Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 134

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 5: True Family
Chapter 3: Principles and Order in the Family
Section 1: Family Harmony Makes All Go Well, 11-22


(11)  If someone who loves you very much helped you by giving you $1,000, you would not want to repay a reduced amount, such as $900. Rather, you would want to repay it many times over. The original mind is like that. What does this reveal? He explains that actions based on original love produce an output that is greater than the input. This logic is viable. Since we say, "Family harmony makes all go well," we need to act on that principle. Action reduces the amount of available energy, so why does family harmony lead to an increase? The more you harmonize in love, and the more you invest in loving, nothing gets smaller; everything becomes bigger.

(12)  When we say that family harmony makes all go well, we need to realize that harmony requires patience. We will likely go through many difficulties. The one who can deal well with such difficulties will become the central figure and responsible person. A true man does not change, and a true woman does not change either. When an absolutely unchanging man and woman appear, focused on true love, the whole universe will bow down to this couple.

(13)  When we say, "Family harmony makes all go well," do you think we are talking about harmony coming about based on nuggets of gold? If you simply look at the gold nuggets and keep them locked up, family harmony may be possible. If you dispense them based on your own viewpoint, brawls will break out. However, if you dispense them with love, the more you dispense them, the more you will prosper. But the more you dispense things based on economic motives, the more people will fight over them. Unending divisions will result. But the more you dispense things based on love, the greater will be the unity, harmony, and peace that will follow. In love, "Family harmony makes all go well," as the saying goes. The father loves the mother, the mother loves the father, parents love their children, and children love their parents—in this way, through harmony in love, everything prospers.

(14)  Looking at the world of life and the world of spiritual death reveals that although the origin of death is Satan, the origin of life is God. The world centered on Satan is exactly the opposite of the world centered on God. Are families in the fallen world peaceful or are they in conflict? Because families in the fallen world began in conflict, families everywhere are in conflict. The world that began with conflict in the family, and is composed of families that are in conflict, is not the heavenly world.

(15)  The saying "Family harmony makes all go well" is an excellent expression. If a husband goes to work after fighting with his wife at home, he will almost surely get into a fight at work. This is because he will feel the need to vent his anger. If the head of a company goes to the office after a fight at home, he or she will not feel good about the company's employees. Bad feelings that originate in the home certainly spread to the society.

(16)  What is the most unbearable thing? It is resentment between loved ones. There is nothing harder to bear than that. Since the seed of conflict was sown in Adam's family, families that quarrel live in the fallen realm, while peaceful, harmonious families dwell in the heavenly realm. They are opposites.  Discordant families are at the center of the fallen world. The center of the fallen world is evil. Disharmonious families fight every day. In such families, the father and mother are always in conflict. The husband and wife are in conflict.

(17)  We need to be careful that our children do not say, "Mother and father had a fight." If your children say, "Mother and father fight all the time," you will surely go to hell, no matter how well you do otherwise. Our children should say, "My father is like God. He is God in our home. My father is the president of our family. He is the saint in our family and so is my mother." Long ago, the saints said that family harmony makes everything go well, but today the Unification Church advocates harmony with Heaven centering on the cosmos.  Heavenly harmony makes everything go well.

(18)  We say that family harmony makes all go well, but the Bible says, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God" (Matt.  5:9). It means that those who bring peace will be the sons and daughters of God. If there were a messenger of peace in this world who was eliminating the causes of conflict, providing a base for unification, and leading a movement toward the one Lord, God would be compelled to pay attention to that person. Since God is the King of peace and the Owner of peace, He watches for the one who has a heart of peace. God has patiently borne tens of thousands of years of sorrow all alone, traveling a painful path by Himself. God has overcome everything alone from His difficult position, but He is not boastful and does not want to make this known, so He continues to endure everything alone. If anyone were bravely walking the same way in front of God, God would surely notice. It would be impossible for Him to ignore such a person.

(19)  There is an old saying, "Family harmony makes all go well," but do you think family harmony is possible without harmony within the individual? If our own integrity is on the verge of collapse, can we foster harmony in our family? If individuals had carried conflict within themselves from the very outset, those who would deny God's existence would be right. But our inner conflict came about because something went wrong. Ideologies such as materialism developed, with the wrong diagnosis of reality. The Absolute Being could not have designed people with conflicting purposes. There can be only a single purpose. However, we are incomplete. Since we have remained an incomplete product until now, the Absolute Being is exerting His power of re-creation to bring us to full maturity. Therefore, throughout history, God has invested in factories that remake people into completed products. Thus, whether people like it or not, new assembly lines need to appear. These are none other than religious organizations.

(20)  "Before you try to master the universe, you must first master yourself This was my motto at the time I was pioneering the path of truth. I told everyone, "Before you try to gain dominion over the universe or connect with everything in the world, you must gain dominion over yourself." Our mind can become the true owner, true teacher, and true parent. When our body discovers such a mind and feels inadequate to attend this mind, even for tens of thousands of years, heavenly fortune will come to us. Our mind wants to live for the sake of our body, but our body doesn't want to serve our mind. That is the problem.

(21)  The problem lies within the self, not within society. If there is a problem in my family, it is not because my elder brother is bad, my elder sister is bad, or my father is bad; it is because I am bad. I must first attain a certain standard before I can be in a position to criticize the standard of others. Only after attaining unity between my own original mind and my body can I proudly enter the one unified world. If my original mind and body are divided, how can I participate in a world where everything is harmonized? I would automatically retreat from it. Therefore, I should not allow my body to become my master. I should not allow my body to suppress or ignore my mind, to exhaust or distress it. I can be happy only when I control my body and direct it to serve my mind; then God will come and dwell within me. It is said that "Family harmony makes all go well.” If I want peace in my family and within myself, I need to unite my mind and body.

(22)  The universe resembles a sphere.  In the solar system, the planets follow cyclical orbits. The enormous cosmos is also spherical, containing hundreds of millions of solar systems. That's why we say everything moves around and around. When we say, "Family harmony makes all go well," it means we need to move around and around in harmony. There should be harmony not just between the grandfather and grandmother; the grandfather and grandson also need to be in harmony, children and parents need to be in harmony, and husband and wife need to be in harmony; everyone should live in harmony. When we live like that, everything will be fulfilled. When our lives move in a cyclical motion, we create a sphere. We need to become well-rounded people. Sharp-edged people cause problems. That is because the universe is in motion.

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