Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 49

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 2: The Birth of True Parents
Chapter 4: True Mother’s Childhood and Youth
Section 3: Chosen by Heaven, Three Generations of Preparation
Section 3: Chosen by Heaven, Paragraph 10

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Section 3. Chosen by Heaven

Three generations of preparation

According to True Father’s words, appropriate providential conditions had to be met for a woman representing the entire foundation for the Bride to be chosen to become the True Mother of humankind.

First, she had to possess an internal bond of lineage that could overcome the accusation of Satan’s world. The woman chosen to represent all womankind and be elevated to the position of True Mother had to be from a family that had been prepared behind the scenes for three generations with only one daughter in each generation. True Mother’s lineage met this requirement through her maternal grandmother, Jo Won-mo, her mother, Daemonim, and Hak Ja Han herself.

These women were their families’ only daughters, and they were separated from the world so that they could be on God’s side. Their families were not large, and they did not have many relatives. Hence, they could five a simple life and make conditions to purify themselves in order to prepare the foundation for Heaven’s Bride.

1  Not anyone could become True Mother. The conditions to advance the providence to raise a woman to become True Mother were connected with predestined relationships in the providence that focused on the work to restore Eve. This required three women to meet internal and external conditions. After all the conditions were met, True Mother could appear before the Lord and be joined with him in marriage.

These three women were of three generations, representing the formation, growth and completion stages. The unity of grandmother, mother and daughter was like connecting the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age. On that basis, it was possible for heaven to inaugurate the era for establishing the True Parents. Among those women, True Mother is the center. The person representing the formation stage is not the center; nor is the person representing the growth stage. In the ages of history, all must pass through three stages. In the horizontal ages, all can stand on the level of perfection only with the fulfillment of the third stage—the completion stage.

2  True Mother represents all the women of the world. Only one woman representing all the women of humankind could be chosen for the position of True Mother. Three generations had to be connected behind the scenes to prepare True Mother.

It is an original requirement that True Mother must be an only Daughter. Adam was the original only Son; Jesus was the only Son. The Lord at the Second Advent is also the only Son from the perspective of God’s Will. Since the man through whom God accomplishes the Will is His only Son, the woman must be His only Daughter. From the viewpoint of the providence of restoration, that man and that woman must be joined as a couple and become one. Then they must win over Satan’s world and inaugurate the heavenly kingdom.

3  For True Mother to be born into this world, there had to be three generations of women born as only daughters in their families, and they were required to build a meritorious foundation for the Returning Lord.

When you look at Mothers family tree, her maternal grandmother, Jo Won-mo, her mother, Hong Soon-ae, and Mother herself were each only daughters in their families. Furthermore, Mrs. Hong was trained as a leader in the Inside the Womb Church, one of the Spirit-led churches that had the mission to prepare to receive the Lord at the Second Advent. That is why around the time they fled the North and went to the South, the mother of that church’s leader, Rev. Heo Ho-bin, blessed Mother to become Heaven’s Bride. Mother received this blessing because heaven had prepared her for that position.

4  Three generations of True Mother’s family attended the Spirit-led churches that were preparing to receive the Returning Lord. Her history extends that far back. Do you know how much those churches were opposed by the Protestant churches and the Catholic Church? Do you know how much Rev. Yi Yongdo was persecuted for founding the New Jesus Church? All of this led to Mother receiving the blessing on the foundation of her connection to all those spiritual works and to the core essence of the Korean people. It was also important that she come from a clan consisting of not more than 12 people.

5  The Inside the Womb Church believed that the Returning Lord would come in the flesh, and that he would select his Bride and 12 disciples. Hence, it trained its members in how to attend the Lord. True Mother was trained in that special spiritual group. The mother of the founder of that church called Mother when she was six and gave her a special blessing. When I met Mother, I realized that she had already received all the blessings necessary to become the Bride. Also, it was fitting that no men were involved in her spiritual preparation, and that in her family she was the only daughter.

