Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 53

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 3. The Beginning of True Father's Public Course and the Founding of HSA-UWC
Chapter 1: True Father Begins His Course of Public Life
Section 1: Father’s Public Course, Paragraph 10-20

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10  The democratic world centered on global Christianity is the realm of the Second Israel. Christianity is in the position to offer a worldview to guide the democratic world. This is similar to the position of Judaism in the First Israel. Israel and Christianity are thus spiritually connected. Therefore, the work of the Lord at his Second Coming must be done upon the victorious foundation through which he can inherit the realm of the spiritual Israel. He must appear on earth upon the victorious foundation on the spiritual individual level, the spiritual family level, and the spiritual tribe, spiritual people, spiritual nation, and spiritual world levels. The Lord at the Second Advent cannot put the world in order without having such foundations.

After subjugating the entire spirit world and taking control of it, he reigns over the world following God’s Will. After that, he needs to go through the substantial indemnity course, this time on earth. Spiritually, the realm of the Second Israel was victorious worldwide. This worldwide realm of Israel, which won spiritual victory, corresponds on the world level to the angelic world. Since the Returning Lord is the Third Adam, he has to inherit the foothold of the realm of the spiritual Israel which the Second Adam, Jesus, had won.

11  After its liberation from Japan, Korea was supposed to have been established as a republic in the context of a united world, protected by the democratic world of the Christian realm. At that time, I expected to start at the highest level, fulfilling a new historical mission by joining hands with the leaders of the newborn country. However, things were interrupted when some pastors representing Christianity opposed me. A nation built around Christianity could have been formed, but the top leaders of Christianity opposed me, and that led all of Christianity in Korea to oppose me.

12  In the effort to annihilate Christianity in Korea, Japanese imperialists forced Christians to worship at Shinto shrines. There were two types of Christian groups at that time: those who accepted worship at Shinto shrines and those who rejected it. Those who rejected it were imprisoned or went underground. Those who accepted worship at the shrines became prominent in society. At that time, the spiritual groups who went underground received revelations that the Messiah would come in the flesh and lead their groups, though they did not know who he was. Therefore, they were in the subject position to educate the Christians who were prominent in society. These groups could have united and taken the role of the leading people when Korea gained its independence.

After the liberation of Korea, the underground spiritual groups were supposed to have taken the subject position. But the opposite happened. Those who worshipped at the Shinto shrines and those who had studied abroad and had contacts in America took the subject position. A Christian revival movement could have been initiated under the ideal of the Returning Lord and based on the Returning Lords new understanding of God, but that chance was lost.

Around the time of the liberation of Korea, most Korean churches were in North Korea. Since the majority of churches were in Pyongyang, it meant North Korea was the center of Korean Christianity. Therefore, the Christian movement in North Korea could have established the framework of the nation and become the spiritual foundation of providential activities to revive worldwide Christianity. However, it failed to do so. Instead, when the nation was formed, Christians fought among themselves like Cain and Abel. Before the churches could establish the proper foundation, Satan invaded, and the Cain nation was established first.

In this situation, a new nation needed to be established to at least protect the southern part of Korea. This is why Korea could not be unified. It was divided into two nations. Korea could have become a unified nation with Christianity at the center and become the base for God’s Will. Instead, it began to fall into Satan’s hands.

13  After the liberation of Korea, three groups of Christian churches appeared: those that worshiped at the Shinto shrines; the Jaegeon group who took it as their mission to rebuild the church and whose members chose to go to prison rather than obey orders to worship at the Shinto shrines; and the Spirit-led churches. In terms of the Principle, the first group was the formation stage, the second was the growth stage and the third was the completion stage.

The group of Spirit-led churches took on the mission to restore the Garden of Eden. This group consisted of three churches. Their respective leaders were: Rev. Pak Dong-gi, representing the Old Testament Age; Rev. Kim Baek-moon, representing New Testament Age; and Rev. Heo Ho-bin, representing the Completed Testament Age. Rev. Heo’s church was led by women.

These groups were to restore the formation, growth and completion stages vertically and restore the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages horizontally. The group of churches that worked to restore the church and the group of Spirit-led churches were to have united together, and I was meant to stand on their foundation. However, just as John the Baptist did not support Jesus, the leaders of these Spirit-led churches could not recognize who I was, even though they knew that the Lord would come again as a person in the flesh.

14  Rev. Bum Seong-do had the mission of Eve, and Rev. Heo Ho-bin had that of Mother Mary. Jesus came to earth and lived 33 years. His life ended by execution on the cross without being able to complete his mission. Therefore, Rev. Heo’s group prepared everything to indemnify that. She prophesied that the Messiah at his Second Coming would come to Korea. She even received revelations about the height and build of the Messiah and prepared clothing, bedding and everything else for him.

