Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 233

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training
Chapter 2: Training the Mind and Body
Section 2: The Goal of Training, 16-28


The unity of mind and body

(16)  There are only two ways to unite the mind and the body. The first method involves pummeling the body into submission, while the second achieves unity without chastising the body. Pummeling the body into submission is not a good method. What then should we do? Until now the mind has been like a balloon, losing to the body every time without putting up a fight.This has happened because the mind is weak. What do you think will happen if the mind’s energy level is boosted to be two or three times greater than now? The mind will have no difficulty dragging the body anywhere. The mind will firmly hold the body and pull it. The tires of a car inflate when we pump air into them. What will happen if we pump energy into the mind? We will strengthen the mind’s energy. Then if the mind and body fight, which do you suppose will win? We can thus see that there are two methods: pummeling the body into submission, or strengthening the mind.

(17)  Love is the mind's source of energy. Accordingly, if we connect to God and generate colossal energy through the action of giving and receiving, we can increase our unity a hundred or a thousand times. We also can realize humanity's cherished hopes, live together for eternity, and take ownership of heaven. The secret to this is love. Love is the elevator leading to unity and the secret to its absolute achievement.

(18)  Generally, the greater the sorrow fallen human beings feel on earth, the greater the division among people. Self-centered sorrow leads to division, which is the habit of evil people. Nonetheless, sorrow for the sake of goodness brings together what was divided. This forges oneness between the divided mind and body, to the point that they reach convergence and unity with heavenly law.

(19)  We have to achieve oneness, beginning with our mind and body. This is the teaching of the Unification Church. Therefore, after joining the Unification Church, distant strangers become closer even than brothers and sisters. Furthermore, the Unification Church has a higher love that brings a strong bond of unity among brothers and sisters even from different countries, which enables them to attend Parents who are not their natural parents. This is why people view the Unification Church as the unified world that they desire. When you join the Unification Church you acquire this hope.

(20)  When a man or a woman achieves unity of mind and body, what standard determines this unity? It is not the standard of one's mind or one's body. It must be the standard of God's mind and body and the standard of our original ancestors. Thus, we need the original standard of God's mind and God's body. God created human beings centered on His invisible mind and body. Therefore, we need to advance by aligning ourselves entirely with the invisible mind and body of God. Where should you meet with God when aligning with Him? You should meet in love. Unity is to occur in love.

(21)  No saint has ever claimed, "The unity of mind and body is the basis for the unity of everything." We have the saying, "Family harmony makes all go well." It is true that family harmony brings success, however, when we ask whether the mind and body of the father and mother are united, the answer is no. If ten people live together, their minds and bodies should be united as one. However, in Satan's world, the minds and bodies of these ten people are at war, meaning that twenty camps are fighting one another. There can be no peace in such a group.

(22)  You each need to unite your mind and body. Then you need to achieve unity as couples. When you live for the sake of each other out of love, unity will blossom. Until now, your mind has lived its entire life for the sake of your body. However, the body has not lived for the sake of the mind. Just as the mind has lived for the sake of the body, however, the body needs to live for the sake of the mind, and they must achieve unity. Centered on what should this unity take place? Unity is achieved with true love, altruistic love. We need to become people with a united mind and body and unite as husband and wife centered on true love. This is how we can form new branches and grow. Each of us knows this. This is the key to the mind's happiness. If we do so, the creation will delight us, work will not exhaust us and, even if we don't sleep, we will not feel fatigued.

(23)  What is the meaning of "unification" in the name, the Unification Church? If God has a mind and a body, then unless God's mind and body are united, He cannot stand in the joyful place of liberation and happiness. If this is true of God, it holds true for the world. The world itself is composed of relationships between subject and object partners; the same goes for societies and families. The providence of salvation is the providence of restoration and the providence of restoration is the providence of re-creation. Nothing is possible unless it goes through the providence of re-creation. When a man and a woman get together they can form a couple. Unless subject and object partners have a common base, they cannot interact. Unity is achieved in this way. God and human beings must have interaction to achieve oneness. This means the mind interacts and the body interacts.

(24)  Where do we find unification? Unification is found where sacrifices and concessions are made. If we practice this, wherever we go we will achieve unity within three years. The one who invests for the sake of harmony and sacrifices their own interests for three years, actively coming and going, will become the new owner and achieve unification. Then the world will be filled with the air of universal true love and enter the realm of liberation.

(25)  What has to be done before unification? Unification has to stand on level ground. Without peace, there is no unification. Thus, it is unification through peace. Ignorant people say that peace comes through unification, but those who know recognize that it is unification through peace. Words have to accord with reason, and these words accord with reason. This is an amazing fact. It is a miracle that in daily life, people use language that accords with traditional ideas. It is quite mysterious.

(26)  Harmony and unification lead to prosperity, while fighting and division lead to destruction. With division comes ruin. God created each entity to have a partner and form a pair, so division naturally leads to ruin. It destroys everything. So we need harmony and unification. Everything unites and harmonizes as individual truth bodies. Up-center-down; right-center-left; front-center-back: all these prosper because they complement one another. Evil struggles and divides then perishes; goodness tries to harmonize, even under assault, then unifies and prospers.

(27)  Peace and harmony are different. Peace can stand alone on a level plane; however, harmony requires a relationship between two. Furthermore, as for unification, without a nucleus, it just wanders around. Having no center is disastrous. The reason we live and work relates to our purpose. Hence, the question of why we work and of why we live is connected to our viewpoint about our purpose.

(28)  The harmony and peace that arise in the natural environment through living for others centered on the Principle belong to heaven. On the other hand, whatever coerces or commands others to serve it is going opposite the way of harmony and peace. It belongs to the world of hell. If you examine your mind and body, you can see that your original mind encourages you to live for others. This is because it knows Heaven's principles. However, because the body stands opposed to God's direction, and since it tells the mind to live for its sake by force, it cannot exist forever and must disappear.


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