up with this definition. How can we determine whether something or someone belongs to the side of good or the side of evil? God and Satan negotiate over the heart of love. No one has known this. Heaven can take possession of an object that belongs to Satan's world only if we develop the way of love, set up the will to pioneer the way of love, stand in the position to find a person of love, and return to Heaven an elevated standard of love. God and human beings can unite through that object only if Heaven has taken possession of it. This is why God can claim ownership over human beings through our sacrificial offerings.

(40)  God feels the pain of humanity as His own and rejoices in the happiness of each human being as His own. Therefore, one who takes the position of a sacrificial offering in front of God should maintain a heart that brings joy to both God and humanity. Then, so that God and humanity can stand in the plus position, that is, the position to benefit, we who are attuned to that purpose need to stand willingly in the minus position, becoming the sacrifice. As the sacrifice, the conditional offering, we are the support group that can resurrect everything that was lost through the Fall.

(41)  The Fall was a departure from the essential, altruistic love, which began with an independent awakening of a mixed-up, self-centered love. Since the Fall began with self-centeredness, the world that recognizes self-centeredness has continued to expand as a base for Satan's invasion. If you are willing to sacrifice personal love for the sake of God's love and altruistic love, and if you strive to separate from Satan by stamping out selfish love, you will eradicate totally the base through which Satan has infiltrated.

Section 5.  Training the Body

(1)  I have mentioned before that the body represents the earth. If we seek to find the place where our body can rest in comfort, we must go through the pain of rebirth. The longer this takes, the more anxious and fearful we become. However, once we get through it, we will find happiness. As the time of delivery draws near, a pregnant mother endures birth pangs that gradually increase. However, once she goes beyond that pain, she experiences tremendous joy. We need to go through a similar process. God loves human beings. After creating us, God blessed us, saying, "Your body will govern the earth and your mind will govern the heavens."

(2)  Satan is erecting walls of death, using our body as a foundation for these walls. Satan became God's enemy, but originally he was just an archangel. God is the subject partner and the archangel is a spiritual object partner. However, since a person's mind represents heaven, and his or her body represents the earth—the object partner, Satan uses the human body as a launch pad for his activities. This is why every religion advocates castigating the flesh. The aim of religion is not to conquer a nation or advance a particular ideology; it is to conquer the body. Therefore, religions seek to reach the original standard of conscience. Peace begins when we ignore our bodily cravings, open wide the gates of the mind and ascend to the level of conscience that Adam and Eve were meant to reach had they not fallen.

Maintaining purity

(3)  Men and women must both preserve their purity. They must not stain themselves before marriage. After chastity, next comes purity of lineage, of the bloodline. Every person who seeks love has to maintain sexual purity and know about the renewed lineage, the lineage of purity. This is why we speak of chastity, pure love, and pure lineage. When a man and a woman preserve these three, become one through marriage, continuously live for others, do not keep a record of their good deeds, are not swayed left and right, and persevere in sacrificing while forgetting those sacrifices, they will liberate the world for tens of thousands of years, even if the four corners of the earth relocate, even if up and down reverse, and even if front and back exchange positions. They will bring everything into harmony and realize a world of peace.

(4)  The course of indemnity remains before us. Even if we lose all our relatives and family members in one fell swoop, we have to sacrifice everything for the providence, preserve our purity, and follow God's Will. Even if all of our family members and relatives oppose us, we have to follow God's Will. Historically, Noah, Abraham, and Moses followed this course. However, they did not lose. They exchanged whatever they lost for what is eternal. Nonetheless, they were unaware that by losing everything they would gain what is eternal. They had a vague idea, but they had no inkling of the specifics of what they stood to gain.

(5)  You have to be able to overcome the world's temptations, including the most debonair man or enticing woman. To achieve this, become a man or woman for whom obedience and chastity are of the highest importance. You are to raise descendants who will preserve the lineage of the Blessing for tens of thousands of years. Your task is to protect sexual purity for thousands of generations. The greater the number of such descendants you raise, the greater the number of your relatives who will become part of the royal family.

(6)  Love is unique; it is only one. Love is unique and absolute. Since this is the love we desire, each husband has to engage his wife through absolute sex. It is undeniable that heaven comes to a husband through the encounter with his wife. A husband may walk a tortuous path, but unless he seeks the path of love and its righteousness, he cannot enter heaven. The person who comes to introduce heaven to the husband is the wife, and vice-versa. The day the couple splits apart is the day heaven disintegrates. It is also the day the couples original ideals and dreams shatter into nothingness.

(7)  The past and the future are linked together through today. The past, present and future are connected. The fortunes of heaven and earth revolve continuously around the past, present and future. When God renders His final judgment, He will examine our individual life as He does in the Bible, by the Law. Accordingly, we can be completely restored as individuals only if we cultivate in ourselves absolute flawlessness, which is beyond accusation. Now is also the time we have to complete our family on the basis of having perfected ourselves. Our entire family history will be the object of judgment. This is why, at the time of judgment, our family has to be pure, leaving Satan unable to accuse. This is the only way we can redeem the family and complete the foundation for the people. When we complete the victorious foundation for the people, all peoples of Satan's world will be judged. God will personally stand in the position of judge. Only when all the peoples throughout the world turn against Satan and lay the absolutely victorious foundation, against which Satan cannot protest, can we say that we have completed the restoration of the people. The person who leads us to these victories will become the Lord who redeems all humankind—the nation, the world, and all of heaven and earth.

Achieving mastery over the body

(8)  What are the limits of the body? When the mind and body fight, over which hurdle do we most need to leap? It is the hurdle of appetite, the hurdle of food. The issue of how we deal with appetite comes with a religious life. We need to eat to live, but we cannot live to eat. After Jesus had fasted forty days in the wilderness, Satan tempted him: "If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread" (Matt. 4:3). Jesus gave the masterful response: "It is written: 'Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God'" (Matt. 4:4). Jesus said that we live by the Word of God. Living by the Word means living according to truth, reason, and law. Accordingly, Jesus' response to Satan was a strong rebuke, Admonishing Satan for living in opposition to God's law.

(9)  We have to conquer the twenty-four hours of the day; that is, we have to conquer time. Love has to transcend the limits of time. Next, we need to achieve dominion over our behavior. Love has to conquer behavior. Now, conquering time means conquering sleep, and conquering our behavior means conquering all desires, including the appetite for food. It also means conquering the sexual urge. Love stands above sexual desire. After that, we have to conquer our worldly desires.

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