Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 56

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 3. The Beginning of True Father's Public Course and the Founding of HSA-UWC
Chapter 1: True Father Begins His Course of Public Life
Section 3: Eight-Stage Restoration and 43-Day Battle for Victory, Vertical Restoration
Section 3: Eight-Stage Restoration and 43-Day Battle for Victory, Paragraph 10

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Section 3. Eight-Stage Restoration and 43-Day Battle for Victory

Vertical restoration

True Father was supposed to meet a woman in the position of perfected Eve on the foundation of having received the blessing from Rev. Kim Baek-moon. The woman was the elderly Mrs. Pak Eul-yong, the self-proclaimed “Wife of Jehovah.” At the time, she was in a position where God guided her and the spirit world followed her. Therefore, True Father went to look for Mrs. Pak in order to restore and take back the right of dominion from Eve.

He served her from the lowest possible position, even looking after her children for her, walking the path of sacrifice and service. This woman testified to True Father as he passed through each one of the different stages of servant of servants, servant, adopted son, stepson, son, prime minister of the heavenly kingdom, the position of Jesus, and the substantial object partner of God. In this way, having searched for and established all positions of the vertical eight stages, he concluded the work of restoration to regain the right of dominion from Eve.

1  Having received the blessing of inheritance from a male representative, I also needed to receive it from a female representative. Without this, restoration could not be accomplished. I had received the male blessing from the group of Rev. Kim Baek-moon. The restoration of the blessing from a female representative still remained to be completed. Without it, I could not inherit the entire providential foundation that God had prepared in Korea.

I left Rev. Kim after establishing the standard of receiving his blessing, and now I had to restore the same thing through indemnity in order to receive the blessing from a woman. Since it was a woman who caused the Fall, fundamental restoration must be done through a woman. This is why women had to go through suffering courses until now. They had to go through hardships throughout the course of history in order to open the gate to the positions of servant, adopted child, and son and daughter.

2  I had heard a rumor that there was an eccentric elderly lady in Pyongyang. The spiritual people in the area communicated well among themselves, and they all knew about her. That lady claimed she was the wife of Jehovah. Secular people said she was crazy. Even Christian churches said she was crazy. But I had been waiting for such a woman, and I was very happy to hear what they said about her. Upon hearing about her, I prayed, “O, Heaven! For the fulfillment of the mission of restoration, You have prepared the foundation of heavenly law for this Korean Peninsula. Through these women, Heo Ho-bin and Pak Eul-yong, You have been preparing to resolve the matter of the Fall, which still remains. Therefore I will go to Pyongyang.” In my prayer I reported this to heaven.

Since Christianity failed to attend this matter of the Will, that history must be restored through indemnity. God guided and prepared everything for me. Even when I was crossing the 38th parallel, a rainbow showed me the way forward. It directly guided me for 50 kilometers. By following this kind of amazing guidance, I eventually visited Mrs. Pak in Pyongyang and concluded the restoration of that history through indemnity.

3  Even the Returning Lord must go through a process to receive blessings. He has to receive the blessing as the world-level Abel. He should meet people who can bless him in this way, and then offer them sincere devotion day and night so that they will feel no regret in passing all their blessings onto him. He must receive their world-level blessing, which at the same time is heaven’s blessing. He should be blessed not only as Abel but also as the Messiah. In order to become the Returning Lord, he must receive the blessing while standing in the position of the world-level Abel and the heir of the Messiah. But a son cannot bless the Messiah. Only a mother can do so. The only ones who can give birth to the Messiah are a mother and God. The Messiah is born through a woman, and for that reason only a mother and God can bless him. Therefore, a woman who is also the wife of God must appear. She must appear and testify that she can serve him as the Messiah. However, in order for the mother to give such a testimony saying, “You are my beloved child,” the candidate for the Messiah must give her absolute obedience. He has to advance in such an environment. In order to receive that blessing, he must serve her in the role of a servant of servants.

