Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 401

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 13: The Completion of Restoration and the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 4: The Faith and Environment of the Early Days
Section 3: The Life of Cheon Il Guk Citizens, Path of a filial child, patriot, saint and divine son or daughter
Section 4: The Path to the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk, Paragraph 23

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Path of a filial child, patriot, saint and divine son or daughter

True Parents emphasized loyalty and filial piety as the basic precepts of human morality. They said that filial piety is the cardinal virtue for children. It means to attend one's parents in the family, and then expand that sphere of love to all parents in the world. At the same time, they stressed that the person who goes beyond the nation to love the world is a saint, and if that person's love goes beyond the world and reaches God, he or she is a divine child.

Jesus walked the way of a divine son, and 2,000 years later, True Parents showed humankind the life of a divine son and daughter by inheriting the way Jesus walked. While fulfilling the way of filial children, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters attending God as the center, True Parents received God's testimony that they are “bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh and heart of my heart.” While passing through the thorny path of indescribable suffering and concluding the providence of salvation, they received the title, divine son and daughter.

11  We must become filial sons, loyal patriots and virtuous women of fidelity. Filial sons emerge amid difficulties. In the same way loyal patriots do not emerge in times of peace, stability, and national prosperity. When a nation confronts a dire crisis, when all are facing suffering and death, patriots are those who invest and risk their lives to change the national destiny. It is because of their investment during hard times that patriots, filial children and women of virtue are recorded in history.

12  To become a part of God's royal family, you must become a filial child, patriot, saint and divine son or daughter. The training ground for this is the family. When perfected families expand, they become the ideal kingdom. Always, the family is the center.

Therefore the issue is two people, a man and a woman. If an ideal man and woman become husband and wife and form a family, all is completed. If ideal families are extended, they become a country and the world. Just as you become a filial son by serving your parents at home, if you live for and serve the king of your country, you become a patriot, and if you live for the sake of all people, you become a saint.

However a divine child is different. A divine child lives fully by the laws of the kingdom of heaven in heaven and on earth. No one can accuse such a person who fulfills perfectly the laws of the spirit world. It is not a problem for them to govern the spirit world. It is not a problem for them to govern this world. Every country welcomes such a person. There is no obstacle. There is freedom. That kind of person is a divine child.

13  A righteous person is willing to die in the miserable position as a servant of servants for the sake of the nation. A patriot is a person who willingly gives his or her life for the country. The person who gratefully serves and thanks his or her parents even in the position of servant of servants is called a filial child.

This is the core of human morality. Being a servant who lives a public life for God is the way to become a righteous person, and being a servant more zealous than any other servant for the sake of the nation is the path to become a patriot. Sacrificing from the position of servant for the parents is the way to become a filial son.

14  A patriot is always a filial child in the sense that even if he did not live as a filial child, when he became a patriot for the sake of the nation, he was by that deed caring for his parents. Patriots are great, but they are not at the level of saints. A saint does not live just for his or her nation. He or she lives for all people, even trying to love the enemy nation. Thus a saint has authority over a patriot.

In the Unification Church we say there is one more stage, that of the divine child. A divine child knows the laws of heaven as a child of God. He or she must observe not only the laws of the human world, but the palace laws of the heaven's nation. Saints do not know the palace laws of heaven's nation. In that sense, when you advance to the position of a divine child you will have authority over the saints.

15  It is absolutely necessary for each human being to fulfill the duties of filial child, loyal patriot, saint, and divine child. You must not focus on yourself. First you must be proud of your mother and father. You must be proud of the leader of your nation, and you must be proud of God. It is not good if your focus is on yourself.

This is why all citizens with families want to be near the king or president of their nation, of whom they are proud. The whole family wants to go. For the same reason they all want to appear before God, where they will possess absolute love, the eternal love of God. If they possess the love of God, they can have eternal life.

Because God is vertical, He absolutely needs the family, the nation and the world. After that, He needs the kingdom of heaven. If, in spite of all of this you put the emphasis on yourself, everything will be blocked.

By loving your parents, you become the embodiment of your parents' love. By loving the nation, you embody the nation with a status and authority equal to its leader. You focus on heaven, become the object of heaven's love and become one with heaven in order to become the embodiment of heaven, become the one who represents heaven. In this way, through you, all of God's authority in relationships can be connected from heaven to the world, the nation and finally to the family. That is the path human beings need to complete during their lifetime. That is the road to perfection.

16  The person who loves his or her parents is called a filial child. For that person, the beginning, process and final conclusion is love. Therefore, at the core of the family is the duty of filial piety. The nation can exist only on the foundation of the family. At the core of a country are loyal patriots who love the country. Patriots of a nation must follow the way of saints. A saint is a person who loves the world. Divine children are sons and daughters of God. These four, the filial child, patriot, saint and divine child, are the core, because love is the basis of their commitment. Human beings did not grasp this fully, but had only some vague idea.

