Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 146

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 5: True Family
Chapter 4: The Education of Children and the Kingdom of Heaven in the Family
Section 5: The Path that Children Must Follow, 05
Section 6
: The Kingdom of Heaven in the Family, 02


(5)  When thinking about your future and deciding the area of expertise you will pursue, look deeply into your original mind and discuss it with God. You know your own character best. You know the talents you have. Follow where your original mind wants to lead you. No one can steer a boat before deciding which direction to go. When the pilot turns the wheel over to you, you will have to find the way by yourself.

(6)  It is good to pray and practice devotion. Why is it good to pray? When you are focused in your mind, your powers of observation quicken. You will find that when you listen to your teacher's lecture at school, you already know what will be included in the test. You will know whether he or she will ask this question or not. You will be able to read the teacher's mind. It is as if you raised your spiritual antenna. The higher you raise your antenna, the more you will hear sounds that are very difficult to hear. Likewise, those who practice devotion have a connection to the future world. Revelations and prophecy come to those who practice devotion. Further, when you study, if you aim for higher results in order to develop a better future for the sake of humanity, for God and for the whole, then good spirits who were experts in that field will come to you. They surely will come.

(7)  In the Last Days, we have to emphasize maintaining purity. We have to emphasize true love and true family. Without these we cannot correct this world. This is obvious. In the world there are many kinds of people, but they do not have a pure lineage. The problem of lineage has become so complicated through all the ups and downs of history. Who can solve it? Unless we solve the problem of lineage, we cannot return to the heavenly kingdom.

(8)  If we were to ask God, "Within human beings, where does Your love dwell?" what would God reply? Where is the holy of holies in which God would want to dwell, the place of His settlement in the human world? Put it this way to God: "Where is the place where both You and human beings want Your absolute love to settle and stay?" We can conclude that this place of union between God and people is nowhere other than the reproductive organs. This is a revolutionary declaration. It is here that world peace, which brings everything into unity, begins, and from where the perfection of the ideal world expands.

(9)  We live for those we love. We would not exchange them for the whole world.  Love is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. The place where that love can settle is within each of us. There is no higher hope than finding and uniting with our own counterpart of love in that place of settlement. That is where God is; that is where the root of the universe germinates. That is where the root of love is created. What is the motivation for man and woman to relate? Even for those who do not know God, the motivation is love. We cannot deny this, even physiologically. No one can deny the fact that all created beings move in pairs, as subject and object partners, male and female. Why was this pair system created? Love made it that way.

(10)  God invested all his heart and devotion in making your most precious part, your reproductive organ. This organ is not bad, but it became bad because at the time of the Fall it was misused to destroy God's world. Happiness is related to it. History is related to it. Originally it was holy. The Bible refers to it as a place known as the holy of holies. For people, where is the holy of holies? The human body is a holy temple, and the reproductive part is your holy of holies. Heaven punishes the misuse of it.  Its misuse can ensnare the whole tribe. You do not know how much I have had to suffer to recover this foundation. I had to carry the cross of love. I had to go through incredible suffering; I was dragged over the pass of tears, the pass of the cross, while being whipped and shedding blood, to fill the abyss of bitter sorrow. I tell you: do not get too close to a man or a woman. Unless you go through a very serious process, you cannot reconnect to the destined pure lineage.

(11)  In these Last Days, the time of harvest, the unprincipled love that Adam and Eve planted in the garden of Eden is rampant throughout the world. A woman does not own her reproductive organ, nor does a man own his. Woman is born for man, and man is born for woman. The owner of a woman's reproductive organ is not herself; the owner is her husband. The owner of a man's reproductive organ is his wife. If he uses it selfishly, it will ruin him. God, being wise, assigned the ownership of each person's reproductive organ to his or her marriage partner.

(12)  Those who are called by God are responsible and destined to protect the blessed lineage, without stain, for thousands of generations. Those who cannot do this will not enter the kingdom of heaven. This teaching is not mistaken; it is correct. You must build the kingdom of heaven by yourself. You do so by uniting your mind and body based on true love.

(13)  After you experience love in your family, you have to expand that love beyond the bounds of the family. To do this you must sacrifice for the greater love. Your family must sacrifice for the sake of your tribe and your tribe for the sake of the nation. Once you set up the condition of expanding your love through sacrifice, you will connect to the ideal realm of love everywhere. Once you open this environment of love, you can enter the kingdom of heaven. In reality, even if your love does not reach that level, if you practice such love only within your given environment, you will pass the test and be able to enter the heavenly realm in the other world. Even if you stay within the boundary of the village, you can join with and share the benefits of those who loved the world and heaven and earth.

(14)  What is the principle of the Unification Church? It is that the individual has to sacrifice for the family, live for the sake of others, and lead a life of love. The purpose of the family is to serve the tribe and live for that which is greater. Thus, with a heart that you are representing the entire Cain world, you need to live for the sake of others. If everyone in the family—the grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, husband and wife, and sons and daughters—lives with the same heart, you should be able to go freely anywhere in the heavenly world. You can even go to the realm of the patriots without any problem. The place where we live like that is the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Section 6.  The Kingdom of Heaven in the Family

(1 )  Where did the Fall begin? What was the Fall that happened in the family?What can possibly fall down in a family? It can be nothing other than love. Do you think the Fall happened through the eating of a literal fruit? Could the original sin result from eating a fruit? People say that eating the fruit was the sin, but what fruit could cause one's descendants for thousands of generations to be sinners? This is a matter of lineage. If the root of sin is planted into lineage, it will last forever through heredity. The only way this can occur is through love. The misuse of love, illicit love, was the cause of the Fall.

The course we must go for the restoration of the family

(2)  Due to Adam and Eve's Fall, God could not relate to them as the true ancestors or parents of humankind or as His sons and daughters. Adam and Eve were God's only son and daughter, but they fell to a position where He could not relate to them as such. If they had reached maturity, He would have blessed them as a couple and recognized them as His object partners of joy and comfort. Yet they failed to become His object partners, as children or as bride and bridegroom. God had endowed them with infinite value in proportion to His hope for them; yet because of their Fall, He experienced from them neither the filial heart of children nor the heart of comfort as a husband and wife. God had hoped that Adam and Eve would establish the way of filial piety and loyalty so they could stand before Him as the ancestors of hope and the sovereigns of all humanity.


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