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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 3. The Beginning of True Father's Public Course and the Founding of HSA-UWC
Chapter 1: True Father Begins His Course of Public Life
Section 1: Father’s Public Course, God’s victory in World War II
Section 1: Father’s Public Course, Paragraph 9

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Chapter 1  True Father Begins His Course of Public Life

Section 1. Father’s Public Course

God’s victory in World War II

The foundation for the providence centered on the Lord at the Second Advent was established through the victory of God’s side in World War II centered on Christianity. The liberation of Korea on August 15, 1945, ended 40 years of Japanese colonial rule. This was a singularly notable event in the history of God’s providence. When Korea was finally freed from Japanese colonialism, it became possible for the providence to advance to a new level.

1  World War II was a war in which England, America and France united and fought against Japan, Germany and Italy. What was sown at the Fall had to be harvested. The seed that began with individuals bore fruit in nations on the world level. Fallen seeds were sown by Adam and Eve and then divided into Cain and Abel. Hence, the world was divided into two: the God’s side Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel, and the Satan’s side Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. England was Eve on God’s side, America was Abel on God’s side, and France was Cain on God’s side. On Satan’s side, Japan was Eve, Germany was Abel and Italy was Cain. In World War II, God’s side and Satan’s side fought each other, and Satan’s side was defeated.

2  During the First and Second World Wars, Korea was under Japanese rule and Korean patriots fought against Japanese imperialism. Korea suffered under Japanese rule for 40 years. During those 40 years, Japan attempted to erase the Korean traditional culture, and even the Korean language.

Due to the Fall of the first human ancestors, God lost the four-position foundation. Therefore, God’s purpose for the providence of restoration was to restore the four-position foundation. This is why the number four appears so often in God’s providence as depicted in the Bible. There are many indemnity periods of 40 and 400 years in the Bible. Restoration through indemnity is always achieved by this principle.

For Korea to become the Adam nation in God’s providence, it first had to be ruled by an Eve nation. And then Korea had to overcome that Eve nation and achieve independence. During that time, Japan united with Germany and Italy. These countries were on Satan’s side. Japan was the Eve nation on Satan’s side. The United States, Britain and France were on God’s side. During World War I, Germany was almost completely destroyed. Twenty years later, Germany had revived, and had a providential role during World War II.

The country that strikes another country first is always defeated. This is why the United States, England and France joined forces and together defeated the nations on Satan’s side.

Korea had to live under Japanese rule for a period of 40 years. Japan was the Eve nation on Satan’s side. During that time, Japan tried to get rid of Korea’s traditional culture and even the Korean language.

3  While under Satan’s dominion, first the nation of Israel and then Christianity fought against Satan physically and spiritually. Likewise, while the land of Korea was dominated by its enemy Japan for 40 years, Korean patriots who were internally determined to die for the nation led an independence movement. Centered on such a spirit, God continued to expand His investment in the providence. Those patriots worked together in unity and established a nation centered on those who believed in Christianity. It was extremely significant for the providence that Christians who loved Korea at the risk of their lives established a patriotic standard while the nation was under 40 years of Japanese occupation.

4  After the liberation of Korea, a new providential movement could have been launched centered on America. On the foundation of a worldwide victory centered on Christianity and America, God’s providence could have begun a new era. Because Father knew the new level of truth, the Principle, he had been active in the Korean underground independence movement. With the liberation of Korea, the time had come when Father could work publicly.

At that time, the United States military stationed in Korea set up a government administration. Many Koreans who worked for the US military administration were those who had come home from their studies overseas. These people could easily unite with the military administration. Those Korean Christians that had been informants for the Japanese government, worshipping at Shinto shrines, also had connections with the US military administration.

On the other hand, Christians who had been active in the underground were members of locally rooted groups and were not used to relating with people from foreign countries. Therefore, they were not able to form relationships with the office of the US administration. Hence, in the end the Korean Christians divided into two groups: those who had cooperated with the Japanese and those who had opposed them.

5  The purpose of religion is the perfection of Adam. The purpose of God’s restoration providence is also the perfection of Adam. During the Creation, the archangel helped God in the Garden of Eden for the sake of Adam’s perfection. God created angels as His helpers and supporters. God’s purpose and the angels’ purpose were the same: the perfection of Adam.

Therefore, the standard of perfection must be indemnified at the world level, in the spiritual world and in the physical world. Christianity is the religion of the archangelic realm on God’s side. The environment created immediately after World War II was one in which Christianity was able to move the world. The whole world moved toward heaven’s side. Adam would certainly appear at such a time.

Satan’s world and the archangelic realm on God’s side had fought both spiritually and physically. In a biblical sense, this was the war of Armageddon. The victory of God’s side in World War II meant that heaven’s archangelic realm in the spiritual world and in the physical world defeated Satan’s world. Hence, the time had come when Adam could appear on earth. This is why I am saying that right after World War II was the time when the Second Coming of Christ could occur.

6  When World War II was ending, Japanese oppression made it difficult for devoted Christians to keep their faith. Koreans prayed to God for decisive action in Korea, and many people were directly guided by God or by the spirit world. They were able to escape from or evade arrest by the Japanese police. Most of them knew Japan would be defeated. Many people in Korea received revelations that after World War II world history would unfold centered on Korea.

