Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 159

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6: True Creation
Chapter 2: The Essence and Order of the Universe
Section 2: The Principles of Existence and Action, 08-18


(8)  Within the relationship between subject and object partners, where would God, the king of wisdom and the center of everything, place the origin of true love, true ideals, true happiness, and true peace? This raises a serious question. Given the existence of subject partners and object partners, the issue for God the Creator is whether to base His ideal on the path of living for the subject partner or living for the object partner. Upon which would God base the ideal origin of true ideals, true love, and true peace? Would He fix it so that the subject partner lives for the object partner or so that the object partner lives for the subject partner? If God’s original ideal were such that God told His object partner to serve Him as its subject partner, then anyone in the position of a subject partner would tell their object partner to do the same. This would block the way to their unity.

(9)  The world of nature has a principle of development through cycles. Let's look at this natural law, which has been in existence for hundreds of millions of years. Everything exists in pairs. For example, human beings exist as men and women. The mineral and plant kingdoms are also like this, while in the animal kingdom there are males and females. Male and female animals have existed like this for hundreds of millions of years. Within this system is the concept of love, although it exists in different dimensions. Such is the central principle in the world of nature, which ensures the continuation of the bloodline based on love. In the same way, human beings exist as men and women. The unchanging law is that through love they can leave descendants who are better than them. This is an unchangeable principle.  No one can invade it. No one can change it.

The pair system is a principle of existence in the universe

(10)  All things of creation, including the mineral and plant kingdoms, came into existence through a relationship between a subject partner and an object partner based on love. Thus, love is the ideal common denominator in relationships. Since all things of creation are resultant beings, they cannot come to exist without a cause. We call the causal being "God." In the realm of love where God is the center, everything exists within the pair system. Even in the mineral world, everything exists through relationships of subject and object partners. This is the same in the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, and the human world.

(11)  The whole universe consists of plus and minus. For example, molecules are made of positive and negative particles that, like everything else, exist in complementary relationships. Atoms contain protons and electrons. Reciprocity of this type is fundamental to the composition of the universe. Within the plant kingdom, there are relationships between stamen and pistil, while the animal kingdom has male and female animals and people relate as men and women; everything is accomplished with a reciprocal partner. Because all things were created to have a partner, everything eventually should form one united system. Since God is the subject partner of the universe, everything should function with God at the center. Unless the realm of reciprocal relationships achieves oneness with God's purpose of creation, God cannot experience joy.

(12)  God created all beings in the universe for the perfection of human beings. In order to create such perfect beings, He created everything—including each individual cell—to exist in pairs.  Because everything contains and supplies nutritional elements to the bodies of men and women, it is all necessary; it is all medicinal. Just because there are a lot of them, we shouldn't disdain dandelions growing along the road. Since they are individual embodiments of truth in their own right, dandelions will spread their families for tens of millions of years for their own purpose without their species ever-changing. No matter what changes may occur in human history, dandelions will continue to exist and spread, unchanged, as dandelions.

(13)  All the world of creation is connected in a pair system. The mineral world and everything else functions in plus and minus relationships. On Earth, we can see the plus-minus action of a magnet, which is stronger than Earth's gravity. All elements function in the same way. The movement of consciousness occurs through the current that flows due to interaction between plus and minus. At the center of this pair system is an axis that connects the partners and protects them; that axis is nothing other than love. So the elements in the mineral world unite with their counterparts of their own accord. If they had no common standard, there would be no way for them to unite, even if God ordered them to. Without such counterpart relationships, even if some scientist spent a thousand years in a laboratory ordering entities to unite, they would not listen to him.

(14)  You need to create your own environmental realm. God created the sun, earth, air, and water as components of the environment. There always needs to be subject and object partners within that environment. This is the formula. Since all created beings exist within a pair system, this is true for environments within the mineral, animal, and human worlds. Why are they made up of subject and object partners? It is for the perfection of true love. Without a subject partner, we cannot reach perfection based on love. This is the formula. Not knowing it, none of our ancestors attained perfection.

(15)  Look at this world and the universe. In the mineral world, there are positive and negative particles; the plant environment includes relationships between stamen and pistil, while the animal kingdom has male and female animals. We now have evidence of male and female bacteria. Everything in creation is meant to reach unity on its own level, based on love. Through observation, we know that the universe is based on the pair system. Thus, when the ideal love of man and woman, who represents heaven and earth, comes together, the rest of the creation can connect and unite. Just as the foundation needs to be laid before a house can be built, God created everything within the pair system for the sake of humankind. You may have seen that among animals, when the male and female are roaming around together and the female is attacked, the male will protect her to the death. After giving birth, the pair will risk their lives for their young. Such is the way of love. It is because this is the nature of the original root.

(16)  When you enter the deepest level of true love, you can communicate with all of creation. You can communicate even with the rocks and the plants. In the world of true love, all things are able to communicate with one another. This is because everything that was created according to the pair system lives for the sake of uniting under God's love, and such true love resonates. When you are within the realm of true love, you can experience God's internal and external worlds. As such, you can naturally get to know, without being taught, about the spirit world and about God, and about how to attend your parents and your nation's king during your earthly life. Love does not choose its avenues carelessly. It has its own formula. There is but one path love takes, and no other.

(17)  Who teaches about love? The natural world is our teacher. The animals that run about in the hills are male and female, as are the butterflies; everything exists in a system of pairs. When the flowers bloom, the twittering and chirping of birds can be heard in the beautiful hills. For what purpose do the male and female birds sing? There are three reasons they do so. One is to express hunger, another is to express love and the Last is to call to their young. They are singing because of love.

(18)  On the path of true love, everything becomes one automatically. All entities in creation, no matter how small, are made in pairs. Even after thousands of years, the pair system will remain unchanged. No created being can change the design concept of the pair system. It is eternal. All the phenomena surrounding us teach this. The original, unfallen creation teaches us this fact. Trees, for instance, never stop growing; they never rest. All living things grow continuously, day and night, throughout the four seasons. All things of the created world follow that original path.


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