Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 158

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6: True Creation
Chapter 2: The Essence and Order of the Universe
Section 1: Love Is the Essence of the Universe, 06
Section 2: The Principles of Existence and Action, 07


(6)  Since love has the capacity to create, it never grows tired. With a heart of love you never get tired. If you have a heart filled with love, no matter how much you invest, the energy spent is always replenished with more energy than is used up. This is the power of love. This is why even though it may be hard or painful, you don't mind making that effort. How could you continue if you did not like it? On the path of true love, there can be no such thing as a heart of antipathy. In God's essence, the concept of an enemy does not exist, and the concept of evil does not exist. This is because His essence dwells within true love.

(7)  The central axis of the heavenly kingdom and of the whole universe is love. Love is the origin of life and lineage. Since everything is created focused on love, their motion conforms to the axis of love. Motion cannot occur haphazardly. It takes place only between subject and object partners, so everything moves in its position after forming a love relationship. Everything that moves has a purpose, which is to continue its existence as a result of eternal love. Action does not occur meaninglessly.

(8)  God did not create heaven and earth for Himself. It was not for Himself that He created all things, but for the sake of His love. The universe began from love. Love is the center. Therefore, the absolute God needs an ideal to which He absolutely will want to submit. Where there is complete obedience and complete liberation, there is complete happiness.

(9)  Love started the universe and is connected to everything in the universe. Even something as tiny as a blade of grass exists based on love. Minerals were formed through positive and negative ions, which move for the sake of love. From the tiniest creature to the biggest, everything is connected in love. What kind of love is that? It is godly love. Everything is interlinked with true love at the center. That is how God created the world to be.

(10)  When true love creates a realm of heart, no matter how small it may be, it connects to the universe. Whatever occurs within that realm creates waves that reach everywhere, even to the spirit world. This is because the entire cosmos, including the spirit world, exists under the principle of God's true love. God connects to humankind vertically and horizontally and through front and back relationships. These are the origin of all ideal relationships of true love among people. Such relationships can be perfected only in ideal families that have established the four great realms of heart.

(11)  In the autumn, insects get together to perform as an orchestra all night long.  From the morning and throughout the night they play. They sing in wonderful harmony with all their different tones, an orchestra spreading in all four directions.  People wonder, "What are they doing now?"They are actually kissing and loving each other. These are the sounds of love. They are not making music but voicing the sounds of love, the sounds of kissing, hugging, and loving. It's an orchestra of love. These sounds are not secular; they are holy.

Section 2.  The Principles of Existence and Action

(1)  Everyone recognizes that the universe exists. In order for it to exist, energy is required. The question is whether energy or existence comes first. Without energy, there is no existence. But energy cannot exist without interaction. Before energy, there has to be action. To initiate such action, the prerequisite condition is that there must be a subject and object partner. The undeniable truth is that energy is generated through the interaction between a subject entity and its object partner.

All entities in the universe are in subject-object relationships

(2)  When we look at the world of creation, we see that the animal and plant kingdoms and even the insentient mineral world function in subject-object relationships, according to the principle of yin and yang. Molecules have yang (plus) particles and yin (minus) particles. Scholars of this world believe that the universe is made of energy, but they state this obscurely, without explanation of where energy comes from. Did energy just appear all at once? Does It exist first, or does action precede energy? This is the same question as whether the chicken or the egg comes first. Energy derives from the action and manifests through a step-by-step process. Electricity does not generate energy by itself; only when positive and negative charges interact does an electric current flow. Such interaction produces power.

(3)  The universe is comprised of energy, but before there is energy there has to be action. You need interaction between positive and negative charges to occur if you want to create electrical energy. We convert such energy into the light that we use by channeling it within an electric light bulb. So, before energy there is action, and before any action, there is a relationship between subject and object entities. God created the world as an environment for human beings. In any environment, there must be subject and object partners. Such is the law of existence, without adherence to which there would be no existence. We know there are neutrons, but even neutrons have their object partners. Although shadows disappear at noontime, they still exist. My shadow stays within the space I occupy. Everything consists of reciprocal relationships.

(4)  Which do you think came first during the formation of the universe, energy, or action? Action had to be first.  But nothing acts alone, so in order to generate action, a mutual relationship between two distinct entities is needed. Give and receive action cannot begin if one side expects to lose energy.  Even though a subject partner sees it will benefit, because it will be good and will add to the environment, it must give. Thus, the relationship between subject and object partners is formed. What, then, is the subject partner? It is the one that gives first. It is responsible to protect and nurture the object partner in the relationship. That is why we must recognize that relationships between subject entities and their object partners precede any action.

Subject entities and their object partners precede any action.

(5)  What is the most mysterious thing on earth? When God began His creation, what was His first concept? It was love. Because God created with the concept of love, He created the universe so that all beings need to have an object partner of love. That's why nothing in our environment exists without a partner. To exist, everything must be in a relationship of subject and object partners. Subject-object partnerships always connect with a larger realm; for us, this does not stay within the family level: It expands to the tribe, nation, and world. When any entity stands as a subject partner, a corresponding object partner will appear. If one side takes a certain stance, the other side will take a supporting role. This is how the universe avoids conflict and maintains peaceful interaction and harmonious movement.

(6)  Interaction produces the fundamental energy of the universe; this is like the loving relationships of giving and receiving in the physical world. Thus, all entities without exception exist in subject-object partnerships—otherwise, this universe could not exist. Since the most precious thing is love, if you cannot give or receive love when you want to, that is the saddest and most sorrowful thing. Why did God create the universe? The simple conclusion is that He needed love; therefore, we are born in love, live in love, and pass on in love. From where does the supreme love come? It comes from perfect unity between subject and object partners.  When no force can separate the two eternally, that is the time when the supreme love appears. Because of love, unification can occur; because of love, all life is connected; because of love, we can realize the ideal.

(7)  Power cannot force subject and object partners to interact, nor can money or knowledge. Only something that both partners appreciate can unite them; that is why we need the concept of love. Why did God make the mineral kingdom with ions of positive and negative charges? It is so that they can interact based on love. In the plant kingdom, there are stamen and pistil. What we didn't know is that before the flower of a plant comes to be, there is the concept of subject and object pairs. Likewise, in the animal kingdom, we see male and female counterparts in species from the largest to the smallest.


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