Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 234

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training
Chapter 2: Training the Mind and Body
Section 3: Training in Faith, 01-11


Section 3.  Training in Faith

(1)  It is written in John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son ..." It is not written that God gave His only Son because He loved America or a particular denomination. God gave His Son for the sake of the world, not for the sake of the Baptist Church or the Presbyterian Church. I am teaching you this point clearly. The Unification Church exists for the sake of the world and for the sake of God, not for the sake of Rev. Moon. This is why I do not go to ruin and neither does the Unification Church; God protects the Unification Church. All perfection begins from true love. We should apply this formula to the entire world, centered on true love. It has to become so habitual that we cannot lead our daily life without practicing this formula. Wherever we may go, we have to live this way. When we see elderly people, we must love them as our grandparents; when we meet people the age of our parents, we must love them as our own parents; if we meet people the age of our siblings, we must love them as we would our siblings; when we meet children, we must love them as our own children. This way of treating people should be both habit-forming and fun for us.

With true love

(2)  Rivers flow into the ocean. The earthly world is similar to a river while the spirit world is similar to the ocean. Every human being goes to the spirit world. Freshwater fish die if they are suddenly thrown into salt water; they suffocate. The freshwater fish first need to acclimatize. The Unification Church trains people on earth for life in the spirit world. It is the training center of true love where members learn to live for others with love. The Unification Church is also the training center that aims to develop the substance of love, which is living for others. God lives for the sake of others; therefore, the person who has love for others is welcome wherever he or she goes. No opposition arises against such a person.

(3)  It is not easy to conquer with the sovereign power of true love. It is possible only after crossing rows of defensive lines and overcoming many ordeals. You cannot do it without a foundation. Accordingly, let us look at the current situation of the Unification Church. What historical position does the Unification Church have to establish in the world in order to rule as the owner of the future? This position is not that of an individual; it is higher than that.  It is possible to become owners of the future at the individual level if we surpass the individuals in this world. However, we cannot conquer true love as owners just at the individual level. Furthermore, look at the family level. We can become owners at the level of the family if we surpass other families. But this is not our aim. Our aim goes beyond the family to the tribe, from the tribe to the nation, and from the nation to the world. We have to reign as owners at the world level. When looked at this way, it is not an easy task. Unless we overcome the harshest historical course in order to prepare a basis for real victory, we cannot become owners of the future.

(4)  True love is like a wrapping cloth that can contain God and the universe and still have room for more. The same is true of God. Given that God created electricity, which travels at 300 million meters per second, God must certainly be faster than electricity. So if we were to travel at this blinding speed, using so much energy, inside the wrapping cloth of true love, we would want to be confident we are wrapped well enough to prevent any accident. However large the universe may be, it is meant to revolve around true love and not to move in a linear fashion. The person who possesses true love possesses the universe, and thereby has dominion over the universe. Our life on earth is the training ground of true love. We are now living in this training ground.

(5)  When you live for others with true love, you ascend. When you love yourself, you descend. Where you center yourself determines heaven and hell. When you focus your love on the body, you are Satan's dance floor. Conversely, when you focus your love on the mind, you are God's dance floor. The problem is that you are not entities of love centered on God's absolute mind. If you love absolutely centered on the body, you will crash in hell and perish.

(6)  If you love your enemy with true love, you will take dominion over the world of your enemy. This world will come to respect and attend you. When you give and profoundly share true love with everyone around you, more than you give and share with your children and your parents, Satan will immediately flee from you, while God will come and bless you several thousand times over. What is the secret to making Satan run away? It is living for the sake of true love, dying for true love, and loving for the sake of others. However terrible he may be, Satan will abandon all the barricades he erected and run away from the person who practices such love. When he flees, Satan will dismantle the barricades; he cannot leave them intact. Then what happens? Since the devil will have departed, all the countless people heading for hell's realm of death will turn around 180 degrees. Then, the opportunity for eternal life will unfold, enabling people to ascend into heaven. This is how God will bequeath the blessing of eternal life.

Following the Word

(7)  I have lived by God’s Word and you should do the same. You need to surpass me in reading, memorizing and practicing the Word. As you do so, you should say, "I must follow this path. This is the path True Parents want for me; I must follow it." True Parents, therefore, wish that you become joyful people, so joyful that you can visit any village and everyone including the village's ancestors will come and attend you.

(8)  When your descendants carefully study the Word True Parents left, all people in all nations will approach the path that is close to the eternal kingdom of heaven. Only when your descendants respect the teachings their ancestors left behind more than they pay attention to worldly things, and look upon them as a lighthouse, not only in image but as actual substance, will they be able to move safely forward along the path of freedom, through all the dangerous reefs in the dark ocean. You cannot chart your course without looking upon the lighthouse. The words I am telling you now are that lighthouse. Until now, no one has spoken more than I have about heaven and earth. You need to be able to accept these words as divine words that blossom from the highest world of heart.

(9)  In the Last Days, God will judge by heart, character and the Word, not by how much you believed. God is the center of heart. He will set up only one standard of heart throughout heaven and earth. Then there is the standard of character that is united with God's heart. And there is the standard of the Word, which represents God and is united with the center of character and heart. These are the three major stages of judgment. Among the three, judgment by the Word occurs first. In the fallen world, judgment by the Word will come first.

(10)  In todays fallen world, searching for the truth has become a trend. Furthermore, history, which develops in tandem with culture, goes out and finds the ideology that is heading toward one global culture. All trends in the world until now have emerged out of thought and doctrines; nonetheless, no thought or doctrine has succeeded in establishing a standard principle through which humanity can unite and harmonize. Instead, thought and doctrines have remained in the dark alleys of confusion. This is today's reality. This is why we need to see the truth emerge that will move both the communist world and the free world toward unity. After this truth for which history is seeking emerges in this world, it will pass judgment on currently accepted truths.

(11)  If you are filled with grace and risk your life as you walk forward, God will speak through you. This is true of the angelic world and it is true of me. Therefore, if anyone among you is so enraptured by the Word that you forget to eat and sleep and lose track of time, you will be able to do what I am doing. The effect of the Word is indeed amazing.


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