In the Last Days, the point of stability where human life can be put in order can only be the place of love. Therefore only husbands and wives who love each other can be recognized as filial children. After becoming a filial child, you become a patriot. After becoming a patriot, you become a saint. After becoming a saint, you become a divine child. After becoming a divine child, you possess the right to all that God wants to bequeath to you.

17  True divine children, God's sons and daughters, are people who live for the sake of all that belongs to God, just as they live for the sake of God. I am a person who is walking the path of that kind of divine child. I love God, and I also love humankind. Accordingly, God says, “My son!” Just as the person to whom God is able to say “You are my son” lives for the sake of God, that person also lives for the sake of humanity. That person is the Son of God. Because God is one who forgets Himself and lives for the sake of humanity, the filial child also forgets himself and lives for the sake of humanity.

Next we seek the path of a patriot and the path of a divine child. If people go the way of a filial child, then the way of a patriot, finally completing the way of a divine child, their nation will be the kingdom of heaven on earth. This can be transferred as it is to the kingdom of heaven in heaven. This transfer was always envisioned in God's ideal of creation.

18  Nobody can equal the path True Parents walk. If I compare it to mountains, it is the peak of Mt. Everest in the Himalayas. From the beginning, I walked the way of the filial son, patriot, saint and divine child, each connected to the heart of God. Other than Parents, there has been no one able to perfect God's love.

Only when God sheds tears of gratitude and says, “Even though I lost everything, you whom I have found have a value hundreds of times greater than everything in the world,” can you liberate God from the nails that have been driven into His heart. This is a tremendously profound and serious conviction to have.

19  There is no country whose loyal patriots and virtuous women have gone beyond the lineal relations of Satan's world. All have been blocked. You are walking on the road where God and True Parents, centered on God's true love flowing from His heart, have worked hard for the providence of restoration. You can inherit the tradition only by becoming someone who fulfills the duties of a filial child, patriot, saint and divine son or daughter based on the heart of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. God taught filial piety, and those who became the filial children of God are called True Parents. Because I walked as a patriot, and after that as a substantial saint, and then as a substantial divine son, God says that all of this is established as our tradition.

20  Conscience takes precedence over parents, over teachers, over the ruler of the nation, and even over the entire universe. This is because it is the home base of love that God desires. God is the Parent of parents, Teacher of teachers and King of kings. The person who is always mindful of his or her precious conscience shall become a righteous person, saint and divine child. If you deviate from that mindset there is no way to become a filial son, patriot, saint and a divine child.

After all my suffering I found that the conclusion is simple: It all exists in me. I felt ashamed before God. After realizing this, I felt emptiness. If you know how hard I worked to find that place, you too must find your original self where you cannot but shed tears. You must become husbands and wives who are able to face each other with tears, and become patriots who face your people with tears. Please know that we cannot walk the path of restoration without tears.

21  I have taken a lonely path until now. Even now I am still lonely. It is not because I have not met people I love. I have a wife and children. I have companions like you. However, until I am able to love God fully and liberate Him totally, until I have fully accomplished my dutiful way as a filial son and patriot, I cannot but go this lonely way. I am still going that way. What if the road still remains after my life is over? I still have to go.

If you follow the path until you become old and still have not fulfilled the mission, and then you die, you still have to keep going. Since it is the path for the sake of the world, it goes on eternally. God is everlasting; therefore, the path of the Will centered on God has no end. Even after death, still you should keep going. The spirit world transcends time and space, and a period of 1,000 years is like one day in the spirit world. Therefore I must go on, thinking that accomplishing a work over a period of 1,000 years in this world is the same as accomplishing it in one year. That is the road of true love.

22  If you want to become a victor in heaven and on earth, you must liberate God. We must liberate God. Therefore, we must not pray to God based on our own wishes. I never pray for the sake of my will. I pray for the sake of God's Will. God does not want my individual salvation; He wants only liberation. Only after accomplishing God's liberation will the way of my own salvation open up. This is the fundamental issue.

23  I lived my life for the liberation of the Will. The Messiah is born for the liberation of the Will, goes through life founded on the Will, and after completing the Will must achieve the realm of liberation. The realm of liberation means the liberation of the kingdom of heaven and at the same time the liberation of God. Next he must liberate humanity from the prison of Satan's world. We became prisoners because we inherited the lineage of Satan from the fallen parents. Then he must also liberate all of creation that is lamenting in grief.

I fished in the Pantanal. I walked through mountains. It was to make a bond of heart with nature. I have reached this point centering on the Will. Here, after binding everything to the destination point with a heart that loves God, that loves humanity and that loves creation, I have to complete the historical indemnity and economic restoration.

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