Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 400

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 13: The Completion of Restoration and the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 4: The Faith and Environment of the Early Days
Section 3: The Life of Cheon Il Guk Citizens, Paragraph 19
Section 4: The Path to the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk, Paragraph 10

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19  You absolutely need to become filial sons and daughters before True Parents. And brothers and sisters need to become one through true love. Parents tend to show more concern for their children who are lacking in some way than for those who are doing well. Raising children leads us to experience this in our heart. If you love those of your brothers and sisters who are in need like that, and live for their sake more than for your own, our foundation will continue to grow and expand.

We are connected by strong, true family ties, with True Parents at the center. Depending on how much wider, deeper and higher you can build the environment of goodness based on God's Will, our foundation will grow that much larger. We have only one goal: to create a unified world, one world with our Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind at the center.

20  Fights break out among siblings because they do not know their parents' will and cannot fathom their deep hearts. You can understand your parents' will only when you connect to them in heart through true love. When you achieve oneness in mind, oneness in body, oneness in heart and oneness in harmony with True Parents, your thoughts, your feelings, your words and your actions all will come into one accord. When you live in this way as true children resembling True Parents, you will realize that you are not separate, but you are brothers and sisters of one bloodline. Then you can establish the joyous world of peace desired by all. We need to unite as one for the sake of world peace by loving our neighbors as ourselves and even forgiving our enemies. We need to march forward bravely and boldly until the day when all people can form one great family as. brothers and sisters, and thus construct the one world of harmony under our Heavenly Parent.

21  The marriage Blessing gives fallen people new life through True Parents. The fallen world is a polluted and murky place, and blessed families are like clear water, the water of life. But even the clearest water will turn bad if it stagnates. It needs to flow toward the great sea. In the place where living water flows, living creatures revive. Tribal messiahs are responsible to clean this polluted world with pure living water.

Now the tribal messiah movement has become a giant wave sweeping across Thailand and the Philippines and through other nations in Asia as well. After having passed through the continents of Europe, North and South America, Africa and Oceania, it is moving across the ocean. And wherever this wave passes, countless people are born anew. We can expect nothing from the world as it is.

The only way is for us to tell the world about True Parents. When our families, tribes, nations and the world become one with True Parents, bound together in the providential Will, and form a great wave that sweeps across the five oceans and six continents, we will realize one world under God—the kingdom of heaven on earth longed for by our Heavenly Parent and long awaited by all people.

For this day to come, all blessed families in the world should achieve oneness in heart, oneness in body, oneness in thought and oneness in harmony, not only with the Heavenly Parent but also with True Parents. And they should proudly tell the world the good news of True Parents with a heart of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, so they can become beautiful, filial sons and daughters and loyal patriots who can guide the world's people to become citizens of Cheon Il Guk.

Section 4. The Path to the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk

Path to true love and peace

Love and peace have been constant topics for True Parents throughout their lives. They have presented the vision that we achieve everlasting peace by making this world one family. They began the process toward its fulfillment by initiating activities involving participants of all races, religions and nations. Thus they have removed the barriers that plague individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the entire world. Once everyone follows the path of true love and peace that True Parents have walked, Cheon Il Guk, which God and all people desire, will be established.

1  I have walked the path of love for God. For love, I have stayed up all night. For love, I have wept. For love, I have traveled thousands of miles. For love, I have crossed oceans. For love, I have been striving to embrace people of all races and colors. How difficult a road is that? You may think it is easy, but it is a really difficult path. I was often at a loss for words. Often I wanted to pack my bags and leave right away. I am doing this because if I do not do it, someone else will have to.

2  The path of true love is the path of pioneering, of personally opening a way. Each of you must go the path that Mother and I have walked. Our vertical first ancestors should have walked the path that God followed hundreds of millions of years ago. That is the way of Principle. The first human beings fell due to ignorance, and we had to search for the path of restoration. You do not know how much effort I had to make in order to discover the Principle and find that path. You cannot imagine how much hardship and accusation we endured from individuals and families in Satan's world.

Nevertheless, I followed the path of the Principle, and so I overcame Satan's accusations against me on the individual level. In time, Satan's accusations could no longer touch me. I have been following the path of the Principle on the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos.

