Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 341

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 12: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Era
Chapter 2: The Settlement of the Eight Stages and Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing
Section 1: The Settlement of the Eight Stages (Pal Jeong Shik) and Heavenly Parentism,  Authority of the elder son, parents, and king
Section 1: The Settlement of the Eight Stages (Pal Jeong Shik) and Heavenly Parentism, Paragraph 25

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Authority of the elder son, parents and king

On the foundation of having proclaimed the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages, True Parents proclaimed Heavenly Parentism at North Garden in Kodiak, Alaska, on September 1, 1989. Now fallen human beings could welcome True Parents, and True Parents could love Cain and Abel completely As a result, the era of the principles of Heavenly Parentism had opened up. True Parents said that as the authority of the elder son, the authority of parents and the authority of kingship had been restored we had reached the world-level growth stage at which Satan could not oppose us. They said the time had come when, if we pushed boldly and strongly, even the communist world would move.

16   How can we establish Heavenly Parentism? It is established centered on the family. Originally, generations of people should have propagated from unfallen Adam's family to become an unfallen tribal-level family, unfallen people-level family, unfallen national-level and world-level family. Prom that one set of human ancestors, the human race has expanded. This was to have been the basis of Adam's kingship. However, because this expansion began from the fallen human ancestors and proliferated into the spirit world, the first ancestor did not become king. Instead, the king will be the restored Adam. Only when the restored Adam's kingship is established will the descendants that have multiplied over tens of thousands of years form one unified world.

17  We had to rise through eight vertical stages. The Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages achieved that. Next I announced Heavenly Parentism. Heavenly Parentism is the principle of the family applied everywhere. Godism is the principle of the family centered on God. Nevertheless, we received worldwide persecution while expanding to a true people, a true nation and a true world centered on True Parents. Satan's world opposed it, but heaven and earth, God and True Parents, men and women and children were all elevated nonetheless.

18   How do we liberate all that is under Satan's dominion? The world's parents are like fallen Adam and Eve. But by establishing them in the unfallen perfected position, Father and Mother are restoring the value of unfallen, perfected Adam and Eve. Accordingly, they became the Adam and Eve over whom God can have direct dominion. Because of this, the kingdom of heaven, even the hometown where sons and daughters were born and are living, is coming about.

Accordingly, I have dispatched tribal messiahs and now I am educating families. What have True Parents been doing here on earth for 40 years? True Parents sent out tens of thousands of couples and blessed families into Satan's world, centered not on the individual domain of messiahship but rather on the worldwide domain. After giving them the Blessing centering on God, we sent them out on missions of family messiahship.

The era of individual witnessing is passing. It is the age of family witnessing. You must find each person based on the fact that each person's mind-body relationship has been lost. You find your counterpart based on the relationship between subject partner and object partner. As a man, you need to have a partner. A woman has to unite as an absolute object partner with her husband, who is the subject partner and, after becoming one with him, receive true love from him. If you are going to possess the true qualifications of perfection, the man and woman must become one in true love.

When east and west unite and form a horizontal relationship through marriage, God comes down on the perpendicular and dwells here. God descends, and the realm of the oneness of the four great realms of heart is achieved—the heart of parents, of husband and wife, of siblings and of children. From this perspective, history is the battle to find brothers and to find the authority of the elder son. What remains then is the age of Parentism.

19  Because I restored the authority of the elder son and proclaimed the Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages, from now we are in the era of Heavenly Parentism. We have entered the age of parentism; we have reached a major milestone. Therefore there is no persecution.

