Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 55

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 3. The Beginning of True Father's Public Course and the Founding of HSA-UWC
Chapter 1: True Father Begins His Course of Public Life
Section 2: Pyongyang, Paragraph 10-18

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10  How much do you think God had to prepare before I went to evangelize in Pyongyang? There was another woman I met there whom God had told 20 years earlier that she would meet me at someone’s house and hear God’s Word from me. I was 26 years old when I went to North Korea. God told her this when I was only seven years old. I certainly did not know that woman, or that she had received such a message. How on earth could people believe such a story?

While I was in Pyongyang, quite a few people shared that sort of testimony. They had the mission to testify to me from the position of the archangel. From the perspective of the Principle, before I came to earth, there had to be people who were even more prepared than I was. Even several centuries before my coming, the spirits who would attend me in the future had to cooperate with people on earth in order to establish the foundation for me to deal with Satan’s world.

11  Grandfathers and grandmothers are fond of me. There were 80-year old grandmothers who, guided by the spirit world, came to see me when I was in Pyongyang. Why would they come to see me, walking with their canes? Those grandmothers who came to me under the guidance of the spirit world were so happy even to touch the hem of my garment. When they went back home they spontaneously danced with joy. After touching the hem of my garment, they felt like they were soaring through the sky. They were so overjoyed, dancing all day long, that they even forgot to eat. How could that be? I did not use any magic.

When we taste the atmosphere of true love, we become this way. We become happy without apparent reason. We are happy to give and keep giving. We are joyful even when people curse at us. We are happy, no matter how hard we have to work.

12  Nobody witnessed to Grandmother Ok Sae-hyeon. When she asked in prayer how the Messiah would come, God told her that he would come in the flesh, not on the clouds. That is what God told her. She absolutely believed this no matter who opposed her. In her prayers, she asked, “When will the Messiah come?” and, “Where will he come?” Then God said, “He is in Pyongyang now. He is hiding in a room in Gyeongchang-ri.” Since I was hidden away there, and no rumors had yet circulated about where I was, she could not find me. This was during the time that I was pioneering in Gyeongchang-ri.

13  When I was in Pyongyang, an elderly lady came to visit me. I was 26 and she was over 70. She had received God’s grace while worshiping at the churches of Rev. Gil Seon-ju and Rev. Yi Yong-do, and she performed great spiritual works the likes of which no one else could do. She used to offer prayers at Moranbong in Pyongyang. She received the revelation that in the future Japan would try to eliminate Christianity in Korea and that she should prepare herself for that time. She used to pray there at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. Although her husband opposed her, she fended off all opposition and continued her prayers for many years. She knew that Korea would become the chosen nation. She taught the women of Pyongyang about the new world that awaited them in the future and that a joyous and prosperous era would begin soon in Korea.

It is because of the existence of people such as her who prayed in this manner that God’s work for the Will could be maintained. The Lord must not be alone when he comes, only to be chased and cornered and die with no one at his side. Because there were such women on earth who offered their lives, praying to God and relating to His Will, the foundation of God’s providence of restoration could be sustained on earth.

14  I went to Pyongyang at the age of 26 and caused quite a commotion. When I was in Seoul, the same thing happened. When I would go to a village, the people in the village were willing to stay up all night at my home, talking. So I became the object of much debate.

Even the village children would come and pee in the toilet that belonged to the house where I was staying. Why? I told them interesting stories and folktales. My stories were so entertaining that the children would forget about eating. We had fun playing games together, and I invented dozens of games every day. While playing with them, I asked them, “Where are your mom and dad?” After finding out about their parents’ situation, I would keep playing with them. After playing at my house until late, the children would become tired and fall asleep. Then I would visit their homes and witness to their parents.

What a wonderful way to witness! Since the children had fallen asleep after playing until late, I would carry them on my back to their mom and dad. What parent isn’t grateful to someone who has just brought their child home on his back? They would invite me in for a cup of tea. That is how I witnessed.

15  When I was living in a boarding house in Pyongyang, I offered bows to a three-year old boy. I attended him like I attend heaven. It says in the Bible that unless you become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. I honored him above myself to such a degree that he asked me in tears to stop. I recited poems, sang songs and praised him as God’s son, even using honorific language. Having done that, I was recognized by God and the child praised me.

