Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 230

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training
Chapter 2: Training the Mind and Body
Section 1: What Is Training?, 05-16


(5)  It is wise to seek the most demanding and austere religion in history. Religious life consists of the conscience occupying the body like a torturer, shouting, "You depraved body, you depraved body," pummeling the fleshly desires into extinction, never to rise again. Our mind has to torture our body.

(6)  Why is penance necessary in religion? Why do we need to carry the cross? Why do we need to serve and sacrifice for others? These tasks are loathsome to us, but they are how religions urge us to leave this fallen world. We have to deny everything completely. Blessing in the Unification Church comes from seeking complete self-denial. We have been denying everything from the level of the individual to the levels of the family, tribe, people, the world, and even its ideology. The higher one's level of self-denial, the more one's value accumulates. Our value increases; this is the reason for self-abnegation. Hence, religions advocate renouncing the world and leaving one's home.

(7)  Religions walk the path of penance, rejecting bodily cravings. When you seek what your eye covets, your spiritual eye will dislike you. The spirit will completely oppose you. We have thought that human beings are naturally self-contradictory because we did not know about the human Fall. The origin of the contradiction within our conscious self is a grand discovery, greater than any other discovery in history. Nevertheless, an even more amazing thing is to understand how the Fall took place. If there is a path leading out of this confusion, we must follow that path, however arduous it may be. Fallen human beings have to follow this course of responsibility.

(8)  It is restoration through indemnity, not indemnity through restoration. There cannot be indemnity through restoration. The concept that restoration could bring forth indemnity cannot exist, not even in the garden of Eden. If it had, God would have acted as He pleased with Adam and Eve. The problem is that the Fall caused a change of lineage; the seed changed. We have to indemnify this.

Finding the original path through denial

(9)  In the course of restoration, that which you love most becomes your enemy. To men, women are the enemy, and to women, men are the enemy. Likewise, children are the enemy of parents, and parents are the enemy of children. Furthermore, the tribe is the entire family's enemy, and society is the tribe's enemy. All are enemies of one another. To purify all this enmity in one fell swoop, we have to deny everything. A person cannot ascend to the heavenly kingdom if they have not experienced sorrow—sorrow as deep as when losing one's family four-position foundation. Until now, God has prolonged the providence over thousands of generations, hoping to build the four-position foundation. Even if we perform our filial duty to God for tens of thousands of years, we cannot raise our heads. We cannot escape from the fact that we are sinners among sinners.

(10)  To enter heaven, we have to deny Satan's blood and turn back. We need purity, pure blood, so we must become filial children in a family grounded in pure love and pure lineage. However, we have not become such devoted children. Neither have we become patriots in the nation. In the family, we have to become pure children of filial piety, pure patriots, loyal saints, and loyal divine sons and daughters. We have failed to become sons and daughters who represent heaven and earth with the right of inheritance, so we have to accomplish all this in one generation.

(11)  Self-centered societies have gone to ruin. The Fall is about becoming self-conscious and placing oneself at the center, so we must reject self-centeredness. We have to deny ourselves and live for the greater whole; thereafter, we will blossom. A plant emits fragrance only after it has received nutrients through its roots and leaves for a year and has blossomed flowers. Accordingly, God will seek us and angels will come to protect us when we become fragrant flowers in full bloom, people who live for the greater whole. This is the wish of heaven and earth.

(12)  Do you have a gift that will delight God? Do you have a gift that, when given to God, will make Him say, "Wow, thank you so much!" When God visits you, can you present Him with the gift of a pure family? If you are a couple, there is no better gift for God when He visits than being united in love. What kind of couple is this? It is not a couple where the partners live for themselves; rather, it is a couple where the husband lives for the wife and the wife lives for the husband. God wishes to receive the gift of a family where the husband and wife are eternally united, where they are determined to revere the reproductive organs and to maintain that stance forever.

(13)  To manifest God in substance, Adam and Eve had to reach completion and give birth to children. Unfortunately, they became Satan's children. They became the archangel's children. They became children unrelated to God. This is why complete denial is needed. God cannot act as He wishes, because the lineage was stained. This circumstance is like a bandit kidnapping a bride-to-be a few days before her wedding, taking her into his lair, living with her, and having her give birth to his sons and daughters, thereby forming a tribe. How miserable must the groom be as he witnesses all this! Even though we say that God is omniscient and omnipotent, He could not treat the archangel in any way He wished. If God could not kill the archangel, could He kill the children that carry the archangel's blood? This is why God is like a prisoner behind bars. It is as if He has been incarcerated.

(14)  Unless we deny ourselves, we cannot return to the position of being the original raw materials of creation. There cannot be any flaws in the original raw materials. For you to settle in the family of original and ideal love, there should not be any cracks through which Satan can enter. Water, air, and even light must not be able to penetrate.

(15)  In order to stand in the position to receive love, you have to become one in the position of subject partner or object partner. When the subject partner seeks to give absolutely and the object partner seeks to receive absolutely, the two become one.  When the subject partner wishes to give one hundred of something, as object partner, you need to receive all one hundred. When Heaven tries to give us one hundred of something, but we want to receive in accordance with our personal thoughts, opinions, or desires, we cannot receive the one hundred that Heaven bestows. When we add our desires and wishes, we can only receive eighty, seventy, sixty, or fifty. We are unable to receive one hundred. We have to tell ourselves, "If you wish to receive one hundred, empty out everything. Remove everything, deny and abandon everything." We need to renounce everything and obey absolutely. We may think that obedience is bad, but when a person obeys absolutely, Heaven can embrace him or her completely.

(16)  A good person is the person who tries to help others eternally, from birth until death. Furthermore, a good person is one who goes beyond rank, geography, race, or historically established traditions to help others eternally. When this person passes away, he or she will be called good. When you endlessly give to others, you become a void, like a low-pressure area. However, since you are pushing yourself in one direction, the spirit world builds into a high-pressure zone. Therefore, when you pass away, the high spiritual pressure will wash over you, and all the good deeds committed over a thousand years will burst forth and place you at the peak of a mountain that will stand for tens of thousands of years.

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