She received that originally all these things were to have been prepared for Jesus at his coming, and that if there were nobody to prepare them for the Returning Lord, God could not send him. In the past, not even one room was prepared for Jesus to lie down in. Consequently, he was laid in a manger. Since God felt bitter sorrow over this, God selected one person and had her prepare everything needed for the Messiah’s daily life, including his clothing, his room and so on. God had her prepare everything of the best quality, things that would be considered the best by anyone, whether in the East or the West.

15  On the eastern coast of Korea, Rev. Yi Yong-do was a leader of one of the Spirit-led churches. He ignited the fire of the Holy Spirit in many people. Through such spiritual work, heaven tried to unite all the spiritual figures into one group. The spiritual work was divided into two categories: one was internal and the other was external. Rev. Yi established a church called the New Jesus Church. At that time, the Inside the Womb Church in western Korea received a revelation instructing its members to unite with the New Jesus Church. So they visited the New Jesus Church in the east, but the eastern group did not accept the western group. Because they did not unite, God needed a pioneer for a new movement.

God wanted to find another person who could accept His direction. That person was Rev. Kim Baek-moon. Rev. Baek Nam-ju was the formation stage, Rev. Yi was the growth stage, and Rev. Kim was the completion stage. Rev. Yi was in the position of Jesus. He died in 1933 at the age of 33. From this, we can understand that God made extensive preparations in this way for the Second Coming of the Lord. God started these early preparations so that Korea would be able to overcome Japanese oppression. Under these circumstances, I started to prepare for my own course.

16  When I was around 25 years old, I met all the famous religious people in Korea, including Christian pastors, Buddhist monks, astrologers and spiritualists. I used to debate with them on views of faith, comparing what they knew and what I knew. When I asked Christian ministers, “What was the Fall?” none of them knew. They did not know how humanity fell. Although Christianity had made amazing progress and had achieved world-level results, if its leaders were unclear about what happened at the start of human history, they would not be able to reach perfection. Yet these pastors were all completely unaware of the cause of the Fall. Nevertheless, although I knew how the Fall took place and all of its circumstances, all the so-called knowledgeable people whom I met did not know about it. Still, the time was not ripe, so I could not make it known.

17  As I grew up from childhood to adolescence and became more mature, I deeply researched the contents of the Bible. I came to understand everything about God’s providence. Then at age 26, with the liberation of Korea, I made a new start. I had begun visiting underground churches at the age of 24, before Korea was liberated. I was thinking, “What kind of path do these spiritual people take? God’s providence should go this way, and certain groups must be prepared for this purpose.” With this in mind, I met many prominent spiritual people. But they did not know God’s Will and its direction.

Therefore, I began preaching with all my heart, and I made relationships with them. I visited underground churches, and even though the leaders did not recognize me, the people in those churches who communicated with the spirit world testified to me. When I stayed there just one week, the spiritual people there followed me. Such phenomena occurred. That divided the underground church into two groups. I had to gather people who understood me in order to form a spiritual church. I had to teach them that the Messiah was not coming on the clouds. I knew that many Christians would join me if I kept that truth sealed for about ten years. But heaven did not allow me to do so. God’s providence required a frontal assault. God is invisible, so I needed to be His visible instrument to cope with and overcome the world dominated by the invisible Satan.

18  I met Rev. Kim Baek-moon in October 1945, three months after the liberation of Korea. I knew he had a great mission. In those days, he was the leader of the Christian Israel Monastery, which he had founded at heaven’s direction. He knew he needed to prepare a foundation to receive the Lord at the Second Advent. It was the direction heaven had given him. I visited his group and stayed there for six months. During that period, God worked through various means.

19  I went to Rev. Kim Baek-moon’s group and attended him as a servant. You cannot even imagine how many tears I shed at that time. I prayed with a sincerity that people could not fathom. The wooden floor on which I prayed was always wet with my tears. I could have criticized the contents of Rev. Kim’s teaching. I could have fully subjugated him and his followers by speaking out about the revelation I received. But instead, I continued serving them without saying anything. As a result of this, God was with me, and since they were also spiritually pure, God gave them the direction to follow me.

20  Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. Similarly, it was ordained that I was to inherit everything from Rev. Kim Baek-moon. After six months, Rev. Kim received a revelation from heaven, and he put his hand on my head and blessed me, saying, “May all the glory of King Solomon from throughout the world be on you.” My encounter with Rev. Kim was significant in the providence. At that point, since heaven told him to bless me, he should have asked me and found out why I was given such a blessing. This was his five percent portion of responsibility. However, as his devoted followers started to follow me, he was displeased. Regardless, I received the blessing from him, through which I inherited what he had.

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