Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 135

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 5: True Family
Chapter 3: Principles and Order in the Family
Section 2: Ideal Couples and the Parent-Child Relationship, 01-09


Section 2.  Ideal Couples and the Parent-Child Relationship

(1)  When a bride and bridegroom are going to consummate their marriage after the wedding ceremony, they do not need to call their mother and father to teach them how to love each other. Even insects do well without being instructed. Then what should human beings, as the lords of creation, be taught? That which is covered with a veil of mystery should be unveiled only by those in the position of its owners. The original pattern of the dutiful path and of proper education never appeared, so we impart these in the Unification Church. One representative man and one representative woman, having mastered filial love for their parents and siblings' love for each other, must meet and become a perfected couple capable of loving all humanity. This universal man and woman, representing right and left, are united as one. Embodying the value of God's vertical love, they are bound together.

Ideal conjugal love

(2)  True love travels along the shortest route. Vertical love travels to only one point, where the vertical axis meets the horizontal at ninety degrees. The shortest path is at 90 degrees, not 89 or 91 degrees. The vertical should go through that point. True love between man and woman should also go through that point. If you seek the shortest route, it will inevitably produce a ninety-degree angle. Love between siblings can also be expressed as a ninety-degree angle. No matter where you apply this principle, it works. No one loses out. In vertical, perpendicular love, heaven and earth become earth and heaven; father and mother become mother and father, and elder and younger brothers become younger and elder brothers. The ideal scene unfolds where everything can turn upside down, mingle together, and still fit perfectly. This explains why my grandparents love me, and why, as a testament to their love, I love my brothers and sisters. The home in which a husband and wife attend their parents and live together with their children is a home of love. A person who does not experience such a family home of love will not have such a home in heaven.

(3)  The realization of a family kingdom of heaven will surely lead to the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth. Thus, the Unification Church families need to realize the family kingdom of heaven. To experience it, you absolutely need a partner. Only through the stimulation you receive in your family and with your partner can you experience the ideal of the future heavenly kingdom in your daily life. Husband and wife need each other to learn this lesson and receive the stimulation that allows them to live eternally. Progress cannot come about without stimulation. Conjugal love provides the stimulation required to build the ideal kingdom of heaven. In other words, conjugal love pulls future joy into the realm of the present, provides stimulation, and supplies the driving force to bring the couple to that kingdom. Because that love contains love for the nation, love for the world, and love for God, it can move freely and universally.

(4)  A woman should love one man, but she should love him as a representative of all men in the world. That man represents her father, elder brother, and younger brother. A woman should think of her husband as her father, grandfather, elder brother, and younger brother. Through loving her father, her grandfather, and her elder and younger brothers, a woman becomes eligible to receive a partner. A woman should have the attitude of love for all the men in the world, and she should embrace and love her husband as the representative and fruit of all men. This shows her love for humanity. With the heart to love her husband as her father, elder brother and younger brother, and by transcending all nations and borders, a woman can be considered a daughter of God.

(5)  What is a true husband? A true husband is one who says to his wife, "I was born for your sake and so I will live for you and die for you." The same applies to a true wife. If a husband and wife are responsive to each other, rise above their self-interest, and live for the sake of each other, their family will surely become an ideal family—a loving, happy and peaceful family.

(6)   No matter how capable and talented a man may be, the purpose for his birth does not lie in himself. He was born for the sake of a woman. Conversely, no matter how beautiful a woman may be, even as a proud actress, she was not born for her own sake. Where, then, are the ideal husbands and wives of true love? When a husband thinks he was born for his wife, he will live for her and die for her, and he will appear as the ideal husband. The same is true for the wife. According to this principle, where can we find an ideal person—a happy, loving, and good person? Such people cannot be found among those who live for their own sake, but only among those who live for the sake of others.

(7)  Blessed families are to accomplish the standard that Adam and Eve failed to attain. They should connect with God's love at their center. By this standard of living in resonance with God's heart, have you accorded each other absolute devotion? You should have absolute devotion to and absolute love for one another. You should become one rooted in such love and become a center of harmony. While looking at a mountain, a husband and wife might ask for whom the mountain exists, and while thinking about the whole universe, they might ask for whom this universe was created. They would surely answer by saying, "It is for me, and at the same time it is for you." This is what a married couple is like. The way for a husband and wife to unite is by valuing God's central purpose and fulfilling the purpose for which this universe came into existence. The husband and wife communicate with each other based on heart, love, and personal character, walking the same path. A country bumpkin married to a government minister walks the same path as the minister. Although that person may have graduated only from elementary school, everyone will need to bow before him or her as the minister's spouse. This is how a husband and wife go together. Between husband and wife, can there be one love for him and a separate love for her? For them, "Your love is my love, and my love is your love."

(8)  If a loving husband and wife were asked how long they will be in love, and one of them answers, "As long as we are young," would the other feel good about that? They actually want to love each other until they die, and then for eternity.  Saying "until I die" means you intend to love by giving everything you have until death. But eternity represents the entire future and giving your whole self forever. Only with this commitment will your spouse be happy. When young women get married, they will surely ask their husbands, "Do you love me?" When their husbands say they do, they will then ask, "Do you love me completely or do you love me only a little?" Only when the husbands say they love their wives completely will they make their wives happy. It is the same with men. This is how things are in harmony with God.

(9)  A husband and wife who love each other while forgetting God's Will should be ashamed in front of Heaven. A family that pursues only its own happiness, without considering the Will of God, will absolutely not develop. If something joyful happens in your family, you have to connect it to the nation, to the world, and to God. Then that joy in the family will be a source of pride for the nation, for the world and for God. This is the way of life of a blessed couple.


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