Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 238

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training
Chapter 2: Training the Mind and Body
Section 4: Training the Mind, 25-38


(25)  Prayer is more important than eating. This is why I like nature and why I treasure times of solitude. I like the tranquility of the night. You will not have the foundation to experience the richness of life unless you go the way of prayer. In that world, in that space, you can feel and experience a love that is very hard to find elsewhere. On the basis of prayer, you can strengthen yourself and advance your life of faith. I cannot always pull you along. What will you do when I am no longer around? You need to make prayer an intrinsic part of your inner life. You need to pray day and night, so yours will be living prayers. Only in this way will your desires and the subject of your prayers grow and develop as the years pass. This is why you have to be aware of the time in which you are living. Develop your inner life through prayer.

(26)  Prayer is not something undertaken with a capricious mind. To pray, you have to find a deep place, a place that can represent Heaven, a place that is the center, not the sidelines. How then should you pray? In order to pray about serious and desperate problems in your life, cleanse yourself and pray in a location that is not on the borderline, and that forever has no relationship with Satan. Those who say, "No matter how fervently I pray, God never answers" are praying in a position where no answers are possible. How can God respond to a prayer you utter while on Satan's side?

(27)  The mind is round. There are doors to the mind. However, when you pray, your prayers do not always flow smoothly. As the four seasons are different, prayers are different according to your character. There are times when your mind unites with the direction of Heaven; you must not miss these moments. If you lead a life of prayer, you will immediately sense the coming of these moments; you will already know. Hence, you must prepare thoroughly for such occasions. Then, when such a time arrives, having already made various preparations, you need to open your mind's doors as wide as possible, let the extraordinary force and love of God flow into you, and reach the stage where you can perceive this force and this love.

(28)  In the Last Days, we need to offer many tearful prayers. When we pray, we need to shed not only tears but also blood. We went over the hill of tears and the hill of the cross. In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus offered a prayer drenched in blood. He shed tears as he held and embraced the Jewish nation. It is prayers such as these that vanquish Satan's power.

(29)  Pray from the bottom of your heart. When your words and actions reflect your innermost heart, they will become honorable words and actions that bring you no shame before God, Satan or anyone else. God is seeking such people.

(30)  If you pray from the bottom of your heart, with religious discipline, crying out to Heaven, your prayer will be answered. However, if you offer the same feeble prayers over the decades, as many people do today, your prayers will remain unanswered. You must pray on the basis of your ability to pledge with a genuine heart of love. You need an earnest heart capable of waiting thirty or forty years after offering a prayer. If you pray with an earnest heart that will remember that prayer after thirty or forty years, your prayer will be fulfilled. There is no need to pray for it over and over again.

(31)  When you pray, you should pray with tears and break out in sweat. You should pray with this conviction: "If something strikes me, even if it penetrates my body, it won't knock me down." Even as people persecute and oppose you, you should know that the time when God will answer your prayers is drawing near. As you follow the path of the Unification Church, your hardships will increase when you come close to that time. You need to understand this.

(32)  You need to experience a life filled with new sensations that arise from complete devotion to God. When you engage in activities with your heart filled with these sensations, you will witness multiplication and, eventually, development. When a tree is sprouting new buds, each day is different. Each day is filled with life's energy. Every time you lose this feeling, you need to pray at the risk of your life. Pray through the night and accumulate merit in order to progress. When you lead such a life, occasionally God will make it difficult for you to find the time to offer conditions. In such circumstances, however hard you try to find hope, you will not succeed. Also, there will be times when the harder you try, the deeper you will sink into a dark pit. If you find yourself in such circumstances, you need to subjugate Satan who follows you, renew your heart of attendance to God, and fight with greater vigor.

(33)  The more we reflect on the course we need to complete, the more we realize that completion is not possible by personal effort alone. This is why people of faith have to pray. As an individual, if you are unable to inherit the tradition that is united completely with God's Will, any effort you make, however great, could produce an outcome that directly contradicts God's Will, irrespective of the loyalty you demonstrate. We have to understand the reality of our present position.

(34)  Before praying for your sons and daughters, you should pray for the ancestors in heaven who have invested themselves until now. Your heart has to desire the welfare of humankind ahead of your personal welfare. Before you dance, look at all the people groaning in the pit of sorrow, and worry about them. Even when he was happy, Jesus could not show his happiness in his countenance or actions. Please relate in your heart to Jesus' circumstances.

(35)  If you pray according to your own will, it will not work. God will have nothing to do with your prayers, even if you conduct numerous vigils. We have to deny one sphere, embrace the next sphere, and advance for its sake. For example, to hold on to the nation, which is greater, we have to deny the family. Public service means living for what is greater. This is the only way we can leave a legacy. Worrying about one's own desires or seeking to advance one's family comes later. We have to go forward centered on the greater objective.

(36)  Fallen human beings are born in the midst of apparent happiness but pass away in the midst of tears. Nonetheless, the nation will bless those who grasp and shed tears for the nation; pitiful religious groups will bless those who grasp them and weep for them, and the world will bless those who hold on to and shed tears for the world.

The path of separation to become an offering

(37)  You have to be able to pledge that you will make of yourself a conditional offering before Heaven. Jesus sacrificed himself as an offering for the sake of the world, heaven and earth, and humanity. For this, he went the way of the cross. Through the cross, Jesus instantly surpassed the standard of sacrifice and devotion that the countless patriots and saints, who came before him, established. Therefore, in order to achieve a life of universal value, you need to be determined to pledge that you will make of yourself an offering to be presented at a certain time to Heaven, to the world, and to the individual.

(38)  From the perspective of the Unification Church, God's Will, my will and your will, have to be one. This is the first priority. Then we need to determine a direction and make a conditional offering. Unless we meet these conditions, the fulfillment of the Will is absolutely impossible, even if the time is ripe. The three generations—yours, your parents', and your grandparents'—have to unite in the position of a single offering. When you look at everything in the universe, you see that there is no way other than for these three to become one.


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