Since the Human Fall reversed the original order of above and below in heaven and on earth, I had to set the order straight through such actions, which is the path of restoration. After I established such a reciprocal base by which others could receive me with a joyful heart, only then could I stand in the position of their teacher.

The Daedong Detention Center

When Father’s church in Pyongyang became filled with spiritual phenomena, many devout Christians stopped attending their own churches and instead went only to where True Father was. Subsequently, their church pastors and elders came to True Fathers place and became hostile, sometimes even kidnapping their church members. When things did not turn out as they had hoped, these ministers eventually reported True Father to the communist authorities, saying that he was a suspicious fellow from South Korea who held illegal meetings. That is why he was confined in the Daedong Detention Center on August 11, 1946.

Yet, even under such dire circumstances, he welcomed his imprisonment, for he knew that in the detention center he was going to meet the founder of a spiritual church. Rev. Heo Ho-bin, the founder of the Inside the Womb Church, and her principal followers were imprisoned there at that time. Because Rev. Heo was a woman, she was placed in a separate prison cell from True Father. But Father was in the same cell as one of her male followers, and Father was able to share many words with that man.

At that time, members of the Inside the Womb Church believed that the Lord was in Rev. Heo’s womb, and she led her followers with spirit-filled words that came to her whenever her belly contracted. True Father told Rev. Heo’s follower that she should deny her revelations and be released from prison, but this cellmate did not believe True Fathers words. Therefore, as a last resort, True Father secretly sent a note to Rev. Heo. She then stood in the position of having to choose either to believe True Father’s words or not to believe. Because she had never met him, she deemed it her duty to the Lord she was serving to keep true to her revelations rather than trust the words of True Father, so she discarded Father’s note.

If she had known that True Father was the Messiah, she would have treasured his words. Because she thought his note was worthless, she threw it away without a second thought. The note was then discovered by the authorities, and True Father was severely tortured, eventually cast out of the detention center, and left on the street on the verge of death. The members of Gyeongchang-ri Church brought True Father to the church and nursed him back to health with utter devotion. Thanks to them, True Father regained his health, but Rev. Heo Ho-bin and her principal followers later died in prison or suffered other wretched circumstances.

16  The Communist Party began to suppress all the new religious groups throughout North Korea beginning in June 1946. Any group that was similar was treated the same way. At that time, I was pioneering in Gyeongchang-ri, Pyongyang. Why did I go from South Korea to North Korea? It was because at the time Pyongyang was the center of Korean Christianity. It was where Korean Christians had fought throughout history to keep their faith. I went to North Korea to fulfill my mission to make a new beginning on the foundation that heaven had prepared. On August 11, 1946 while pioneering, I was arrested by the communists and imprisoned at the Daedong Detention Center.

17  In 1946, I was caught by the Communist Party and imprisoned at Daedong Detention Center. This was after Korea’s liberation from Japan, and Christians were rebuilding their churches and making a new start in Pyongyang to accomplish Christianity’s historical mission. I went into this environment and worked to build a new movement. In those days the movement to rebuild churches and reform people’s faith was in full swing. Korea’s Christians were filled with Joy and new hope after the liberation of Korea from Japanese occupation, which for many years had caused extreme suffering, hardships and sorrow for Christian believers. It was there, where the zeal for building new churches was spreading like wildfire, that I started the Gyeongchang-ri Church. Once I started it, leaders from those Christian congregations, as well as those who received spiritual guidance, came to my services instead of attending their own churches, which became a problem. In those days, I was laying the foundation to begin my church by witnessing in Gyeongchang-ri, close to the west gate.

18  When I was imprisoned, one of the things the communists accused me of was that I was connected to the church of Rev. Heo Ho-Bin. In the prison I managed to pass a slip of paper to her that read, “The person who wrote this has a heavenly mission. You must find out who he is through your own prayer. If, in front of the communists, you deny the revelations you have received, you will be released from prison.” But she did not believe this, and the paper was discovered by a prison guard. That was at 2:00 p.m. on September 18, 1946, and on account of that I was subjected to severe torture.An investigator from the Soviet Union interrogated me to find out if I was a spy for the US troops in South Korea, an offense for which I had been charged. He determined that I was not guilty, and I was released on the afternoon of November 21, 1946. Rev. Heo and her followers did not listen to me. She was executed, and during the Korean War her followers were all massacred. Due to the failure of that group, I needed to find other followers. I worked until I could gain a certain number of members as a condition.

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