3  True love begins from investing your life and forgetting that you invested. God is present in such a life. That is the love of parents. Over and over you invest and forget. God has continued doing this since the Fall. He will do this until all human beings are saved. How miserable God is! In my life I went to prison and people slandered me. But I never changed, because I knew I had to attend such a God as my Parent.

4  After the first human ancestors fell, so many walls came to exist. Barriers appeared at the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmic levels. These barriers are blocking your path on seven levels. How can we tear them down? The body is the basis of these walls. The body is always the problem. The walls of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos all are attached to the body. The body cannot remove these countless walls. Remove one, and there is always another wall susceptible to Satan's influence. Can you deny that?

Because we True Parents know this reality, receiving persecution is not a problem for us. One cannot walk God's way in zigzags. The path of true love is a direct path, walked on a straight line. Therefore, we have received Satan's persecution throughout our entire lifetime.

5  More action does not cause true love to diminish. In the natural world, output is smaller than the input, but with true love, the output is greater than the input. Accordingly True love can persist forever. Throughout our lives, we True Parents have invested everything and never kept track. What will be the result of our love? The world will gather together. You will shed copious tears in spite of yourself when you remember that we made our way through history while enduring a lifetime of hardships, walking the public way as your representatives. What would move you to tears? True love has the power to inspire and encompass all people and the universe.

6  True love lets us overcome any misery without complaint so that only completion, success and achievements remain. We are intelligent people who fully understand this and follow accordingly. In this way heaven shall open. While carrying out this work, we True Parents had to go through an environment of intense persecution at the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. Today, we stand at the summit of the worlds of government, religion, culture and all other fields. We are carving out a victorious territory as individuals, as a family, tribe, people, nation and world. Although we received more persecution than anyone in history, despite all this, we alone stand at the highest position in history.

7  Restoration is re-creation, but salvation is repair. A sick person needs to be cured. That is salvation. Recreation and restoration by indemnity are required due to the Fall. You cannot be saved as you are. You must go through a process of re-creation.

Therefore, you must absolutely trust True Parents. In the course of understanding God, I did not rely on my own thought. I examined closely the fundamental principles, which must begin with a motive of true love. Because I understood true love, I investigated everything. True love proceeds along a direct path.

You do not know how much I struggled in order to find this Principle. I have gone through such an agonizing path. I soaked my thick cotton-padded winter trousers with my tears. To save human beings as my children, I must go on, even while tearing off my skin, ripping off my flesh, chipping my bones and extracting my bone marrow. Because I understand the heart of God, I am merciless with myself. I should not let the blood lineage of Satan remain. I must completely deny myself.

8  Love is mysterious and endless. Because it has no end, if you follow it continuously you arrive at its true, original place. The person who continues on this path will succeed. With that as one's motive, one can continue for hundreds, even millions of years. No matter how much you invest, you never become tired of it.

That's how I am. Throughout my life I never slept the regular hours that others do. I did not have regular meals like others. I did not live comfortably like others. I am living an incredibly busy life, but I am not tired. A loving heart is always young. The mind does not age. The more hardship I suffer in my lifetime based on love, the more explosive is my power. Seen that way, it is only logical that God is the youngest, most handsome person, and next to Him will be Father.

9  In Danbury, I did not forget the way of love for even one minute. No matter how difficult my situation, I desired the path of greatest love. Just as our ancestors of faith did, and just as Jesus was ready to die, I am doing the same at the risk of my life. It is because love is more than life. Life begins from love. Therefore, finding the way of love takes more than investing one's life. Without investing more than your life, you cannot find the way of true love.

I chose the way of love even when it meant going the way of death. This is absolute. I lived like this. I put this kind of content into practice. For 40 years, despite all kinds of persecution and humiliation, I did not desert this way, even when facing certain death. I understood the absolute treasure of true love. Since I lived like this, I have become famous globally. I was not motivated by glory or success, but since I survived even in the places where others said I would perish, a worldwide foundation was successfully completed, even without my noticing it.

10  Religion and politics are not separate endeavors. A peaceful world cannot be realized when religion and politics are divided; the peaceful world is one. The ideal world is not divided. Because it is one, we should gather and move in one direction. There is no one besides True Parents who can gather the representatives of the religions and the nations of the world as one. Therefore, if you follow us, you can go on the fastest way to a peaceful world. We are now looking forward to the new ideal world, a unified world. No one else understands the path that can bring the communist world and the democratic world together into an ideal world of oneness.

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