Now that the realm of completion has been achieved through these indemnity conditions, the Adam realm should expand horizontally. It encompasses the formation-stage Adam, the growth-stage Adam and the completion-stage Adam. From the historical viewpoint, the formation-stage Adam is fallen Adam, the growth-stage Adam is Jesus, and the completion-stage Adam is the Returning Lord. The Old Testament Age was the age of sacrificial rites based on material things. The New Testament Age was the age when the Son was sacrificed. After that the Returning Lord, in the position of True Parents, came to this earth and became the offering for the sake of restoring the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

The Old Testament Age was the age of sacrificing material things for the sake of attending the Son. The New Testament Age was the age of sacrificing the Son for the sake of attending the Parents. Upon the liberation of Korea, when the True Parents came, if everyone had become one on that foundation and the country had united, God would have come down and dwelt there. However, it did not work like that, so True Parents suffered while restoring this foundation through indemnity a second time, and again made preparations to attend God on earth.

20  We cannot guide the world by holding onto democracy. What is the difference between democracy and communism? Communism is satanic, and American democracy is archangelic. Neither side has parents. Because brothers shed blood at the start of history, even in democracy there is bloodshed. At the time of harvest, the world divides in two because that seed was sown at the beginning. There is nothing to harvest from either the communist world or the democratic world.

The authentic democratic world has not been realized, so American youth are lamenting. The American government and American leaders are just staring at this; they cannot handle it. No one is able to liberate America, which is going to ruin. Who can solve this affliction? It is not possible for anyone other than God. That is why we do not cling to democracy. There must be Parentism, Heavenly Parentism.

21  Because of Heavenly Parentism, the era of restored kingship will come by uniting the democratic and communist worlds through headwing thought. God cannot work without the vertical foundation. When your conscience becomes upright and like a mirror in front of the original standard, the vertical God will be there. This is the base for God to work with you. Unless you have that, you will have no path by which to expand horizontally, and God will be unable to enter the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle. Then there will be no foundation for your perfection on earth.

22  On August 31, 1989, in Alaska, I declared the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages. I have consummated the eight stages of vertical and horizontal indemnity. On the first day of September, I announced Heavenly Parentism. It is parentism, and at the same time the teaching of grace through love. Love is the purpose of parentism, and Satan cannot oppose love.

At this time there is no place of settlement. Settlement has to be done through the restoration of Canaan. Canaan's seven tribes need to bow their heads in surrender. This is why we have been holding banquets since 1989 on the occasion of returning to our childhood homes in glory. Sent out from the gates of our hometown in tears, we have returned holding the flag of victory and have held banquets with our relatives, beginning with our father and mother. After fully preparing such a foundation and proclaiming tribal messiahship, we are restoring all our relatives to heaven's nation

23  If your heart is not one with True Parents, you will not be able to restore the authority of the elder son. Even if you were to say that you have restored the authority of the elder son, in the absence of oneness with the heart of True Parents you will be unable to advance to the position of tribal messiah. When the sphere of your heart is united with True Parents, you are in the unfallen position and God comes in vertically. True love, which unites in the realm of heart of God and True Parents, travels the shortest and most direct route. Therefore, love that connects to the top is vertical. The shortest and most direct route is the vertical line, which connects to the horizontal line at a 90-degree angle. Where is the uniting point of heart where we can unite heaven and earth? That place is nowhere other than where there is a 90-degree angle with the central line.

When we achieve this based on the love of upper and lower, front and back, and elder and younger brothers, we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Seven points. Because the number 7 represents the integrated core of love, and because it expresses the completion of love, we call it the number of completion.

24  Father has restored the realm of brothers. Although the restoration of the realm of brothers had been completed based on Christianity at the time of World War II, because we lost that foundation, I had to restore 4,000 years of history. Now I have restored the authority of the elder son. I have the power and system necessary for that throughout the world. Having restored the realm of brothers with the United States in the central position, now I must restore even the Soviet Union.

25  Through Heavenly Parentism, the position of parents has been restored. This means that I will establish your physical parents in the position of Adam and Eve. I placed you in the position of Jesus, while I am standing in the position of the Lord at the Second Advent. Then looking horizontally, your parents can stand in the position of restored First Adam and Eve, and accordingly your hometown can belong to the hometown of the heavenly nation. If the hometown where you were born becomes like that, we can establish the heavenly nation. Therefore, the three generations of grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, and sons and daughters all must become one.

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