Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 389

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 13: The Completion of Restoration and the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 3: True Parents' Philosophy of Life and Their Public Life
Section 2: True Parents' Public Life and Devotion, Paragraph 05-15

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5  So many people are going hungry throughout the world. Who is going to take responsibility for that? So many children are not able to receive an education. When they live that way, many people end up leading meaningless lives, of less value than even kindling for burning the garbage. I want to give them ample opportunities to study, more than what is available to children from rich families.

Some of the most critical problems we have to solve in the Last Days are to prevent people from starving to death and providing education for children who cannot study because their families cannot afford tuition. We, True Parents, want to take ownership and solve this problem. We will do what is needed to save them, even if we have to create a special task force. This is my philosophy of life, and I am constantly working on it. No one wants to take responsibility for this task, but as the True Parents, we are striving to find ways to help them.

6  Donated money is a fearsome thing, more fearsome than poison. If you use it for your family and children, you will come to ruin. The offering you received is what others offered for God's kingdom; heaven remembers how they prepared it with blood, sweat and tears.

Hence, when I receive money that was donated, I think first about whom I should give it to. As long as I use it for a greater purpose, for the world, or for the nation, I will not be trapped by it. Yet, many people go to ruin because they do not know the right way to use money.

7  I never use even one cent of public money for myself. I accurately report my use of money, so these days even the IRS auditors testify that I never use public money for my personal purpose. They confirm my integrity when it comes to money.I do not covet the money that you earn through your hard work. I, the man with the title of True Father, am not that kind of person.

When I received a report that a Japanese sister had been wearing the same underwear for seven years while doing church activity, it made me weep bitterly. I cannot forget the Japanese people who made such conditions. Because they made such conditions, I want to save them. I know very well how much they are suffering.

8  Do not become dependent on the Unification Church after you join it. You have to be a plus, not a minus, in relation to this movement and the church. You have no idea how much it hinders God's providence when, instead of being helpful to God's Will, you cause heaven to worry about you. So I determined that I would maintain the standard of being a plus throughout my life. Until the Will is fulfilled on the world level, I have resolved not to appoint as leaders people who might obstruct its advancement. I will not appoint them, even though they may be my countrymen or even my own relatives.

9  There has not been a day when we, True Parents, did not shed tears. This remains true to this day. As people in a public position, we cannot put our feet up or sleep comfortably. We cannot even eat a bowl of rice with our hearts at ease. Yet, even though we are living that kind of life, I hear all kinds of derogatory remarks, but I have never made excuses.

If God had made excuses for the last 6,000 years, there would be nothing left of heaven and earth. When we look into God's inner heart, our own trials and suffering seem so trivial. They do not justify you making excuses in front of God. On the contrary, you have to comfort God, bowing your head before Him and repenting for how little you have done. You should not expose the difficulties you encounter in your situation or make excuses for them; rather, you should keep them to yourselves while feeling ashamed that you have not done enough. Still, most people first make excuses for themselves. You should not do that.

10  The greater our difficulties, the more we need to be centered on God with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. We have to center on the Absolute Subject Partner and go to the zero position. The zero position means that when the sun shines down vertically, no shadows are cast. At noontime if you stand under the sun, you cast no shadow. When the sun is at its zenith, your shadow disappears. When there is no shadow because everything reaches the zero position, something new appears. That is the point where those who live in worries end up failing. But even if you fail, as long as you do not worry, you will go to a higher position. Even if everyone else retreats, perishes and disappears, you will advance on a different, higher level if you do not worry. That's my philosophy of life.

The Unification Church has been treated unrighteously, but whatever was brought down by mistreatment was eventually re-established on a higher level. That's what it means to move forward centering on the principle that an absolute subject partner creates its absolute object partner.

