Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 147

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 5: True Family
Chapter 4: The Education of Children and the Kingdom of Heaven in the Family
Section 6: The Kingdom of Heaven in the Family, 03-14


(3)  God is the King and Lord of true love. If He is the King and Bridegroom of true love, to say that He needs a Queen as His partner is absolutely within the Principle.  In front of God, who is absolute, the first true man and woman are the people who can become His partners in love. You need money, knowledge, and power, but if you do not have a spouse, these are all in vain. A husband needs his wife and children, and a wife needs her husband and children. The family is where we live with our loved ones. Families who attend God, the subject partner of love, become the base on which begins God’s kingdom of heaven on earth, centered on His true love, just as we wish for our loved ones to be infinitely more valuable than we are, God also wishes for His partners in love to become beings of infinite value. This is the status of true men and women.  Adam and Eve were to have become such a man and woman.


(4)  Due to the Fall, God lost the True Parents and the children of Adam's family. God lost His true son and daughter. God has had no family that could inherit His lineage of true love. Because we inherited false love, false life, and false lineage through the fallen parents, our mind and body came into conflict. Adam and Eve turned into enemies, and bloody wars broke out among their sons and daughters. The providence of salvation, through which God has worked to resolve this conflict, is the providence of restoration. In this providence, a son and a daughter whose minds and bodies are united, representing those who were lost, must become husband and wife in absolute unity. Their sons and daughters must unite with them absolutely, centered on God’s true love, and build a true family in which all live eternally in attendance of God. Then this family unites with Christianity, the religion in the position of the bride, to establish a blood relationship with God. Together they re-organize, through God's true love, the family, tribe, people, nation, and world of oneness. That is the completion of God's providence of salvation.

(5)  What is God's purpose in establishing religions? His Will is to form a beloved family, tribe, people, and nation-centered on His most beloved son and daughter, in whom His flesh and bones can become one. Then what is the Messiah? He is the one who comes to earth with God's eternal true love as his root. He is the first to perfect the ideal that all religions pursue. The purpose of God's providence of salvation is for him to expand true life and true lineage throughout the earth, centering on the true love that was lost, and finally recover the ideal family.

(6)  All things exist for human beings. The ultimate objective of history must be a model family, which includes material things as well as children and parents. This is the basic foundation of the universe. Without parents, children cannot be born; those children should have dominion over the material world centered on their parents. Adam and Eve should have had dominion over the material world. All of this should have come about simultaneously.

(7)  The family of Adam, the ancestor of humankind, was invaded, so this family must be redeemed. That is why Jesus had to come as unfallen Adam. As such, he is the second Adam. Since Adam, the first ancestor of humankind, became the fallen ancestor, God, in order to establish His original Will, sent Jesus as the true ancestor who has nothing to do with the Fall. Through that true ancestor, Adam's family should have been recovered.

(8)  Every conceivable incident has taken place in the family. This began in Adam and Eve's family. Through their wrongful union, Adam and Eve drove God out of their family. Also, they caused the expulsion of the angelic world, they lost the world of creation, they lost the value of humanity, and they lost love. All of this occurred because of the wrongful union of a man and a woman in Adam's family.

(9)  A redeemed family substantiates the hope of history. God has been guiding the providence for six thousand years until now in order to redeem one family. Where should this hope, the substance of history, be realized? It should be realized in our present society, not sometime in the future. This culminates in the Last Days. This redeemed family is the core of hope in history and the core of hope of all people today. It is the core of the past, present, and future hope of humankind. The countless saints and sages who came and left this world longed for this family.

(10)  The term "restored family" appears for the first time when the returning Lord receives his bride. This family had to be restored; it is the family that all humanity has hoped for. Throughout the past six thousand years, countless faithful religious believers who sacrificed their lives at the hands of rulers and politicians, ardently wished that the Lord would come and alleviate the bitter sorrow caused by their enemies. Yet the Lord cannot do that alone. If He could, He would have done it long ago. That is why God's family has to appear and lay a new foundation on earth. In so doing, it should be able to transform Satan's world with the explosive power of the heart.

(11)  What is our deepest sorrow? It is that Adam and Eve were unable to form a true family as the True Father and True Mother in the garden of Eden at the beginning of history. This was God's bitter sorrow even before it was ours. God created human beings to establish such a family and build the kingdom of peace on this earth. Nevertheless, His dream for this family was shattered; as a result, God has been guiding the prolonged history of restoration for six thousand years, harboring bitter grief. To this day, God has traveled innumerable treacherous paths of suffering to complete this process. The returning Lord bears the responsibility to resolve this history. Then what should he do? He must form a family, not in mid-air, but upon the earth. Only then will there emerge a true tribe, people, nation, and world.

(12)  The coming Jesus will have to establish the family of God's hope—the True Family. Until now humanity has been seeking true love, but in fact, there should have been no such thing as false love in the family or in society. Essentially, the one true family has to appear as the center of God's love and the center of the greatest love for which all humankind has longed. Without such a family, God cannot form a tribe and a people; without such a people, we cannot realize God's nation or world. It starts in the family, the only place where the highest standards can be realized—the highest ideal God desires in His providence of salvation and the highest standard that people can attain.

(13)  Throughout the ages, religions have sought one man. Yet they did not encourage marriage and have refused to change that stance. If they continue like this, they will perish. Nonetheless, we have reached the point where that man has been recovered, and a woman has been recovered for him. The Unification Church is the group that initiated this recovery of women. Consequently, the Unification Church is the church that is working to restore the family.

(14)  Until now the purpose of religion has been to save individuals. However, the purpose of the Unification Church is the salvation of the family, rather than the individual. Although we seek salvation, it is based on the family, and while seeking the kingdom of heaven, we do not speak of a husband going to the kingdom of heaven while his wife goes to hell. Both of them go to the kingdom of heaven together. Likewise, we do not let our parents go to hell. Instead, we bring them to the kingdom of heaven, along with our children. The Unification Church teaches the way for us to go to the kingdom of heaven, bringing our entire beloved family and tribe. Hence, it is on a different level from other religions. Religions thus far have emphasized celibacy, but the Unification Church puts primary importance on the family. We go the family-centered way, but our families are for the sake of the world and for the sake of God. This is the way we Unification Church members are to go.


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