Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 34

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 2: The Birth of True Parents
Chapter 2: True Mother’s Birth
Section 1: Background, Paragraph 3 -10

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3 My mother, Daemonim, told me that she had a mysterious dream right after she gave birth to me. At the time Korea was under the rule of Japan, and the war in the Pacific was at its peak. People dispatched by the Japanese governor-general’s office in Korea raided every house and took all the grain and metal objects they could find, to supply food for the soldiers and make arms for the war. In her dream, all those things they had seized from Korea were piled up high in the land of Japan. Then all of a sudden everything that had been confiscated returned to Korea in a ship crossing the Korea Strait, and it was all piled up high, sack upon sack, in the front yard of our house. At this point, Daemonim woke up. As I think of it now, that dream symbolically showed the path that the mother must follow, reconciling and uniting Cain and Abel to move toward our Heavenly Parent.

4 In Korea there were many special Spirit-led churches. These were different from conventional Christian churches whose members were comfortable with formal worship and with the blind and simple faith that, just by believing in Jesus and the Bible, they would be able to go to the kingdom of heaven. These churches received numerous revelations from God that they should make preparations to welcome the Lord at his Second Advent and find the Lord’s Bride. Such was the landscape of faith in Korea following the Second World War. I was born into a family that was spiritually prepared, whose preparation included participation in those Spirit-led churches.

Today as I reflect upon the circumstances of that time, I am drenched in sorrow. It is because I recall memories of the indescribable suffering endured by the churches to which my mother (Daemonim) belonged. The members of those churches lived entirely according to the divine revelations they received. These revelations directed them to walk an indemnity course in order to prepare an easier path for the Lord. It was an unbelievable course filled with difficulties and hardships. Some of those members died in prison.

Having been called by God to prepare for the Messiah, they overcame their difficulties by carrying with them only the hope that someday they would be able to meet him. So, with devotion and attendance, they made extensive preparations to welcome the Returning Lord. Among the things they did was to prepare everything for him, from spoons for him to eat with to clothes for him to wear. The revelations they received were so detailed that they knew even the size of his clothes.

Yet while they endured indescribable suffering to carry out these directions, unfortunately they died, one by one, unable to meet the Lord. However, their mission was passed down through three generations, and I was born at the culmination of their revelations.

Heaven’s Bride prophecy
True Mother’s birth was significant because it was the fruit of God’s providential history. Her birth transcended the birth of an individual; it was the fruit of 2,000 years of Christian history, and it was linked to the Spirit-led churches that arose in Korea to welcome the Lord at his Second Advent. These churches produced this fruit through three generations: her maternal grandmother, Jo Won-mo; her mother, Hong Soon-ae (Daemonim); and finally True Mother herself.

Specifically, shortly after the birth of True Mother, Rev. Kim Seong-do of the Holy Lord Church died in prison from the torture she received there. Thereupon the mission was passed down to the Inside the Womb Church led by Rev. Heo Ho-bin. As Rev. Heo was also imprisoned, her mother, taking her place, testified to True Mother, who was six years old at the time. She blessed her, saying, “You will be Heaven’s Bride.” Even before the birth of True Mother there were prophecies about her, such as, “She will become the queen of the universe.” Through this process, the foundation of these churches’ conditions of devotion to receive the Lord at his Second Advent was passed down to True Mother.

5 My father, Han Seung-oon, was born in Anju; he worked as a teacher all his life. Although he was a strong and robust man with a large frame, he had an eye for detail and he was always serving others. Most notably, he was a devout Christian; he also worked as a leader at the New Jesus Church led by Rev. Yi Yong-do. As a believer and educator, his life was always busy. When my mother (Daemonim) moved to Anju with my grandmother, they attended the New Jesus Church in Anju to continue their life of faith. That is where my mother and father met and came to know each other, and eventually ended up marrying.

