Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 231

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training
Chapter 2: Training the Mind and Body
Section 1: What Is Training?, 17
Section 2: The Goal of Training, 02

The path to becoming a victor

(17)  Neither God nor human beings have been able to fulfill His Will, yet history moves on. It is not because of God that His Will remains unfulfilled. It is because of human beings. In other words, the failure to fulfill his Will came because of the Fall of Adam and Eve. Therefore, the process of history, as well as the course of the providence until now, has been the attempt to reverse this failure in God's Will. To bring His Will to fruition, a person capable of realizing God's Will is needed. God has worked through long historical eras to raise people capable of upholding His Will. There was Adam's family, Noah’s family, Abraham's family, Jacob's family, and so on. If and when such historical families had failed in the responsibility to establish a relationship between heaven and earth, humankind would have lost track even of the direction necessary to accomplish God's Will. We have learned these truths through the course of the providence.

(18)  When we look at the Unification Church today, we wonder, will the Unification Church accomplish God’s Will or not? There are two types of Will, one for the individual and one for the whole. If no one is capable of handling God's Will for the individual and His will for the whole, God's Will cannot be realized. Even if the time has come for God's Will to be completed if the responsible person fails to fulfill his or her responsibility, the opportunity given to realize God’s Will will be lost. The realization of God's Will absolutely requires the appropriate person. After that, time becomes a problem. Always, what we call time becomes the problem. In addition to the time and the person, the condition to accomplish the Will is absolutely necessary.

(19)  What did Jesus Christ have to do to carry out his specific responsibility, the salvation of humankind? Jesus, even he, had to invest his entire heart and soul. Whether awake or asleep, Jesus had to invest his whole heart and everything he had in his mission. This could not be accomplished by his being ordered or coerced; he had to do it of his own volition. Only when he achieved this did hope blossom, the conditions for happiness arise, and eventually, the determination of his victory or defeat appear.

(20)  We need to erect a protective hedge around us, fortified by our children and our spiritual children. We should grow this hedge to serve as a protective buffer within which to share and discuss any secret freely. Even at the risk of our lives, we cannot sell ourselves to Satan's world. Therefore, we have to set up a sphere of absolute safety from which God's Will can expand. You need to understand this very well because you are the experts who will be responsible to carry out and fulfill this mission.

(21)  The one who strives for victory will not encounter a supportive environment; rather, he or she will face an environment of adversity. In this circumstance, you have to be able to handle the hostile environment with a steady and reliable heart. This heart is linked to sweat and tears that have come down to us through history. Therefore, however difficult the circumstances may be, our heart must never falter or change. We have to advance with this conviction: "No one can take away this heart burning with the desire to win." A victory without confidence is an accidental victory. We don't need that kind of victory; we need absolute victory gained with confidence. Such victory is not only a historical victory but is also the victory of the ideal of creation. You need to have a victorious heart, burning with conviction. If you do not overcome ordeals, you cannot wear the crown of victory.

(22)  Since we know that the Principle is irrefutable truth, once we learn it, we cannot refuse to follow it or to carry it out. Each of us has to walk this path; we cannot be failures, we have to be victors. Until now, I have fought alone; however, just as I have achieved victory, you also can achieve victory. As long as I am here, you need not worry. Go forward, fight to the end, and victory will be yours. I am certain of this. Know this, be confident, and charge forward with passion.

(23)  A leader has to seek to feed and clothe his followers better than himself. However, in a critical situation, the leader has to send them out, even if they will go the way of misery. How sorrowful do you think Moses must have been to leave his people and go off to pray for forty days? Moses knew that a hurricane would sweep through their midst. Even today, when I see members on the path of tribulation, my heart aches. However, I push them forward because the more my heart aches, the more intensely I feel the urgency of realizing the cosmic ideal. I remember what it was like in the past, to be imprisoned as a criminal. America will go to ruin if you forget that your ancestors wept and pleaded sorrowfully while gripping prison bars. We can obtain victory only by shedding blood, sweat, and tears. I have shed as many tears as any filial son. I know that God is the protector of those who seek goodness. Every time you work at the risk of your life, God will open the way for you.

(24)  You need only do three things to achieve victory in your life of faith. The issue is how long you persevere. Your endurance and effort will determine whether you go on for a few years or for several decades. The three things are first, to master ideology, second, to have unsurpassable loyalty and devotion, and, third, to be the best at performing good deeds. If you commit to these three practices, victory is as good as won. Your perseverance, time period, and effort will determine your result, and, depending on your effort, you can shorten the time needed for victory from seven years to five years or even one year.

(25)  Among all victories, what victory is the greatest? Originally, God meant for human beings to start from the homeland of victory. Nonetheless, due to the Fall, they could not do so. Thus, the world of victory became something for which they had to seek. What is the standard in that quest? Yes, it is the perfection of character, but while character is, of course, important, of greater importance is the inner core that moves character.  That inner core is love, and that love is none other than God's love.

(26)  Facts take precedence over words, and achievements take precedence over excuses. Mere words and excuses don't amount to much. When assessing achievements, facts are strict and cold. What is right will end up as right and what is wrong will end up as wrong. Victory will end up as victory and, in sorrow and misery, failure will end up as failure. This is the historical course of judgment.

(27)  We cannot continue our casual carefree life. Through the unity of God, past lords, kings, and our ancestors in the spirit world, we have to establish one global family. Inheriting Heaven's lineage, we can completely renew the earth drenched with Satan's blood. We have the responsibility to create one great family, then a nation and world of one culture—the world of Adam's culture. The world of Adam's culture is absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal. I am responsible for it. Now there is no such word as "we." I must unite my mind and body, and then unite my family and my tribe. Afterward, I must engraft the nation and the world, so that the field of wild olive trees is transformed into a field of true olive trees.

(28)  Making ideal families is not God's responsibility. Our human ancestors and our descendants are responsible for this. God cannot deliver an ideal family to you. The malefactor who destroyed the ideal family must do the repairs. We lost the ideal family and the global kingdom of ideal peace. This is a monumental sin among sins. God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. There are no errors in what He creates.

Section 2.  The Goal of Training

(1)  What should we do to find our lost self? We must remember God's heart when He lost His children. Otherwise, we cannot find our original self. We need to return to where we were in order to find what we lost. Likewise, to find our lost self, we must rediscover the heart God had when He lost us. Unless we initiate this movement, we cannot find our true, original self.

Finding my original self

(2)  Centered on whom are we seeking our true self? We cannot search with a self-centered focus. Unless we focus on God as we search for our true self, we cannot return to the original position. This is why so many religions seek God. The religious path allows us to understand our relationship with God and how we should lead our life.

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