4  When I received precious things from people who wanted to follow and attend me, I gave them all to this elderly woman, Mrs. Pak, who was called the wife of Jehovah. Today our church members, in order to restore the Korean people, are taking care of elderly men and women in rural areas and wiping the runny noses of little children. But that is nothing compared to what I did in those days. I did everything for Mrs. Pak, which included laundering her undergarments, something even other women were reluctant to do. I needed to do whatever she told me to do, because that was the formula for the providence of restoration. God’s history of restoration through indemnity started from the position of a servant, and so I myself needed to be treated as a servant in the beginning. When I offered my sincere devotion in the position of a servant, I could restore that position.

You do not know how exciting it was to have this kind of experience. This time was like a testing period leading up to the point where I could proclaim, “Ah! This is how the Principle works.” It was a time period to test whether or not the Principle was true. Because I had such an attitude and practiced it, heaven was sure to give me the blessing. I began restoring the blessing, starting from the position of servant of servants. After I was recognized as the best servant of servants, I went up to the position of a servant. Likewise, with further devotion, I received the blessing in the position of an adopted son.

5  I heard a rumor that there was an elderly woman who said she was the wife of Jehovah, so I went to look for her. I visited her and discovered that she was living such a spiritual life that she would dance with the saints and the sages who lived in the spirit world. Jesus would come to her and give lectures. Confucius and Moses would come to her and speak with her. I joined them, and in the beginning I entered the position of a servant to the archangel. All the people there said that a servant of servants who is loved by heaven had come to them. Then they realized I was superior to the other servants of servants, so they said, “Wow! Now, you are a servant.” That was how they testified about me. Then they said, “You are the younger brother of Jesus,” and then later, “You are Jesus’ twin brother.” This is restoration. With each new statement from them, I continued to be elevated, “You are the elder brother of Jesus,” and then, “You are the prime minister of the heavenly kingdom.” The position above the prime minister is God. I was then the prime minister of the heavenly kingdom, so they said, “You are the king of the heavenly kingdom!” But to be the king was not enough. “You are the teacher of teachers who teaches us about the spirit world, and you are the father of fathers. At the same time, you are the king.” In this way, Mrs. Pak stood in God’s place and acknowledged my progress. Finally, after I had started by serving Mrs. Pak from the position of a servant of servants, our positions were completely reversed.

43-day course in the spirit world

After finding and establishing the positions of the vertical eight stages, True Father had to endure 43 days of trials sent by the spirit world. The situation was such that Jesus and all the saints and sages in the spirit world refuted True Father’s word of the Principle. Armed with the laws of heaven, Father faced all their opposition by himself and fought them to the end. God ultimately declared that True Father’s assertions were indeed the principles, secret truths and laws by which the work of restoration can be completed. Then God bestowed His Divine Seal on True Father.

6  After I received the blessing from Mrs. Pak, I told her who I was. I told her what kind of mission she had, and that she needed to submit herself to God’s Will that seeks to resolve the bitter sorrows of restoration. She had to hear all that from a young man whom previously she had been able to control as she wished. She must have been very shocked to hear that she now had to submit to me, especially since in those days, she was considered to be the wife of Jehovah. If she had followed me at that time, I would not have gone on to suffer such hardships. She was supposed to yield to me, but it was too hard for her to do so. With that failure, about 1,000 people were disconnected from the providence. The moment she went against me, rather than yielding to me, she became mentally ill.

Until I came to inherit internal and external blessings, the spiritual test I had to go through was beyond description. It was the test of the 43-day course. During that period, all the spirits in the spirit world raged against me. However, I fought against them with heaven’s principle. For 43 days, I fought against the entire spirit world including all the religious leaders, Jesus, and even God. God could not allow the spirit world to turn into a battleground. He had to declare the verdict, but did so only after 43 days had passed. Without heaven’s principle, the heavens and the earth will perish. The path I had found could not be wrong. In the end, I received the ruling from heaven that I had won the final battle in the spirit world.

