Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 112

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 4: The Life Course of True Men and Women

Section 4: The Path of a Life of True Love, 01-11


Section 4.  The Path of a Life of True Love

1 The greatest desire of all people is to become God's sons and daughters. This is because the parent-child relationship is the closest of all. We are born through the intense concentration of our parents' love and life; we are born to represent our parents' ideals. Hence the words "love" and "ideal" cannot be spoken with only oneself in mind. Life also does not come into existence just from oneself. It is created through our parents' relationship. It is the same with God. When God made human beings, He created them as the object partners of His true love, life, and ideal. This is amazing and awesome. The love of our parents cannot be manifest without you or me. Our parents' love, life, and ideal are connected to each of us. We are the fruit of our parents' love, life, and ideal. Thus, the position of the child is the most valuable. God and human beings are in this parent-child relationship.

The way of a true husband and wife and true parents

2  The privilege of the son of God is that he can own God, and everything God owns belongs to him. Even God's love, life, and ideal belong to that son. Human beings are to restore this magnificent original value, which they all have. Since God is the subject partner of true love, and since He is eternal, then His partners of true love also have to be eternal. Once we become one in true love, God Himself becomes us. The bodies of Adam and Eve before the fall were God's dwelling place. Thus, had Adam and Eve eternally united through true love centered on God's heart, they would have become God's bodies of love, life, and lineage. Then, our mind and body would not be in conflict as they are today.

3 If we asked God why He created this universe, He would answer, "Because of love!" It is because of love. Then what is that love? People talk about love like the lyrics of a Korean song, "My love is my all." You want such love, right? Yet although you ladies have heard that song, you don't really know what love is all about, do you? No matter how much we think about it, love is infinitely mysterious. If we say it is round, it is round; but if we say it is oval, it is oval. Can a woman alone find such love? Whether she likes it or not, she has to follow the young man who is destined to be her spouse, even if he is an annoying, mischievous, disheveled bachelor.

4  When you sing, "My love is my all," so much is included in those words: a husband's love, a mother's love, a son's love, and even God's love. If only you had such love, you could withstand every trial. Love is the only force that can digest everything. Parents with loving hearts want to give the world to their children. They want to give and give and keep on giving. Love is that big. The heart of love is without end. It connects to anything or anyone; it is infinitely large and carries unlimited value. That is why a person who owns love can own the universe. Happiness overflows in the person who has love. That person can achieve success in every area of life. On the other hand, no matter how seemingly great your life, if you cannot become a victor in the arena of love, you will end up a loser.

5 As a woman, when your dear husband, whose love makes you blossom unto eternity and connects you to the seed of life, greets you, how marvelous it is when you give him a beautiful smile and say, "Welcome, welcome, my dear! All my flowers are yours. Please take all my charms and do as you please!" And how beautiful it is when he offers you a prayer of blessing, "I pray that your happiness will last thousands of years!" Your first love is a rope that binds you together so tightly that nothing can untie it. Even if you fight so hard that one of you breaks a leg, you would still hold on to each other. That is the greatness of such a couple. But if the love of a couple who lives together despite their struggles is considered great, how much more so is the love of a couple who does not fight? When we see the unhappiness of a husband and wife who fight, we can learn from them how happy a couple who does not fight can be. When we see people who are unhappy, we can appreciate what it means to be happy.  This is the same for everyone.

6 Love can fill any deficiency. It compensates for all inadequacies. If you really love a woman, even if she becomes sick or disabled, you will not mistreat her. You will not dislike her or hate her. You should not recklessly give your first love to just anyone. You should not make casual relationships. Heaven and earth and the whole universe should recognize publicly your first relationship of love. Therefore, whether a man or a woman, you should not casually engage in any relationship without the approval of God, the owner of love. Why do you marry? You marry to find and attend this Owner of love. Without the owner's permission, a woman cannot do as she pleases, nor can a man. The kingdom of heaven exists in love. Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:21). This means that love is deep within your heart. When a husband truly loves his wife, and when he loves all humankind as truly as he loves his wife, he has a pass to freely go anywhere.

7 In your family, the way you should go as a husband and wife is clear. It is not important who is right or wrong; the person to lead the way is the one who loves God more. The other one must follow. If the husband is lagging behind and does not listen, give him a good kick. If he does not follow you, you simply have to go on by yourself. If you do not keep going, both of you will come to ruin, as will your children. First, you must avoid responding to your environment out of habit. Second, you must be proactive, continually taking action to spread God's love. A wife needs to live for her husband and a husband for his wife. Since a couple is originally meant to exist for the sake of God, to fulfill his Will, you need to work so that God can recover your tribe, your people, your nation, and the world.  We still have realms to liberate, even the spirit world and hell, to build God's kingdom.

8 When God created human beings, do you think He loved the man or the woman more? He loved the woman more. Men are God's dwelling place. Therefore, when men mature and reach adulthood, they want to command the world, travel around the universe, and win first place in everything.  Men are more ambitious in this way. Women, on the other hand do not think, "I want to be the best in the world." Instead, in terms of their conjugal relationship, they are inclined to pursue one direction—love.  They long for an environment of tranquility and a peaceful life. They do not relish competitive struggle. They rather want to love and receive love, and to lean on someone. So they want to live where they can be part of a family, be secure, and cultivate intimate relationships. Woman was God's final masterpiece. And women have more capacity to receive love than men.

9 Art is something that enriches our life. This is why it is important to include the arts in children's education. Women also need to know how to develop an artistic sense toward their husbands, how to treat them gently, and how to embrace them. This is actually even a more wonderful kind of art. Through the art of love, we can beautify our family and elevate it. I think this art is of great value in terms of its benefits. Having a family is not a bad thing. No matter how capable, in the end, a woman needs to return home.  That is why women should marry.

10 In a marriage, if a husband caresses his wife with hands of true love, whether it is day or night, she always welcomes him. What is it that women are most shy about? They are shy about showing their breasts, aren't they? Men are similar in that they conceal their reproductive organs. But what happens when the two of you are alone? Do you still hide these things? No. You want to be open to each other.  Before marriage, if a man touches a woman it is a serious problem. Once you are married, that is no longer true. Even if you hide your private parts from each other before you marry, once you marry and love each other, it is not like that. In that way, you come to have one heart and become as one body.

The way of life as you seek true love

11 We human beings are born to travel through the world of love. We are born to travel in the universe of love. At the moment I inherited my mother and father's bloodline, I participated at the center of their love for each other. So I received love from the time I was conceived. My parents loved me as I grew in my mother's womb. During the months my mother carried me, I could feel her constantly. After I was born my parents loved me. I was in the realm of my parents' love all the time I was growing up when I went to school and then to college. A mother and father love their sons and daughters more than anything, and when they cannot provide for them the way other parents do, it causes them great pain. Only when the children have a son or daughter themselves can they say, "Now I know what my parents did for me." When the parents have to go away to work, leaving their children behind, do you think they sleep comfortably or spend their time peacefully? When you understand that their minds are always anxious and uneasy over their children, you will realize what amazing people your parents are. This is love. At around age sixteen, we are on the verge of maturity. Just a little later, around eighteen or twenty, we are ready to marry. This begins another cycle of love. We marry, and in the early years we have sons and daughters, and we love them. And when our children marry, we love our grandchildren.

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