Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 106

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 3: The Path of Restoration toward God's Original Ideal
Section 3: The Life of a True Person, 16-30


16 The kingdom of heaven starts from the family. The grandparents represent the past, the mother and father the present, and the sons and daughters the future. In this way, the past, present, and future are condensed in the family. The mother and father represent the current world. The grandfather and grandmother are in the position of God in the past; the mother and father are in the position of God in the present, and the sons and daughters are in the position of God in the future. They all are equal in true love. Based on the logic of true love, they attain equal value and ideal oneness. True love is love for the sake of others, and based on such love, the four directions blend into one. The family where this occurs is eternally protected by the fortune of God’s love. Its members are the partners of God's love, and therefore they will never die but live for eternity.

17 True parents are horizontal beings, and horizontal beings need a vertical being—Heavenly Parent. It is our heart that resembles the vertical Parent. It is our conscience that inherits vertical love, life, and lineage, and it is our body that inherits horizontal love, life, and lineage. God can only settle in the place where human beings join in a virtuous union, where their human hearts and Heaven's heart are joined at a 90-degree angle. From that place, all fortune springs and flows, and the world of eternal happiness and blessings begin. We must form this kind of heavenly kingdom in the family. When this kind of life expands, it becomes the world.

18 We should know God's love. We should know the love of our parents and learn how to attend them. We should know conjugal love and learn how to serve our spouse. We should know our children's love and learn how to understand and support them, not just give them directions. Only then can we understand God's love. We need parents, spouse, and children as the textbooks of love. Unless we have children, we are incomplete and cannot understand God's love, because we cannot understand how much God loves us, His children. Unless you are a husband, you cannot know a wife's love, and unless you are a wife, you cannot know a husband's love. Children do not know what parents' love is like until they become parents. Children, spouses, and parents are textbooks to learn from.  Hence, without sons and daughters, you cannot be true parents. You need your parents, your spouse, and your children so you can become first-class products that meet the standards of the original Principle. Only then will the universe stamp you with its seal of approval as Grade A products that can experience God's love.  Then you will go into the kingdom of heaven automatically.

19 One who is always able to discern whether God is happy or sad cannot become an evil person even if he or she thinks to do so. He or she cannot go against the law of Heaven, even if he or she tries. The kind of person God deplores the most is the one who tries to use other people, whether in a private or public setting. Also, God deplores those who evaluate matters based only on their self-benefit. The people God cherishes are those who yield to others. To yield means that you continually follow the person to whom you yield. You continually do what that person says. If you keep on doing it, you will find yourself orbiting in a circle, and you will end up acquiring that person's position. In the end, you can possess everything that person owns.

20 To your partner you should always be meek and humble; you should submit, obey, and surrender yourself to him or her. You do this in order to win him or her over completely. It is not just to occupy your partner, but to win him or her over in every respect. Likewise, in the world of faith, you must use the strategy of denying yourself and completely complying with your leader's desires. This strategy is not to make you cease to exist but to win him or her over completely. This is something of which you should be aware in your everyday life.

21 Arrogance is your enemy. Arrogance and insisting on your own way are the essence and character of Satan. So instead of being arrogant, you should be modest; instead of insisting on your own way, you should be humble. Harmony creates friendship. Thus, you should be able to bring harmony to everyone. If you can do that, everything will start to flow. If people fail to unite in harmony, nothing greater can come. Lack of harmony leads to stagnation. Therefore, you must not give in to jealousy or envy, which, along with arrogance and insisting on your own way, are the essence of Satan's nature.

22 The work of the Unification Church is to transform people into saints Great people have to face enemies, but saints do not regard anyone as an enemy. Great people love their own people, but saints love all humankind. Therefore, when great people seek to stand before God, He tells them, "You loved your own people but you failed to love all the people of the world, whom I love and am trying to save.  Isn't that so?" Hearing that, they are not able to stand in His presence. On the other hand, those who fulfill the duties of saints can go directly into His presence. The Unification Church works on transforming people into saints.