7  What was it that the Returning Lord had to accomplish? Due to the opposition of Christianity, the entire foundation in the spiritual world and the physical world that had been laid for my victory had completely collapsed. Therefore, I had to rebuild it. All of the 4,000-year history of the providence of restoration on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation had to be reorganized in the spirit world. That is why I entered the spirit world and fought against numerous people there. The spirit world was against me. They were on Satan’s side, opposing me and accusing me of being a heretic.

Restoration through indemnity is inevitable. I had to deal with it first as an individual. We had ideological disputes over the truth. I could not build the kingdom of heaven on earth just with my fists. I had to win the fight with truth and true love. Consequently, there was great chaos in the spirit world for 43 days. People did not know that the religious leaders had failed to fulfill their portions of responsibility, or that the process of restoration is accomplished through changing the bloodline centering on the heart. Through my proclamation of such truth, the spirit world is now aware of these things. They disputed with me, and they lost.

8  In order to become the Lord at the Second Advent, I had to enter the spirit world and obtain God’s Divine Seal. I entered the spirit world and fought there for 43 days. From the bottom of hell to the top of heaven, the whole spirit world said, “Moon is a heretic.” I had to bring order in such a situation, starting from the bottom. In the end, I had to fight the saints and sages, and even God, regarding who was the rightful owner of the providence. At that time I said, “All the people in the spirit world are from the wrong bloodline. Did you know that you must change your lineage?” The second issue was the restoration of the authority of possession. I said, “Anyone who had their own right of possession on earth is a traitor to the heavenly kingdom!” The religious founders considered themselves very distinguished, but this became their stumbling block. That was why in the spirit world I took a firm stand and fought with full confidence, saying, “How can this be heresy?”

Toward the end, when it seemed that great chaos might break out in the spirit world, even God, the presiding Judge with the power to declare the verdict, opposed me. Further, it was in accord with the principle of restoration through indemnity that since Adam betrayed God, God also had to betray the perfected Adam. Only then could the sorrowful walls in God’s heart be torn down. Therefore, the whole spirit world and even God opposed me, leaving me to stand alone. Still, God could not leave the spirit world in such a state, and had to declare the final verdict. He said that what I had said about restoring the heavenly bloodline, the authority of possession, and the realm of the heavenly heart was all true. I received God’s Divine Seal as the victor and returned to earth.

9  Immediately after liberation, Korea and all its Christian churches, which are components of the free world, united to oppose me. Just as in the past, when the government and the religious authorities united to kill Jesus and John the Baptist, similar things happened in Korea. Satan killed Adam and destroyed Adam’s family, and he killed Jesus, postponing the development of the Christian cultural sphere. Likewise, now that we had come to the worldwide level, he mobilized all his might to attack me on the physical plane. That physical attack was fearful, but Satan even attacked me spiritually. Satan launched attacks from both the spiritual and physical worlds.

God said to Satan, “Do whatever you want to do! Do everything you want to do!” What Satan wanted to do was to challenge me to find out if I was qualified to be the Father of the entire spirit world and physical world combined. Satan said, “I have established my foundation through my descendants in the world and in the spirit world. You claim to be the True Parent who has come to earth in order to liberate humankind from this, but I will not recognize you as the True Parent unless you first overcome all the challenges from the spirit world as well as from the physical world.” From the Principle perspective, God had to accept what Satan said. Knowing this, before I faced the attack of the entire world, I first went to the spirit world in order to unite its many levels.

10  Adam betrayed God, and that needed to be restored through indemnity. The principle of restoration through indemnity is merciless; there is no forgiveness. Since Adam betrayed God, in the Last Days, in order for the Lord of the Second Advent to appear, Adam’s betrayal has to be restored through indemnity. That is why God could not express His love for me, but instead had to strike me. Under such circumstances God opposed me, but I fought back, insisting that what I said was true. God could not leave the spirit world in never-ending chaos, so He had to proclaim the victor within 43 days. I had to come back from the spirit world with His Divine Seal testifying to my victory through such a proclamation. God is the root of everything, and after receiving God’s Divine Seal for having made the complete foundation for victory, I came down from the spirit world to the earth. In this way, I resolved all the disputes in the spirit world that had been going on for 4,000 years.

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