I was connected with several groups of such people. But I could not reveal anything of the Principle that you are now learning. I could not tell them, because I received instructions from God and promised God that I would start my work only after the liberation of Korea, when the proper conditions had been set. God’s Will cannot be achieved by only one man. There must be people willing to work with that man. God also revealed that after World War II the Christian churches would be divided.

7  Right after the liberation of Korea in 1945, if Korean Christianity had united with the Unification movement and with me, then, based on the Christian cultural sphere, the work of uniting the entire world could have begun immediately. Then, from such a position, the providence easily could have expanded beyond the national level. At that time, Korea did not control its own sovereignty, but had inherited the foundation of the adopted son based upon the foundation of the victorious realm of America, the archangel nation, centering on the Christian cultural sphere. On this foundation, had the Unification movement established a worldwide foundation, the angelic world and the adopted son’s world could have reached perfection and could have entered the era of the world cultural sphere that would have received the Son and Daughter of God’s direct lineage. If the realm of the Abel culture centered on the returning Christ had been realized, the realms of the archangel and adopted son could have been connected to the realm of the True Son. Thus history, as a vertical line, is to become one with the horizontal reality. Unless I can manage to forge this unity, it will not be possible to remove Satan’s base.

8  If I had been able to establish a foundation centered on Christianity before the August 15 liberation of Korea, the Jaegeon Christian group—those who were imprisoned for refusing to worship at Shinto shrines—could have taken a central position based on my foundation of faith.

If that had happened, Christianity could have followed my guidance and stood in the position to welcome the United Nations troops. The UN troops would then have been welcomed by those who had been imprisoned, and the whole world could have been connected. If the UN had been welcomed in North Korea at that time, Korea would not have been divided into North and South. If the spiritual groups had been united in welcoming the UN troops, there would have been no place for Satan to invade. However, this ideal vision was not realized. Therefore, I had to restore this by making other conditions.

In particular, Rev. Heo Ho-bin’s spiritual group did not receive me. In a lonely place, I had to send messages more than three times. After I reported to heaven, I made it clear to them, “Unless you accept my guidance, your nation and the world will be destroyed and all the merit you have built up will be taken away by heaven.” By giving them this warning, I laid a foundation that I could harvest later. Then I waited for the liberation of Korea. After Korea was liberated, I had to travel around the world.

9  I grew up during the time of Japanese occupation. Under the circumstances of that time, even though I had a great vision and hope in my heart, I could not express what I had in my mind. Even when I had extraordinary thoughts, I could not express them without being circumspect and checking whether speaking was appropriate. However great the thought or idea I may have had, it was not the time when I could express myself unless I felt clearly it was safe to do so. In other words, it was a time of restrictions. Under these circumstances, I prepared myself and fought to feel my way forward in the course of restoration. I had to take the path revealed in the Principle, which nobody knew.

Then in 1945, Korea was liberated. I was 25 years old. All the Korean people were happy as they celebrated their liberation. In an uproar they shouted, Mansei! They were filled with joy as if all of heaven and earth was theirs and they could turn the world upside down. I was happy as well. However, except for that day, I have not shouted Mansei for the liberation of the nation. Even though I was happy, I could not be truly happy. This was because I knew the Korean people were responsible for making a new start, and I myself had to make a historical new start as well, and make the first step toward world restoration. Since I was in South Korea at that time, I invested all my heart in pioneering the path of restoration centered on Seoul.

Christian disbelief

The liberation of Korea came at a turning point in world history. In 1945, an opportune moment had come in the providence of restoration to establish heaven’s sovereignty and restore the world centered on Christianity. However, Christianity did not accept Father, the very person leading this providence. Father was then faced with the difficulty of having to prepare a new providential foundation.

After his first attempt to begin the providence, focusing on Seoul, was frustrated, he put into motion his second attempt at the providence, focusing on Pyongyang, beginning in June, 1946. However, all the providential foundations that God had prepared collapsed in failure, and Father was forced to walk the path of suffering in prison. Among the many Christian denominations in Korea, there were some that had given in to Japan’s coercion and had worshipped at Shinto shrines. There were other patriotic believers who had remained underground and had fought the Japanese, keeping true to their faith while waiting for the day of liberation.

Under such circumstances, spiritual groups that had actively worked for the 14 years before Korea was liberated were laying foundations to receive the Lord at the Second Advent. In particular, men from Wonsan were doing spiritual works in the eastern part of Korea. At the same time, women appeared who were doing spiritual works in Cheolsan, in the western part. Among these women, the most notable were Rev. Kim Seong-do of the Holy Lord Church, Rev. Heo Ho-bin of the Inside the Womb Church, and the elderly Mrs. Pak Eul-yong, who was called “the Wife of Jehovah.” The most notable men were Rev. Yi Yong-do and Rev. Kim Baek-moon of the New Jesus Church. Rev. Kim Baek-moon, in particular, was entrusted with the mission of John the Baptist. He testified that Father was going to achieve the worldwide glory of King Solomon. But he did not serve or follow Father, so the providence could not begin at that time.

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