11  I have no time to sleep. Even on Sunday, which for most people is a day off, I continuously push myself. Once I start speaking I do not stop. I have taken very few naps in my life. Since 1990, I may nap when I feel very tired, but it is never for more than an hour. If I nap for more than an hour, I cannot sleep at night. So no matter how tired I am, I do not take a nap. That has become my habit. I usually wake up at 3:30 in the morning. I may be getting older, but I will not be outdone by young people, because I know how to look after my health.

12  In heaven, you do not live with money. You cannot live on your knowledge either. You need to shed lots of tears of love. Especially religious leaders will have to shed many tears. I have been living my whole life with a heart that will burst into a river of tears if anyone says just one poignant word to me. Such is the sorrow that I harbor in my heart. If I cannot completely dissolve it while I am on earth, I will have to continue working without rest in the next world.

Because I know there are mountains of work to be done, I complete my day's work even if I have to work late into the night. I do so in order to preserve the next day as a full one. Tomorrow I will try to do greater work than today, and greater and greater work with each passing day.

We are building heaven's tower, a tower for God. I always think that someone should lay at least one more brick for the construction of heaven's tower. Having lived my whole life in this way, forgetting myself, I have reached the pinnacle on the world level.

13  You should know that there are many who shed their blood and give up their sleep in order to connect the developments in the Unification Church to their countries and peoples. I know this. And because I am the person who gives them their instructions, I keep going day and night in order not to be indebted to them. When midnight comes around I do not sleep; instead I think “Oh, it's their prayer time!” In this way I try hard not to be indebted to them. That is why the Unification Church is advancing.

Devotion and a life of prayer

True Father said that if he were to choose just one word, it would be seong (誠), meaning “sincerity.” Father always emphasized the importance of sincere devotion. Sincere devotion refers to conditions to actualize the Word in daily life. It is the basic activity of a life of faith, which can move the heart of God and the hearts of people.

True Parents always think that people who offer sincere devotion, and the things that come as a result of sincere devotion, are more important than anything else. Moreover, they emphasize that if we pray with faith, God will work to make our prayers come true, and that before we pray we should act.

14  When I was put in prison, I became a parent to my fellow inmates. When I went to a construction site, I became a parent to the laborers. When I spent seven years in Gloucester, in the United States, going out on boats, I went out with that heart. When I went out on the New Hope boat, even when everyone else was napping, I did not rest. In the morning when I had to go out to sea, I would be at the dockside even if the captain was still sleeping. As long as I was on the boat, I would remain awake. There was a bed in the cabin, but I lay down there only once when I had a bad headache. That is how hard I pushed myself. I had the responsibility to establish the tradition, like the captain of the boat does for his crew. More than that, I should take responsibility as the parent.

When I established Tongil Industries, it took three or four hours to travel from Cheongpa-dong to Sutaekri. I cannot count how many times I went back and forth, sometimes twice a day and even three times a day. For three years I went back and forth like that to the Unification Theological Seminary in Barrytown. Whenever I felt I needed to make some special condition, I went there every day. If I had to go somewhere and come back late, the next day I would go again in the early morning. I did this to offer sincere devotion.

15  Sincere devotion enables God to lower His anchor to a place where there is no anchor line. By offering sincere devotion, the anchor chain is lowered link by link. When it reaches you and you grasp hold of that chain, you can be freely lifted up to God's kingdom. If you do not make conditions of devotion, you cannot go up. Therefore, you should offer devotion so you can tie yourself to the anchor. If you make a strong tie, you can go to heaven freely. A door will open in your prayer life. As you offer more sincere devotion, that door will open wider on the earth plane and draw you up on God's anchor. If you pray often, little by little the doorway of your prayer will become larger. As it gradually widens, the chain will become a ladder. Then as you continually offer more devotion, the ladder will become a mountain, and high on the summit of that mountain you can connect to the kingdom of heaven.

At that point, either you will go higher or heaven will come down. You then extend the ladder, and all the people in the spirit world will work hard for you. Your conditions of sincere devotion bring them down to earth. Also, if you offer devotion for other people on earth, a mountain will appear before them, showing them a path to ascend to a realm where they can receive benefit.

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