6  Rev. Yi Yong-do was one of the representatives of Christianity who had been prepared to welcome the Returning Lord. When the existing Christian churches expelled him, he founded the New Jesus Church. He connected to Rev. Kim Seong-do in Cheolsan, when Rev. Baek Nam-ju connected the spiritual churches on the eastern and western coasts of Korea. That is how, in Daemonim’s family, her husband attended the New Jesus Church founded by a man, while Daemonim attended the Inside the Womb Church founded by a woman. Daemonim was a leading figure in that church. While Daemonim was attending the Inside the Womb Church, she even left her home to search all over for the Lord. She received blessings from the pastors of the New Jesus Church and also from the Inside the Womb Church. This is what I discovered when I looked into True Mother’s family. It had to be that way.

Preparation as Heaven’s Bride

God, who sent the Returning Lord as His only begotten Son, also prepared Hak Ja Han to be Heavens Bride and His only begotten Daughter. Even when she was very young, there were occasions when people testified about her, that she would become Heaven’s Bride. As the day for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb drew near, a number of church members had dreams that Hak Ja Han would become Heaven’s Bride.

Her mother, Daemonim, also had such a dream. In her dream she was entering True Father’s room, and she looked back and saw women in white holy robes holding bouquets of pink flowers. Then Daemonim thought, “Ever since God lost Eve, for 6,000 years He has been looking for a woman.”

True Father was seated; then she saw her daughter walking toward him. As she approached him, there were peals of thunder, and lightning lit up the sky as if to announce their joyous union. She saw numerous people looking at the scene with admiration but also with envy. Daemonim did not really understand the meaning of her dream. Still, as she raised her daughter, she continued making conditions of devotion for a long time so that her dream could come true.

7  True Mother’s mother (Daemonim) walked a historic path of suffering to receive the Returning Lord. During that time Mother, as her daughter, also received such training.

I needed a woman who would, as a wife, follow with all of her heart and mind a husband who was totally committed to the Will. I also needed her to be from a prepared family and lineage. Thinking in this way, I chose True Mother.

8  Daemonim had gone a course in which she attended three persecuted churches. She attended the New Jesus Church, then the Holy Lord Church, and the Inside the Womb Church, before finally coming to the Unification Church. Her history of attending these three churches before meeting me qualified her lineage to be the lineage from which True Mother could come.

Before Daemonim gave birth to True Mother, she based her life on commands she had received from heaven. There were spiritual works like this going on in the background. I could not choose just anyone to be in the position of True Mother.

9  In order to produce True Mother, a family of three generations had to offer themselves representing the three ages: the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament Ages. The family had to have a line of only daughters. After True Mother was conceived, Daemonim set out on the path by herself. Through history, three ages had sought for the pure Bridegroom. These three women representing the three ages had to raise up the pure Bride by carrying the cross over many hills. Not just anyone can be chosen as the True Mother.

To True Mother, I, True Father, stood as her grandfather and father as well as her husband, and also as her older brother. So when she related to me, she regarded me as her older brother, as her father, as her grandfather and even as her king. Knowing this, I had to raise her starting from the position of a younger sister. I had to elevate her to the position of my fiancee, then to the position of my wife, and then to the positions of mother and grandmother, all the way to the position of queen.

10  Everyone cannot help but respect True Mother. She emerged after passing through three spiritual churches. Over and over, she heard from her mother that the Lord will come in the future, and that when she meets him, she must attend him this way and that. Daemonim repeatedly taught her so many times that her teaching infused into Mothers bone marrow. This is how she was educated to become True Mother.

This daughter, who was 17 years old when she was blessed to me, must become the queen. She must advance to the position of the queen of the heavenly kingdom. Therefore, after our Holy Wedding she had to pass through the positions of wife, mother and grandmother, and rise up to the position of queen.

When I refer to her as True Mother, it is because she is the mother who represents the heavenly nation. When I say she is my wife, it means that she represents the king and therefore must be attended as if attending the king.

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