23 Those who worship God need to shed their blood. Those who love God must shed tears. In fact, tears should not dry from their eyes. Those who seek God must shed sweat. Then, with the heart of a parent and in the shoes of a servant, they must sacrifice and serve humanity from the position of Abel, giving everything they have with utmost devotion. In giving, they should not boast to others, but rather feel sorry that they cannot give something better. This is what Godism is all about.

24 The reason I stay up all night meeting with people is so that I can love everyone.  If I disliked anyone, I could not take responsibility for the work of restoration. I have to love everyone, the good and the bad. Unless I love everyone, I cannot represent God. The Fall means that the first human ancestors fell down from God's world to the opposite place. The Fall caused the world to plummet to a bad place.  Nevertheless, if God were to say that this world was bad, He could not be God. He could not fulfill the work of restoration. When God created the world, all the while He said it was good. He could not be God anymore if He said this world had become bad because of the Fall. That is why it is a principle to treat even bad things as good things. That is why Jesus said, "Love your enemy" (Matt.  6:44).

25 To love your enemy means that you stand in a position where you do not have an enemy. To stand in that position means that you return to the original position in the original world, to the garden of Eden which has nothing to do with the realm of the Fall. This is what we are fighting for. We fight so everyone can return to that state. Therefore, when you meet someone for the first time, do not reckon him to be a bad person, even if he is.

The life of a true patriot and filial child

26 You must become families who can settle at the position of high noon, where no shadow is cast. The garden of Eden was a place of true love, without any shadows. In love, there are no shadows. That is why everything in the world wants to come and be in that place.  In the position of high noon, no one asserts his or her self. It is the place of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. There is no assertion of self. This is what happens to everyone in the presence of true love.  Adam's family must be established as a family without shadows. Then from it will emerge Adam's tribe, Adam's people, Adam's nation, and Adam's world.

27 There must be a place of Sabbath, without shadows, where God can come and freely settle anytime He likes, day or night. Establishing such a place is God's ideal of creation. Therefore, the reason we live as we do, seeking that place, is to attend God as our eternal Father, from the individual level all the way up, even in the heavenly world, and to become families of filial sons and daughters, patriotic men and women, saintly couples and divine sons and daughters. Through such families, God can freely travel anywhere He wants. The kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven will be realized when the world without any shadows is connected to heaven and earth. This world is where God can travel freely back and forth, visit anyone, from the youngest family to countless generations of our ancestors, all at once, and reach heaven and earth in all four directions, as He pleases. That is why the place of settlement at high noon, where no shadow is cast, must come.

28 You are not to live a life with shadows. Therefore, I proclaimed the high noon settlement.  It is a marvelous concept. For there to be no shadows, mind and body must be united and the family must be united as a four-position foundation. If the father did something wrong, he would create a father's shadow. If the mother did something wrong, she would make a mother's shadow. If there were four members in the family and the four could not settle down, then the light would be blocked.  No one likes the place of shadows. That is why we must achieve the high noon settlement. There shouldn't be any shadows, even after we go to the next world.  God travels through the vertical line of eight stages from the shadow-free individual to the shadow-free family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos, and God. Can there be any shadow cast on God's love? It is purity itself. That is why everyone wants that purity, even in his or her flesh and blood. No one likes shadows. The shadow is Satan. This is why whenever we do wrong, we tend to cover it up. That is the enemy. That is the barrier. You must break down that barrier if you are to have the high noon settlement. I am not saying this just symbolically. It must be done.

29 In front of the True Parents, we must fulfill our duties as true filial children, true patriots, true saints, and true divine sons and daughters. Only then can God's kingship be established. The kingship of the heavenly nation is based on expanding the authority of the sons and daughters who attend the True Parents. Once the kingship is established, God will be enthroned and Satan's world will disappear.

30 From now, we need to establish a new tradition with the family as its center, based on the tradition of those who lived their lives as patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters. For this, we need to replace the traditions that existed during the age of indemnity. This new tradition is what we will follow for eternity in the kingdom of heaven. Centering on the family, we should establish the ways of true filial sons and daughters, true husbands and wives who are faithful to each other, and true patriots, and prepare the ways of saints and divine sons and daughters.  We have to prepare these ways here on earth.


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