Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 105

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 3: The Path of Restoration toward God's Original Ideal
Section 3: The Life of a True Person, 06-15


6  Parents' love is good, but if the parents give it for their own sake, the children will not want it. Children's love is good, but if it demands that the parents live for the sake of the children, the parents will not want it. If you gave ten with love for the sake of others, it will return as eleven. Love for the sake of others works that way. If your partner loves you and lives for your sake even in a small way, you want to give back more than you received. This cycle will continue to expand. If the cycle of giving continually expands throughout your life, this sacrificial way of life will extend itself beyond the nation to the world, the heavenly kingdom, and the entire eternal spirit world. When you demand that others live for you, however, your benefit will diminish more and more. If you live like that, what is ten at first will the next time be reduced to eight. If you demand night and day that others live for you, your heart will shrivel up. Since love comes from the other, only when we follow the way of living for the sake of others can pure, ideal love flow back and forth between us.

7 There should be no such thing as selfish individualism. The union of Eve and the archangel was based on a self-centered consciousness—the idea that the self should live for its own sake. That is why we have to deny that path. Up to this point we have been talking about living for the sake of others, but not anymore. From now on, we need to talk about living for the sake of others and the self at the same time. Who are others? "Others" includes "me." We say we have to live for the sake of the Cain world, but that is not exactly so. We must bring them to us because those others and I are actually one body. This is no longer the time for teaching the principle of living for the sake of others; rather, we should teach living for the sake of "others and me." We have to bring our partners to the point that they become one with us, and in so doing, we make something greater—"Us." Then we can go to the kingdom of heaven together. Those who think that they alone are the best will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. This is a principle. If there is one model at the center, then everything for 360 degrees around the center must be divided into equal parts. There should be no barriers, only equality, peace, unity, and freedom. Thus, we are not merely living for the sake of others. Our heart and body have to be united based on a greater heart through the principle of "others and I." In this way, we have to bring Cain to voluntary submission.

8 We have to repay our parents who have lived for our sake. Therefore we must be filial children. Life did not begin from us; it came forth from the Origin of the universe. The entire universe exists in the position of living for the sake of others, and any being that denies this is bound to perish. Such a being would have no origin and therefore no basis for existence. Human beings are born to live for the sake of others. This means we must live for the sake of those who love us. We live for the sake of our father and mother until we die because we need to make their love grow after we first receive it. If we live for their sake until the day they die of old age, our family will grow bigger. In order to inherit the nation, our family has to grow to the level where its love for the nation exceeds the love between the husband and wife. Then it will become a family that the nation can embrace. We must live for the nation, which is greater than the family, and live for the world, which is greater than the nation. Then we must live for heaven and earth, which are greater than the world, and finally, we must live for God, who is the greatest of all.

A life of true love in accordance with God's Will

9 Satan began his invasion by violating God's heart. Therefore, the first step in subjugating and judging Satan is to revive God's heart. In other words, the foundation for victory begins by stimulating God's heart. In the Last Days, there is judgment of the Word, judgment of personality, and judgment of heart. These three—Word, personality, and heart—are the standards of judgment. How can we achieve these standards? We have to ascend to a stage higher than that of Adam and Eve when they fell. Otherwise, we will not be in the position to raise the flag of victory. As people who were called by God, who is the original being of the Word, we have to stand in the position of people who have recovered the Word, and we have to stand in the position of people who have substantiated the Word and inherited God's heart. These are the standards we have to reach and to reach them we must be above the level where Adam and Eve fell. That is why the Unification Church teaches about the heart of God in the age of completion.

10 When Adam and Eve fell at the completion level of the growth stage, they did not understand the heart of God. However, in this age of completion, the Unification Church teaches about the heart of God. It also teaches what the Will of God is and how to fulfill it. Therefore, unless we stand above the level of Adam and Eve at the time of the Fall, we cannot resolve the problem that caused them to fall. We have to move up to that place. Among all the people in the world, however, until now not even one person has attained this position. That is why I am urging you to reach it.

11 You must set your own goals and live according to those goals. You must live your life in a way that God can move with you and history can move with you. Your life should be a model for humanity and for your descendants to follow. Also, you must be courageous and bold in your actions—as when God told Joshua, "Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed; for the Lord, your God is with you wherever you go" (Josh. 1:9). Thus, God reveals His will to central persons in order to fulfill his providence. When God orders a battle with an enemy, we certainly will win that battle. But if you are set on your own goals and live your life according to secular standards, Satan will invade you. The matter is decided based upon what your goals are. Life goals approved by the secular world will not do. They must be life goals that are approved in the realm of heart.

12  Behind your will, life, and action there must be heart. Your will, life, and action must be based on the heart of history, the heart of restoration, the heart of creation, and the heart for all humanity. Adam and Eve were meant to face the matter of heart only after they reached perfection, after going through the formation, growth, and completion stages. The central issue in the new age to come will be heart. You must lead your life centered on the heart of God. His heart consists of the heart of restoration and the heart of creation. If the Fall had not occurred, there would have been no such thing as the heart of restoration. There would have been only the heart of glory—the heart of creation, which rejoices just to gaze upon it. The heart of restoration came about because of the Fall. We have to fulfill the Will through restoration because of the Fall. That is why, based on God's Will and teaching, we have to relieve the heart of God, who has grieved throughout the course of restoration. Since Adam and Eve fell without being able to complete and offer God even one day of glory, we have to complete and offer that one day of glory for God.  With the heart of restoration and the heart of creation, we must offer that one day of glory to God.

The life of a true human being

13 People in England or America should not consider the Japanese or German people who visit their countries as enemies. Even though they are from former enemy countries, the British and Americans should think of them as an extension of their own families. By the same token, wherever you go in the world, if you see an elderly person, you should treat that person with more love than you would give to your own grandfather or grandmother. That is how you come closer to Heaven. If we can, we should create such an environment that American grandmothers treat Japanese children as their own grandchildren. They would even want their grandchildren to intermarry with them, overlooking the difference of nationality.  Love is a mighty thing. In the world of love, people keep their loved ones close to their heart, no matter what the circumstances. The family is the training ground for life in heaven. The kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven is an extension of the family. This is the reason I have worried about America.

14 The model family whose members are united by love is like a textbook of the kingdom of heaven. The world is an extension of the family. The people of the world can be differentiated by age: those at the age of grandfathers and grandmothers, those at the age of mothers and fathers, those at the age of young couples, and those at the age of children. If the people of these different ages train themselves to unite and harmonize with one another within their own families, they create a formula by which wherever they go, whether on earth or in heaven, they can inherit everything, participate in everything and become the owners of everything. The kingdom of heaven is one family. The kingdom of heaven on earth is a world where people treat one another with love as their own brothers and sisters, beyond the national barriers. People who live such lives then move on to the eternal kingdom of heaven in heaven. That is the greatest success in life and the path of greatest happiness.

15 Men and women are supposed to be ideal partners who help each other reach perfection. Without a partner, there is no way to find true love and no way to attain perfection. Your mother and father should give you their signatures of approval, your grandmother and grandfather should say, "okay," your spouse should say, "okay," and your sons and daughters should say, "My father and mother are okay." When all of them recognize you as a good couple, your sons and daughters will be happy. They will be happy because they live with you, their parents, who represent God, the King of the Universe. Your home, where they live, is a palace in which they are princes and princesses. Such a family is the kingdom of heaven. I have discovered this, and I am now teaching you by practicing it.
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