Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 127

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 5: True Family
Chapter 2: Blessed Marriage and Original Love between Man and Woman
Section 3. Rebirth through Blessed Marriage, 13
Section 4. The Significance of the Blessing Groups, 09


Ceremonies to change the lineage

13   First, there is the matching ceremony, then the holy wine ceremony, followed by the marriage ceremony. The matching ceremony, the holy wine ceremony, and the marriage ceremony are unprecedented among all ceremonies of the past. That is because they symbolically represent and indemnify every aspect of the Fall.

14   Fallen people cannot receive the Blessing unless they repudiate all their past loves defiled with the false love of Satan's world. They cannot participate unless they become resurrected beings who can multiply the love of True Parents based on the love of God. On that basis, the holy wine ceremony promises the achievement of a standard of new life by opening the gates of True Parents' love.

15   The holy wine ceremony is carried out in the reverse order of the Fall of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were still in the state of engagement when they fell. Before you can marry there must be an engagement ceremony, and then a holy wine ceremony. Only then can you attend the wedding ceremony. Because you are fallen, you have been unable to become God's sons and daughters. Through the engagement ceremony, however, you present yourselves before God and True Parents, who have been trying to reclaim their children, and you say, "I became an Adam or Eve who is better than a fallen child."

16   Because we received Satan's blood, we must have a ceremony to cut it off.  That ceremony is the holy wine ceremony. From a principled viewpoint, it is absolutely impossible for us to receive the Blessing from God if we allow any stains from the blood of Satan's world to remain in us. Not only must we eliminate all the blood that we received from Satan's world but also all the sins that occurred up until now. There are many kinds of sins, such as hereditary, historical, and individual sins, but the one thing that makes a condition to settle all of them is the holy wine ceremony. The holy wine includes twenty-one different substances. Each of them has been sanctified. Each of them was established through victorious conditions set during my confrontations with the spirit world, with Satan and with God. It may seem that drinking a cup of holy wine is a trivial gesture, but that is not the case. On the day you drink that cup with faith, you will stand on the foundation of True Parents' victorious conditions, cut off from the blood of Satan's world and cut off from all the ties you have with the sins of your ancestors and from all the tangled connections your ancestors wove.

Section 4.  The Significance of the Blessing Groups

1   If you receive the Blessing of the Unification Church, your domain will expand because, with God as your focus, you will begin forming a family of the new mainstream. Therefore, families that receive the Blessing in the Unification Church consider other such families to be members of their own tribe. After connecting to new parents, known as the True Parents, families that have inherited the innermost heart of the heavenly principles emerge and multiply horizontally. What this means is that within the Unification movement a tribe is being formed that will later expand to become a people and eventually a nation.

2   Blessed families must form a new nation of Israel. That began in 1960 and continues to expand. We are starting over again. From here the historical age will go forward to the ages of family, tribe, people, nation, and world. Therefore, in the Unification Church, I, who am similar to Jacob, must create a family and then organize a tribe and a people.

3   Families that were joined together centering on my family are part of a new clan. As the clan continues to prosper day by day, it becomes a new people. When it develops a bit more, it forms a nation and a global realm. It becomes a new people, a Third Israel. The Unification Church is the place that allows people to become children who have newly inherited the right of lineage, thanks to God. The place we must stand is different than where the people of this world are. I have taught you the contents that will allow you to block Satan's accusations and establish a base for victory. It's problematic for you to receive the Blessing because you have not even risen to the standard of the completion level of the growth stage. The Fall was when one man and one woman were cast out. Therefore, to receive the Blessing, a man and woman must go beyond the state of being unwelcome. The Blessing is what is received after you have overcome that state.

The providential meaning of the 36 couples, the 72 couples, and the 124 couples

4   The work of Heaven is to organize a people, beginning with a tribe. The formation of the tribe began in earnest with True Parents' Holy Wedding and the Blessing ceremonies held in the 1960s. I am speaking of the 36 couples and the 72 couples. The 36 couples represent the restoration of the ancestors of the people of Israel, the history of Judaism. They are the representatives of the ancestors.

5   The 72 couples stand in front of the 36 couples and all the other families as the Cain and Abel families in relation to Adam's family. Up to this point, all the ancestors who have influenced this age have failed to unite Cain and Abel within God’s providence. Because the base through which Cain and Abel could be united was not formed, this era of the fallen world has been prolonged. Therefore, I blessed the 72 couples centered on the 36 couples, making one ancestral family connecting Cain families and Abel families.

6    If we consider the twelve apostles to be at the level of a tribe, the 72 disciples of Jesus were at the level of a people and the 120 disciples were at the level representing a nation. The Unification Church must indemnify, rectify, liberate, and accomplish the historical content of Jesus' incomplete mission. Unless the coming Lord can accomplish this, there is no way for the world to survive. That is why I organized the 36 and 72 couples; through the unity of these couples the center of a new people can be established.

7   The 36 couples represent the ancestors who lived during the two thousand years from the time of Adam to Abraham. That is why there must be Cain and Abel in front of the 36 couples. The 72 couples were thus designated to occupy these positions. The 124 couples were set up to represent all numbers, based on the number twelve. Of the 124 couples, four couples were already married. Their Blessing was for the purpose of recovering the position fallen people had lost and realizing the family God has searched for throughout history, which Jesus tried to establish.

8   On the foundation of my family, I gave the Blessing to three couples. Then I gave the Blessing to 36 couples, then 72 couples and 124 couples centering on groups of twelve couples that, in turn, centered on those original three couples. I gave them the Blessing after experiencing historic battles. These couples represent the 3 disciples, 12 apostles, 70 disciples, and the 120 followers that were established based on their faith in Jesus. Just as Jesus became the victorious leader on behalf of his Father in the position of the Son of God, all of you must also fulfill your responsibilities in the position of a son.

9   In the position that represents a nation and people, we are going through an exhaustive process. Through this, a final, decisive battle must be won on the borderline between life and death. In the 1960s, on the foundation of True Parents' Holy Wedding, we developed from the 36 couples to the 72 couples and on to the 124 couples. Based on the first three couples, I selected the 36 couples to represent the three ages, each group of twelve for one age. They represent the Old, New, and Completed Testament Ages. The number twelve should not just represent the horizontal foundation. As it is also necessary from a vertical viewpoint to establish a base that connects to the spirit world, the 36 couples were set as the foundation for the ancestors in the spirit world to come to earth again. The 72 couples and 124 couples are connected to this.


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