One day during the time they were living a devout Christian life, my mother received a revelation, “Daughter of Hong Yu-il, rejoice! If you give birth to a son, he will be the king of the universe, and, if a daughter, she will be the queen of the universe.” After she received this message, my parents married. My father was 26 years old, and my mother was 21 years old. After that, my mother made continuous and strenuous efforts to find the Returning Lord. Later, she joined the Holy Lord Church in Cheolsan, which required her to travel back and forth between Anju and Cheolsan. I was conceived nine years after my parents’ marriage, as the fruit of their sincere devotion and devout life of faith.

6 When I was born, God gave revelations about his plan that the Lord at his Second Advent would be born on earth. These revelations were given to a woman named Rev. Heo Ho-bin. When I was six, Rev. Heo’s mother met me and prophesied, “You will surely be Heaven’s Bride.” She had received that revelation about me though I was still just a young girl. In those days in North Korea there were quite a few Spirit-led churches that had been prepared and called by God. In fact, the Christian faith was so strong in Pyongyang that the city was called “the Jerusalem of the East.”

7 In North Korea, as the power of the communist authorities grew stronger, the persecution of religion became severe. In August 1946, Rev. Heo Ho-bin was taken to the Daedong Detention Center in Pyongyang. While in jail she received a revelation that she would meet the Returning Lord. Around the same time True Father was arrested while evangelizing in Pyongyang and was taken to the same jail. While in the jail, True Father managed to send a note to Rev. Heo through her chief disciple. However, the note was discovered by a prison guard and True Father was tortured so severely that his teeth were broken.

It was during that time, before I came down to South Korea, that Rev. Heo’s mother called me to go see her after receiving a revelation about me. I was then six years old. Rev. Heo’s church was fulfilling the mission of the Bride of the Lord at the Second Advent, and Rev. Heo’s mother gave me a benediction that I would take the position of that Bride. She said in her prayer that I was supposed to fulfill a great mission. I still vividly recall it: an elderly lady in a white Korean dress said that she had received a revelation about me from heaven and she called me to come into her room alone in order to give me that blessing.

8 Rev. Kim Seong-do’s church was on the west coast of North Korea. After she died, Rev. Heo Ho-bin became its leader. True Mother’s mother (Daemonim) was a devout member of that church. She first brought Mother to that church when she was four years old, and Rev. Heo’s mother gave her blessing to Mother when she was six. That blessing symbolized the bequeathal to Mother, the succession of the mission to attend the Returning Lord.

When I first met Mother, I already knew about this succession. Everything that God had prepared was realized in 1960; that is how True Parents were able to emerge today. Based on this, it became possible to bestow the marriage Blessing on the church members so as to make them God’s children.

True Mother’s name
Shortly after True Mother was born, her father, Han Seung-oon, named her Hak Ja, choosing hak (鶴) according to a dream in which he saw two cranes. Hak means “crane” and ja (子) means “son,” and is often used to mean “child” in women’s names. True Father gave a different interpretation, “She will come forth as the partner of God, by becoming the greatest scholar (another meaning for “hakja") of God’s bitter sorrow.” He said, further, “The last character of her name, ja (子), symbolizes that she is destined to be bonded with God’s prince.”

9 I was told that at the time when I was born, my father had a dream-like vision in which he saw beautiful, bright sunshine beaming down on a thick forest of pine trees. In that forest, two cranes were dancing in harmony. So he named me Hak Ja.

10 True Mother’s name is Hak Ja (鶴子). These characters mean “crane” and “son.” Cranes fly over the Himalayas and then land on the plains where they hatch their eggs. This symbolizes the mission that Eve is to fulfill. The character ja (子), meaning “son,” symbolizes that she is the woman who yearns for the Son of God. True Mother’s mission is to climb over the Himalayas and give birth to sons and daughters in the world of peace. Cranes do not eat just anything; they eat only clean things. They eat things that are nutritious but light. Once a crane starts to fly, it hardly changes direction as it flies high in the sky. For this reason, people in the East love cranes.

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