Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 388

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 13: The Completion of Restoration and the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 3: True Parents' Philosophy of Life and Their Public Life
Section 1: True Parents' Philosophy of Life, Paragraph 20
Section 2: True Parents' Public Life and Devotion, Paragraph 04

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20  A human being should speak good words and should behave well. Both your words and your behavior should be proper. Also, your thoughts must be upright, and you should do your work well. Whatever you do, you need to become a good example. Then you can adapt yourself to any environment. Everyone passes through all kinds of situations. I am giving you these guidelines because I think that you need to value every aspect of your life: as an individual, as a member of society, and as a church member. Now the time we are living in is different from the past. The time has arrived for us to keep a high standard in every aspect of our life.

21  You should organize all your things in their proper places so that you can locate them whenever you need to use them. You should know how to put them in order and take care of them so that your things are clean and beautiful.

I once thought of why Japan was given the blessing of wealth. I think one reason is because Japanese people keep their environment well organized and clean. Evil spirits want things to be in disarray, and good spirits want things to be cared for in divine and clean conditions. It seems that in the case of Japan, because of those conditions, good spirits have come and helped the nation, and therefore Japan has developed quickly. Following their example, even if you are busy, you need to keep your things clean and well organized.

22  I always think it is fun to observe people who live as husband and wife. When I see two people living together while loving each other, giving birth to children, and encouraging each other to overcome their difficulties and carry on through the marathon of life, I wonder, “What enables them to do that?” It is certainly not money, nor the ability of either the man or the woman individually. It is the great power of love that makes it possible.

Love is like a sleeping baby who purses his lips, wanting to suck his mother's breast, or like a baby who cries even as he drinks his mother's milk, needing his mother's embrace. This is precious.

23  No matter how busy I am, every day without fail I go to my sleeping children's bedside and pray. Fulfilling the role of a father or mother in front of these precious ones is not easy. I whisper to them, “What will I be able to give you? I cannot be in your debt. Although you are sleeping, I will ask God to bless you as I hug you tightly and kiss you on the cheek. I feel so sorry that I do not have time to go places with you, holding your hands. Still, with my kisses I will make this eternal.” This is how I am living.

24  You should not make a scene in front of your children, fighting or showing angry or weeping faces that cause your little children to cry out loud. That is not a proper thing for parents to do. It is a shameful thing to do in front of the children. Your children represent the God of the future. They should be your successors who will step forth and inherit God's ideal and become His substantial object partners. Being so, you should regard them as your greatest teachers.

You cannot deceive your children. It just does not work. They may not say anything to you, but if you are not being truthful with them, they already know it. Because of this, parents must become the best teachers. You, as their parents, should stand in the position to represent God to them and be their best teachers. You should be the mainstay for their emotional growth. As parents, you should be able to raise your children to say, “I will become a husband like my father, and I will meet a wife like my mother. Even if it means I have to raise up my wife, I want a wife who is like my mother.” You should be able to provide them with such an education of heart.

25  Mother and I always try to compose ourselves in front of our children. Likewise, even though you have a squabble, you should not show tears in front of them. You need to regard them as God. As their mom and dad, you should never let your children see you in tears.

When children are young, their mom and dad are number one. They are the greatest people in the world. To children, their mom and dad represent God. They are the greatest greater than the president, greater than Jesus or Buddha, greater than anyone. Families must advance on that basis of heart.

We have stepped forward to build the kingdom of heaven. A nation can never build the kingdom of heaven; it can be realized only through families. The family is where we, the True Parents, always want to come and dwell, and the family is where God wants to dwell. It is where even the nation's leader wants to live.

26  Parents are happy to wash their baby's diapers despite the smell, because all the while they are thinking of their baby's plump, happy face smiling at them. Just thinking of the image of their baby's face flickering in front of their eyes fills them with joy. Such is the heart of parents who love their children. By the same token, if you love God, how much do you love Him? If you truly love Him, there should be nothing that you do not like. No matter how difficult the task, you will not find it difficult. Even in a deep gorge there is a rope of love buried there; finding it, you will resonate with God's love, which gives you motivation. It is like a mother who comes home after working hard in the field. She is happy to nurse her baby lovingly and does not notice the pain when the infant bites down on her breast to suck.


Section 2. True Parents' Public Life and Devotion

True Parents' attitude toward public life

True Father lived for the Will and was ready to die for it at any time. He thought only of God's Will and acted only for its realization. To him there was no distinction between night and day, and even at night he was not able to sleep comfortably. True Mother is the same, having led such a life with Father for more than five decades. Since Fathers passing, she has become even more serious about fulfilling God's Will within her lifetime.

True Parents' dedication could be seen during their speaking tours around the world, when they traveled from country to country without a break in order to encourage the members. True Parents have led public lives for the liberation of God and the salvation of humankind. Without caring about their own living situation, they have sacrificed everything for the public purpose.

1  When I travel, I sanctify every place I go. Wherever I sit, I sanctify that place before taking my seat, and when I depart, I take some measures for protection: I say, “Having sat in the highest position in this place, I am now leaving.” Then, Satan cannot follow me. Also, rather than looking for the most comfortable seat, I look for a good place from which to observe my surroundings. In order to live like this, I need to keep myself in a state of keen sensitivity. If I step into a bad place, I immediately feel my hair stand on end. I quickly notice what kind of place it is, and, feeling that sensation, I know I must leave. This is how I protect my life. If after I know I stay there anyway, I am exposing myself to danger.

That's why I always travel with my spiritual lantern on. In terms of electric light, if daylight is 1,000 watts, I need to emit a light greater than 1,000 watts. Unless my light is brighter than the daytime sunlight, I will cast a shadow. That is why we absolutely need to lead a life of love. Then hundreds of thousands of watts of light directly connect from God to us. Our light comes directly from God's powerhouse. You always have to think like this.

2  If I had thought of myself first, I would not have been able to come this far. I would have been swept away with the current.Because I do not think of myself, I yearn for other people. You have no idea how strong my yearning is. As the head of the church, even when it is approaching midnight I do not want to be parted from the members. Although we said goodbye, if one of my members returns to the church before I leave for my home, I am delighted to stay with him or her even into the morning hours. I will not interrupt the flow of love from the heart. I yearn for people to that degree. When they are absent, I miss them so much that I shed tears when I meet them.

You cannot go to God's kingdom without shedding tears for people. The path to the kingdom is not to eat well and live a comfortable life. God wants to give everything, even His secrets, to the person who lives a life of shedding tears for others.As True Parents, we are doing our best to liberate God. You have to think how to unite with the Will.

3  I do not think about how hard I have been working. Salmon die after they spawn in order to feed their own bodies to their young. By dying, they want to give their young absolutely everything they have, all the way to the end. They keep nothing for themselves.I too will not keep anything in my possession. Whatever belongs to me, I want it to belong to my future descendants in all nations. I have no concept of holding on to some secret funds. When someone makes a donation, I never use it for myself. I do not touch it. Instead, I add to it from what I have and use it all for the world.

4  Even if I have money, it has never been my dream to use it to build a nice house for myself filled with bodily comforts. However, if I need to use money for people, I am willing to even borrow money. This is my conviction, and this is how I live. Why? Because I am the Unification Church leader, and my mission is to make conditions to love the Will of God, who loves the world. As the leader, unless I make such conditions in my daily life, I cannot leave behind the textbook to teach you to do the same. I am responsible to make my life that textbook and leave it behind for you when I go. Because I am carrying out the mission of a pioneer, I cannot reveal my sadness when I am sad, or my feelings of having been wronged when I am unfairly treated.

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